I recently headed over to Manchester to see United take on Burnley. The less said about that match the better.

On the plus side, I did get to see some decent Street Art.

A veteran of visiting Manchester, I know my way about and where to find Street Art. However, I did get a pleasant surprise.

When I make my own way to a United match, I usually stay at Salford Quays. However, this time, I was staying just off Oxford Road.

That meant, I would get a train from Manchester Airport to Piccadilly instead of a tram to Salford Quays.

Just before arriving in Piccadilly, I noticed some Street Art that got my attention, so I decided to investigate more.

It was a mural in part of a new development called Mayfield, and a mural has been commissioned to commemorate the history of the area, and the work of Thomas Hoyle.

As I was staying in the University Area, I discovered some pieces when walking to my hotel, such as a mural which said “GOOD LIFE” and a mural of bees buzzing around a rainbow outside The New Union Hotel.

I went in search of Street Art in the Northern Quarter, spotting a piece of Top Cat, just like there is one in Lisburn.

However, the Street Art in Stevenson Square is the same as on my last visit in November, so I didn’t bother documenting that.

On the Wednesday, I got some more photos on pieces I stumbled on, such as when I explored through Great Northern. I also by fluke stumbled upon the mural of Ariana Grande.

Funnily enough, I remember the news coverage at the time and made a mental note to go and see it, but I forgot, so this was a happy fluke.

Thursday was a mop-up day, getting pieces in Tib Street and Thomas Street for completeness.

Photo Album

Manchester Street Art November 2019

Manchester Street Art May 2019

Manchester Street Art January 2019

Manchester Street Art November 2018

Manchester Street Art May 2018

Manchester Street Art December 2017

Manchester Street Art May 2017

Manchester Street Art February 2017

Manchester Street Art November 2016

Manchester Street Art May 2016

Manchester Street Art January 2016

Manchester Street Art November 2015

Manchester Street Art May 2015

Manchester Street Art November 2014


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