Roberto Baggio is the cover star of Football Italia this month, having made a return to the Italy team in a recent World Cup Qualifier.

There is a report of the Serie A title race, where Juventus won the title, but lost the European Cup Final.

In Rome, Zdenek Zeman has been appointed the manager of Roma, just months after being sacked by Roma, while Jurgen Klinsmann is returning to Serie A after five years away by signing for Sampdoria.

There are reviews of the European and UEFA Cup Finals, which saw defeats for Juventus and Inter Milan.

Domestically, there is a review of the Coppa Italia Final, where Vicenza beat Napoli 3-1 on aggregate.

Parma get a four page profile, mainly focusing on their young stars Gianluigi Buffon and Hernan Crespo.

Atalanta also get a club profile, with one of their youngsters who went on to bigger things, Filippo Inzaghi.

Italy have a busy month coming up, taking part in Le Tournoi in France, a warm-up tournament in France for the following year’s World Cup featuring England, France and Brazil, while their recent World Cup Qualifier against Poland gets reviewed, a match which saw a goal for Roberto Baggio.

There is a review of the FA Cup Final, while saw Roberto Di Matteo score in Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Middlebrough, led by Fabrizio Ravanelli.

Sven Goran Eriksson gets interviewed as he leaves Sampdoria for Lazio, and broken a promise to Blackburn Rovers to take their job.

The magazine ends with a look at Genoa’s bid to win promotion back to Serie A.


With no football to occupy me on Saturdays, i’ve been finding myself getting at one with nature. The latest adventure was somewhere I hadn’t been for a while.

On Saturday morning, I headed to Cregagh Glen in East Belfast for a stroll, somewhere where, and i’m being serious, I did Orienteering in PE at school.

That was mostly at the top end of it, my journey started at the bottom.

In the week leading up, I did a cycle to see where the good places to park were, settling on a row of shops beside Schomberg House, and then making the short walk to the entrance.

I followed the path, walking upwards and upwards. Getting photos as I went.

The weather was very dull and the photos weren’t what I hoped for. The next time I have a free morning with a lot of natural daylight, i’ll be back up to see how those photos turn out.

It was 25 minutes up, not that demanding (especially in comparison to Cavehill), reaching the end at an entrance on Manse Road. That was handy, as I needed to do a big shop and do so before the place got crowded, so a not particularly long walk was welcomed.

Definitely will spend more time whenever I next visit.

On the route, there was a crossroads where I had the option of heading in the direction of the American War Cemetery.

The name is a bit misleading, it was temporarily used as a Cemetery during the 1940s, but the bodies were all exhumed and moved elsewhere.

If I wasn’t timebound, I would definitely visit again and explore more of the place, so watch this space

I did make the right decision to return back though, as it started chucking down rain just as I got back in my car.

I’m currently monitoring things to see about going away somewhere for a trip. Obviously i’ll be giving Spain a swerve for the while.

One idea I have in my head is to head in a North-West direction and do a Donegal/Derry double header, with a trip to Binevenagh on my itinerary.

A final note, the website I use for getting photo properties is a bit up the left, all my photos are coming through on the wrong side, so I have to use my back-up website, so apologies if it’s not the usual way of appearing.

Photo Album


“Let’s all move to Manchester” says Theo Walcott on this cover, poking fun at the number of Arsenal players who have signed for Manchester City in recent years. Ironically, the next Arsenal star bound for Manchester would be the Old Trafford bound Robin Van Persie the following summer.

There is a look at the alcohol ban at football grounds, with drink being available at other sports grounds.

This month’s Photo Feature focuses on Dundee’s two clubs on successive Saturdays, United v Dunfermline then Dundee v Morton the following Saturday.

There were recently riots at major cities in England, including London. One of the worst areas is Tottenham, and one writer asks if Tottenham Hotspur could do more to help in their local community.

Joey Barton has taken to Twitter to speak to fans during his move from Newcastle United to QPR, with one writer not being convinced, believing it to be a PR stunt.

There is a look at this year’s FA Cup, with Qualifying Round games being broadcast live on Facebook.

There is also a look at what happened to The Dell when it closed down in 2001.

This month’s Match Of The Month saw Sheffield Wednesday take on Notts County at Hillsbrough, with the hosts looking to get promoted back to The Championship at the second attempt.

There is a profile of Shamrock Rovers, who have recently become the first Irish side to reach the group stages of a European competition, having reached the group stages of the UEFA Cup, having overcome some difficult times in recent years.

There is a look back at a forgotten tournament, the Mundialito Tournament in Uruguay in December 1980, to celebrate 50 years of the World Cup, featuring all the former winners. England decline the opportunity to compete and were replaced by Holland.


I had hoped to be in London. I went to book on the first day that flights went on sale, and it was over £100 just to get on the plane in Belfast, so that dream bit the dust.

So, what to do over the July Holiday Weekend?

I ummed and ahhed and had the idea of Tallinn with a day trip to Helsinki thrown in. I had left it too late by this point, and the prices had shot up.

Eventually, I settled on Waterford, checking out Street Art, going to a football match and cycling along Waterford Greenway.

And then Coronavirus got involved.

So, I was left with five days off work and nowhere to go, so I decided to go for a walk up a hill in West Belfast.

This was a walk that I had been wanting to do for a while, but I didn’t even know how to get there, so I decided to look up how to get there and managed to find it quite easily, which is quite impressive for me.

Regular readers will know i’ve been Cavehilling it recently, and the same rules applied. Get there early to get a parking space and avoid crowds. I didn’t actually see anybody until I was on my way down.

It’s a lot different from Cavehill. For a start, there’s a Cafe at the entrance. However, there are no benches so if you get tired on the way up, tough.

As with my most recent visit to Cavehill, I encountered cows when out walking. Although, they weren’t blocking my path this time.

I headed first up Divis Mountain, to the Divis Transmitter and then over to Blackmountain, admiring the views over Belfast.

One such view was that of Windsor Park, somewhere I sadly won’t be for a while after it was announced this week that all Preliminary Stage matches of UEFA Club Competition in 2020-2021 will be played behind closed doors.

Concerts are another thing I won’t be doing for a while either, with this week bringing confirmation of a third concert I have tickets for (after Paul Weller and Lightning Seeds) being moved to 2021, this time Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott.

So, it looks like that hillwalks are going to be the only form of social activity i’m going to be having for a while.

Of course, as I made my way back down from Blackmountain, it started raining.

That was despite me checking the weather forecast in advance, which said it would be dry while I was out. I was ill prepared. Thankfully, it was only a brief shower. Let that be a lesson learnt.

Despite the fact I walked so much that it felt like my feet were on fire, it was a worthwhile and enjoyable trek, i’ll definitely plan on making a return visit at some point in the future.

The next day, waking up with my legs aching but not as bad as they were the previous day, I headed for a walk up Cavehill. I had said in my most recent Cavehill blog that I would be heading there over the July Holidays.

The weather was dull and didn’t make for good photos, so I won’t be doing a separate blog for Cavehill.

I was tempted to leave it a day and go cycling instead. Of course, Sunday morning saw beautiful sunshine that would have been perfect for photos. Although, I would have been driving through North Belfast in the aftermath of a riot.

Once I got to the top, I headed downward via Carnmoney Hills, something I had never done before, which turned out the be a long and at times perilous method of getting to Belfast Castle. Come of the scenery made for decent photos though, if not how I wanted them to look due to the lack of daylight.

Next up, is a cycle to Comber, though I might leave it for a few days so that my legs can recover.

Monday will see the announcement of the revised League Of Ireland fixture list. If things calm down, I might head to the Republic of Ireland for a few days. Bray Head is on my hitlist. But that’s only if things calm down. A big if.

Hillwalks are the only form of entertainment I have.

Thankfully, this one didn’t have any cows blocking my path. It did though, have a dog walk over to me and lick my leg.

Photo Album

Cavehill July 2020 Photo Album


Eric Cantona and Peter Schmeichel holding the FA Cup is this month’s cover image, after Manchester United have won the double for the first time.

As you open the magazine, there is a poster of Bryan Robson, who left the club after 13 years.

In news, there was coverage of Clayton Blackmore’s testimonial dinner, while Westmoreland Supporters Club got a profile.

Dion Dublin gets profiled after making a comeback from a long-term injury and scored an important goal against Oldham in the title run-in.

There are match reports from United’s games from April onwards, reaching the FA Cup Final and winning the league.

This was commemorated with interviews with Alex Ferguson and Paul Ince, as well as Brian McClair’s Diary.

There wasn’t enough time due to printing deadlines to include coverage of the FA Cup Final, but there was an advert that it will appear in the next edition.


First of all, an apology for not doing a Twitter List in 2018 and 2019. I was busy and never got around to it.

Like a lot of other people, I’ve had a lot of spare time over the last few weeks, so I decided to do an updated Twitter List for 2020.

In true Twitter fashion, this blog series began in a fit of outrage.

Once upon a time, a newspaper did a pull-out feature of Twitter accounts you must follow. To be honest, they weren’t really worth following – mostly Influencers and Political Bloggers.

So, I decided to do my own version, tailored from a mostly but not exclusively Northern Ireland point of view, and then update it every year.

I’ve even been nice enough to put them into categories for you.


Fun? Remember that? You’re allowed to have it on Twitter. You don’t have to spend all day arguing about Politics. Here are some fun accounts to follow.

Roy Keane doesn’t like posing for photos. @Canihaveaphoto1 is an account dedicated those brave enough to ask him for a photo.

@Fesshole is an account where people submit their absolute worst confessions. Alongside it, @Anon_Opin lets people express those thoughts they dare not say out loud.

Now that football is back, @Arsenalagain lets us know when Arsenal are being Arsenal.

On a football theme, a bit mean, but @80sAging is dedicated to footballers from the 1980s who aged prematurely.

@Bigheadsontour is an account dedicate to Corinthian figures being spotted in locations, while @Glastofooty is dedicated to flags and shirts being spotted at Glastonbury, although don’t expect any updates until 2021.

Ever went on Wikipedia and sang a page title to the theme tune of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? @Wiki_Tmnt is the account for you.

@Visualsatire lets us know what Politicians would look like if they have hair transplants from footballers.

Ever tried to take a picture of a mirror and not appear in shot? @Sellingamirror shows us people’s attempts not to appear in shot when selling a mirror.

@Mascotsilence lets us enjoy football mascots (grown men in costume, not kids in kits) engaging in moments of remembrance.

Have you ever wondered when Ted Danson’s birthday is? @Teddansonbday gives you a daily update if it is Ted Danson’s birthday or not. He turns 73 on 29th December, if you care.

Have you spotted Paul Young albums in a charity shop? Then @Noparlezclub is the account for you.

Do you like bad drawings of footballers? Then you should follow @Dreadfullydrawn and @Cheappanini

@Takeashite highlights all the useless advice and ideas you can find in Take A Break.

Donald Trump doesn’t like fake news, but you should follow @Fakeshowbiznews

@Wofanswers gives answers on Wheel Of Fortune that you would love to see. Talking of answers you’d like to give, @Customercaring responds to customer complaints how you would love to answer them.

Never forget an annual day with @Daysoftheyear

@Darkstockphotos is self explanatory.

You when you see a post that goes viral and you know it’s a lie? @_DHOTYA calls out the bullshitters.

@Facespics is an account dedicated to spotting faces in inanimate objects.

@Daytimesnaps delves into the wonderful world of Daytime TV through the medium of out of context screenshots.

@ftbllrswanimals is a surprisingly high content account dedicated to pictures of footballers in the company of animals. Talking of football, now that it is back @Desmond_twotwo lets us know when a match is level at 2-2.

@Angrypiln delves into the wonderful world of angry people in local newspapers.

@Mumsnet_Madness is a downright disturbing delve into the madness that is posted on Mumsnet. Equally disturbing is the images painted by @Jimllpaintit

@AccidentalP highlights when real life mirrors Alan Partridge.

If you want to listen to DJs complaining, then you should follow @DJScomplaining. Talking of listening, @ohnewsroom compiles the gems overheard in newsrooms.

I can’t explain why @Coldwar_steve is hilarious, but it is. If you love pictures of Steve McFadden in bizarre situations, then this is for you.

And finally, @TwopTwips gives some absolutely awful lifestyle advice.


Do you like judging other people’s houses? Of course you do. As a lot of people are now broadcasting from home, @Bcredibility and @Ratemyskyperoom judge their interior design skills, so you don’t have to.


Nostaliga ain’t what it used to be, but there are Twitter accounts dedicated to it.

Not specifically a nostalgia account, but @Davidmccreery has been rummaging through his archive during lockdown and posting up mementos from his career.

Football programmes of yesteryear are well represented, the best accounts to follow are: @Saintsprogs (Southampton) @Lufcprog (Leeds United) and @Seagullsprog (Brighton and Hove Albion)

As well as programmes, @Abacus_2000 posts weird and wonderful memorabilia relating to Northern Ireland and Irish League football.

Also worth a follow for old football magazines and publications is @Scotsfootycards

Some good accounts dedicated to old football photos are @Oldrangerspics (Rangers) @D98red @Manutdsnapshot (Manchester United) @Maradonapics (Diego Maradona), @WSC_Photos and @Oldschoolfooty.

If you like 90s football, follow @90sfootball bit @Crap90sfootball

Other football based nostalgia accounts to follow include @Englandmemories and @OTD_PL.

Irish based nostalgia accounts to follow include @Brandnewretro @Killianm2 and @ITlostleads.

If you want to remember Smash Hits, you should follow @Giddypoppod @Randomsmashhits @Smashhitsrememb

Other nostalgia accounts to follow include @Landofthe80s @Channelarchive @Retronewsnow @Curiousuktelly @Peoplearchive @1980sheaven @Putthetellyon and @bbcarchive


On a nostalgia theme, there are accounts dedicated to classic TV shows with quotes, screenshots and classic clips. Ones worth following include @Kennethwilliams @Bottomstuff @FNDreacts @Fawltytowers_ @Eric_Ernie_Col @Thefastshow1 @Stan_and_ollie @PeepshowQOTD


There are plenty of photographers on Twitter who are happy to show case their work.

Local photographers to follow include @Theirishleague @Colmor_SL_BT @Belfastpics @LMphotographyNI @Malmccann @Pitchsidephoto @Mclaughlinpress @Bernmcallister @Dan08Kowalczyk @Matt_Presseye @Photomcq @Kscott_94 @Emgornall @snappercherry @belfastexposed @Pollymcc71

@Photosallan is an account dedicated to the archive of Allan McCulllough.

Photo Agencies to follow include @Inphosports @Actionimages @Gettysport

Other photography accounts to follow include @Imageswycombe @Claremccahill @Manc_Pictures @MSJ_Photo @Mdarlington_ @CBTphotography @tphoto2005 @AMPhotographyNI @Simongillphoto @Snapperkev @Nigelcleggphoto @Hymoney @Simonstacpoole @Thesportsnapper @Anglewise1 @Welloffside @Catherineivill @Bekah_Blue @Onesteviebacon @Andythephotodr  @Stuartroyclarke @Len_Scap @Adamfradgley  @Michaelregan @roy_smiljanic @Willievass @74FRankfurt @Sal_Gigjunkie @Shirlainephoto @CwellingsUK  @Dickiepelham @Stuart_Photoafc @Tomjenkinspix @Bluemcardle @Steffanbow @Homesoffootball @0161manchester_ @Marcsatkins @andrewvarley


Long-term readers will know that i’m a fan of Street Art, and like photographing it. Unsurprisingly, I follow some accounts that do this, either fan accounts or artists showcasing their work.

Northern Ireland/NI Based Artists to follow include @Francgotbuffed @Emicartist @Viswaste @Extramuralactiv @Seedheadarts @Faigyartist @Thisisfriz @kvlr1 @Belfast_Beyond

Accounts covering specific cities/countries to follow include @Graffitipool (Liverpool) @MuralsS (Scotland) @Subsetdublin (Dublin) @StreetartNQ (Manchester) @Streetartlyon (Lyon) @Streetartsheff (Sheffield) @Dublincanvas (Dublin) @Waterfordwalls (Waterford)

Other accounts to follow include @Nomad_Clan @Lovestreetart22 @Paulcurtisart @Gnashermurals  @Dankitchener @Joecaslin  @Emmaleneblake @Akse_P19


Various Cartoonists and Illustrators have accounts to showcase and promote their work. Ones to follow include @Mortenmorland @Jonesycartoons @Mattcartoonist @Banxcartoons @Adamstoon1 @Petemckee @Stevemcgarry @Daveflanagan @sophierobbart


Not a subject area you would expect to see on Twitter, but it is.

@Communistbops mixes Soviet Soldiers dancing to current songs while @Sovietvisuals showcases the best adverts, films and photographs from that era.


Belfast is well represented on Twitter with various libraries, shops and environmental agencies represented.

@Belfasthourni @thelinenhall @Belfastcentlib @NIclassicshirt @Sustransni @NIgreenways @Connsgreenway @cultureni


Remember going to things?

Various events and festivals in Northern Ireland (mostly but not exclusively Belfast) are well represented on Twitter.

Please note that some of these events might have already happened, or won’t be happening in 2020, so there might not be a lot of content until 2021.

@Belfastpodfest @Finedandymarket @Docsireland @Belcityblues @Letsrockbelfast @Belfastfilmfes1 @AtlanticSess @Eastsidevc @Stendahlireland @HarmonyliveNI @Belfastvital @Eastsidepship @Eastsideartsbel @Aspectsfestival @chsqbelfast @belfastfestival @openhousefest @cqaf @foylefilmfest @belnash @belsonicbelfast @Belfastbookfest @Belfringe @Culturenightbel


Given how effective Twitter is to get messages into the public domain, it is no surprise that PR/Advertising/Communications Agencies based in Northern Ireland are on Twitter.

Agencies that are worth a follow include @Brown_Oconnor @Adhausmedia @Bespoke_Comms @MWadvocate @PulsePRNI @Loudmouth_Media @ClearboxPR @Naked_PR @PMLGroupNI @Image_Zoo @MGMPR_Ltd @Rumourmillcomms @Jagocomms @RNNComms @AVBbrand @Weirevents @CIPR_NI @Thetomorrowlab @ArdmoreAdv @Mammothbelfast @Chrislovepr @MCEnewsfeed @Morrowcomms @Nav_Blue @LKComms @cathymartin @beattie_ireland @Smartsagency @Duffyrafferty @Lighthouseni @Aikenpr @AVBgroup @Jingerevents @Noisyprni @Libra_Events @NDEventsuk @Excaliburpress @Mccormickcomms @Lanyongroup @J_Comms @Big_Motive @Genesisbelfast


Remember going to concerts? When we are finally able to, might as well get yourself prepared.

Venues to follow @Crescentarts @TECbelfast @Ulsterhall @Belwaterfront @Belfastempire @mandelahall @ohyeahcentre @blackboxbelfast @gohbelfast @islandartsbiz @ssebelfastarena @Eikonexhibition @lyricbelfast @themacbelfast @limelightni

Promoters to follow include @Shinebelfast @Davidhullpromo @Noelmchale @Rollinspromo @Aikenpromotions @Jeffrobinsonpr @MCD_Productions @Shizznighpr @SDentire @Fireworks_Mash @AMAmusicagency @queenscomedy

For news of announcements of upcoming concerts @OntourNI @Ticketmasterire

Music shops to follow (and they sometimes have instore events which they advertise) @HMVBelfast  @strangevictory

For news and reviews @acrosstheline @Chordblossom

For recommendations @Shiner_Sam

A Dublin based account posting memories of concerts attended (the username suggests a lot) in Dublin and beyond @1000gigguy

I’m not that fussed on Tim Burgess Listening Parties, but if that’s your thing @tim_burgess


If you enjoy watching the repeats of Top Of The Pops on BBC Four, then you should probably follow @Sue_Charles and @TOTPfacts


For TV news and interviews, you should probably follow @TeleTVradio and @Radiotimes

@FootieonTV is self-explanatory, letting you know when a football match is on TV.


Remember travel? I mean, proper travel. Not with restrictions and all that.

You may have to stay at home for a bit. UK and Republic of Ireland tourism accounts to follow include @Tourismireland @Gotoireland @DiscoverIreland @Failte_Ireland @Visitdublin @visitscotland @Visitengland @Visitbritain @Visitwales @totallydublin @visitbelfast @NItouristboard @DiscoverNI

If you fancy a trip in a North-West direction @Visit_Donegal @Derryvisitor @Visitderry

The two above paragraphs aren’t exhaustive. If you didn’t see what you want, Google’s yer pal and all that.

For the more mundane travel within Northern Ireland and Belfast, @NIrailways @Gliderbelfast @BBCNITravel  @Trafficwatchni @Translink_NI will keep you updated with offers (yay) and delays (not so yay) while @Buseirann will be handy if you’re bussing it to Dublin.

If you are flying, you should probably follow @Belfastcity_air and @Belfastairport

Of course, some people fly from @Dublinairport who also run competitions as well. I’m going to be the bigger man and include them on this list even though I never win any of their competitions for flights.

@Holworldshow is a showcase event in January every year taking place in Belfast and Dublin, and will be worth a follow in the build-up to it.

Travel related media and journalists and media to follow include @Indo_Travel_   @Clarwood @BBCTravelshow @Natgeotravel @CNtraveler @Telegraphtravel @Wanderlustmag @Guardiantravel @ST_Travel @Simoncalder @NItravelnews @bbc_Travel @NItraveltrade


Public Bodies in Northern Ireland are regular users of Twitter. Ones to follow include @NISRA @BrusselsNI @ArtscouncilNI @Dptfinance @CommunitiesNI @EONI_Official @Economy_NI @Publichealthni @HSCBoard @InvestNI @Nationaltrustni @NIDirect @Consumercouncil @NIOGov @NIexecutive @LibrariesNI @Niroadpolicing @PSNIBelfast @belfastcc @niscreen @niassembly @policeserviceni @Metofficeni @nibusinessinfo


BBCNI are active on Twitter. Organisational accounts to follow include @BBConeni and @BBCtwoni for online continuity announcements, @BBCshowstours and @BBCnievents for tickets to recordings when that is allowed to happen again, @bbcnewsni and @BBCnewsline for news and @newslineweather for weather.

If you want to follow actual people, i’d recommend @Emmavardytv @CackyMo @BBCMarksimpson @Clodaghlrice @WarblingWatson @BBCJaynemcc @Mckenp @Taramillstv @MLCHealth @Jolong03 @fermanaghjulian @Markdevenport @Imsaraneill @Saragirvan @darwintempleton @Nialfoster


Well, if i’m doing BBC, I might as well do UTV

Corporate accounts @UTVpress @utv and @UTVnews

If you want to follow actual people @Eden_UTV @Emmap_UTV @Natasha_UTV @Sarah_UTV @Michelle_UTV @Sarahclarke_UTV @Pamballantine @Kenreid_UTV @Ruthgorman_UTV @Judehill_utv @MarkMcfadden @paul_utv @vicki_hawthorne @Paulclark_UTV @Louiseinni @Ali_Fleming1


Well, if i’m doing BBC and UTV, might as well do RTE.

@RTE_Guide for listings @Othervoiceslive for music @RTEnews for news @RTE for general RTEness and @soccrepublic now that football is back soon.


A lot of Journalists originally from Northern Ireland but now working elsewhere are on Twitter. Decent ones to follow include @Lyds_Campbell @Annita_McVeigh @Skydavidblevins @Hollyhnews @johnirvineitv @Colinmurray @sirowbotham @Millar_Colin @kellyallen01 @eamonn_forde @jenofcroths @Kathrynbwilson @Ianwoodsmedia @Skysportspaulg @BillneelyNBC


And the journalists who neither work for BBC, UTV, RTE or work abroad but are still worth a follow @Sportyneesy @Stu_Bailie @Journotara @Bigivanlittle @edwinmcfee @kimkellykk @Rblackpa @Littleburch22

That doesn’t really work as a category title.


The world of media doesn’t revolve around BBC, UTV and RTE, so here’s a collection of radio stations, media organisations and newspapers worth following @GoQradio @Beltel_Business @Thesun_NI @Irish_News @beltel @irishtimes @skynews @hotpress @ulstertatlermag @UKpapers @Metrouknews @Reach_NI @qmagazine @thesundaylife @thegownqub @News_Letter @Metrosporthq @RTS_NI @Newsbrandsirl


And finally, with regards to media, some Journalists that are worth a follow @Chris_Skudder @davidhepworth


We all need one. If you’re looking for one, the following Recruitment Agencies are on Twitter @mcsgroupbelfast @Corvus_Jobs @BrightwaterNI @Kennedyrec @Lynnrecruitment @Abacus_Careers @staffline

For job listings @Guardiancareers @QUBcareers @Recruitni @NIjobfinder @nijobscom


Imagine not liking Irish League football? I might be preaching to the converted, but if you want to follow the twelve* (*court case from Institute pending) top flight clubs @Ballymenaunited @Skyblueslive @carrickrangers @Cliftonvillefc @colerainefc @crusadersfc @dgnswifts @glenavon_fc @glentoran @larnefc @Officialblues @portadownfc @thepointfc

Good Linfield accounts to follow are @Eosblues @Roymcgivern and @Southstandsays

Competitions and governing bodies to follow @CoAntrimFA @OfficialNIFL and @officialirishfa

Journalists to follow @Mccarthy_Nic_ @Ericwhite80 @MClarkeshow @egrantcameron @Taggartjoel @Liam_Beckett @Grahamluney @Ourlogie @GE_Sportsnews @Markjmcintosh @lylejacko

Media accounts to follow @Sundaylifesport @NIFootballdaily @BBCRadioulster @beltel_sport @UTVsport @Bellivesport @BBCSportNI

For info on grounds @Ground_NI

Michael O, sorry, Ian Baraclough’s Green And White Army @NorthernIreland

And finally, the man who knows everything about Irish League football and isn’t afraid to share his knowledge @NIstats


If English football is your thing, here’s the competition accounts to follow @PLcomms @premierleague @EFL_Comms @Skybetchamp @Skybetleagueone @Skybetleaguetwo @Thevanaramanl @EmiratesFACup @carabaocup

Those in charge @fa

If you want to complain about your team being on last @BBCMOTD

Newspaper to follow @Theleaguepaper

If you’re planning on going to London and take in a game (be positive, those days will return) @LDNfootyguide


If Scottish Football is your thing, you should follow @Theterracetv and it’s stars @craiggtelfer
@Sked21 @Craigfowler86 @Shaughanm @Duncmckay

For national team and competitions @Scottishfa @spfl @Scottishcup


If you enjoy the UEFA 100 Club (I post annual updates) for those who want to see all 100 clubs who have played in a European club final in the flesh @The100club2 and the account owner @Fateck

UEFA’s accounts @UEFA @UEFAcom

Their club competitions @europaleague @championsleague

And of course, next Summer’s European Championship @Euro2020

FIFA’s accounts @FIFAmedia @FIFAworldcup @FIFAcom

Media accounts to follow @itvfootball @wsc_magazine @Worldsoccermag

League Of Ireland, restarting at the end of the month @SSEairtricitylg

Harmless fun, if you like the idea of an alternative World Cup @ufwc_football

Spanish football, with a Northern Ireland twist @viajesenfutbol

Everything you ever wanted to know about football stadiums @StadiumDB


If you really want to do some moral crusading, get outraged about football teams wearing their away kit when there is no need @Kitcrimes @Awaykitwatch

And remember, the team that Bruno Fernandes played for at the start of the season is called Sporting Club De Portugal, not Sporting Lisbon @ItssportingCP


If you like Subbuteo, you should probably follow @Subbuteo_NI @Subbuteoart @Watsthebull


Good cats all over the shop @Thecatreviewer


They are all good dogs @Dog_rates


If you must follow Political accounts on Twitter, I would recommend @Bydonkeys

Journalists and writers to follow @MichaelLcrick @Alexkane221b

UTV’s main political programme @Viewfrmstormont

For latest election news in Northern Ireland (UK, Council, Stormont), and would you be surprised if there was one in the next twelve months. If there is, follow @ElectionNI


There are entertaining bot accounts on Twitter.

@Doctor_whobot makes up episodes of Doctor Who.

@Flagsmashupbot mashes up flags into new flags.

@Smashhitsbot makes you feel like you are being interviewed in Smash Hits.

@Louistherouxbot makes up episodes of Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekend.

@Transfersbot satisfies your lust for transfers.


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Who doesn’t love getting stuff for free? @Freesamplescouk lets you know about companies giving away sample packs of things.


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I do promise to do an updated list in 2021, hopefully it won’t need a global pandemic to motivate me.