With no football to occupy me on Saturdays, i’ve been finding myself getting at one with nature. The latest adventure was somewhere I hadn’t been for a while.

On Saturday morning, I headed to Cregagh Glen in East Belfast for a stroll, somewhere where, and i’m being serious, I did Orienteering in PE at school.

That was mostly at the top end of it, my journey started at the bottom.

In the week leading up, I did a cycle to see where the good places to park were, settling on a row of shops beside Schomberg House, and then making the short walk to the entrance.

I followed the path, walking upwards and upwards. Getting photos as I went.

The weather was very dull and the photos weren’t what I hoped for. The next time I have a free morning with a lot of natural daylight, i’ll be back up to see how those photos turn out.

It was 25 minutes up, not that demanding (especially in comparison to Cavehill), reaching the end at an entrance on Manse Road. That was handy, as I needed to do a big shop and do so before the place got crowded, so a not particularly long walk was welcomed.

Definitely will spend more time whenever I next visit.

On the route, there was a crossroads where I had the option of heading in the direction of the American War Cemetery.

The name is a bit misleading, it was temporarily used as a Cemetery during the 1940s, but the bodies were all exhumed and moved elsewhere.

If I wasn’t timebound, I would definitely visit again and explore more of the place, so watch this space

I did make the right decision to return back though, as it started chucking down rain just as I got back in my car.

I’m currently monitoring things to see about going away somewhere for a trip. Obviously i’ll be giving Spain a swerve for the while.

One idea I have in my head is to head in a North-West direction and do a Donegal/Derry double header, with a trip to Binevenagh on my itinerary.

A final note, the website I use for getting photo properties is a bit up the left, all my photos are coming through on the wrong side, so I have to use my back-up website, so apologies if it’s not the usual way of appearing.

Photo Album

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