I should have been walking up Arthur’s Seat.

Instead of my annual trip to Edinburgh at this time of year, i’m stuck at home. You all know why. The weather, was perfect for a walk in North Belfast.

I had planned on only doing this trek a couple of times a year, but now it’s a monthly occurrence.

I was planning on visiting last weekend if the weather was nice, as I wanted a lot of daylight to work with in terms of taking photos. It was dull when I was ready to leave so I headed out for a cycle instead. Of course, as soon as I was midway through my cycle, the sun came out.

Having checked the weather forecast, I knew it was going to be dry and daylight on both Saturday and Sunday, a winning combination. What I wasn’t expecting was fog to be thrown in as well. It did tempt me to give Cavehill a miss and photograph the early morning fog instead.

As well as photographic opportunities, another motivation for me was that this could be my last chance to do something outdoors for a while with Northern Ireland certain to be in Super Lockdown within the next two weeks because people are too stupid to not spread Coronavirus.

As with my previous visits, I headed there early to get a parking space and avoid the crowds. Arriving at around 7.30am, I got a space and avoided crowds, barely seeing anybody on the way up.

Anybody who I did see was usually accompanied by a dog. Nothing lower than a 13/10. Good doggies.

Usually, I post about how I was able to see Solitude and Windsor Park at the same time from Cavehill. Well, not this time. I was able to see Solitude, but not Windsor Park, as the view of that part of Belfast was obscured by fog.

Snap snap snap all the way up, checking out new vantage points to take photos of Belfast, while being alert to make sure I don’t fall. Thankfully, there is no such thing as The Cavehill Pusher.

Instead of heading back down when I reached McArt’s Fort, I went straight ahead and got some photos seeing as the light was on my side. And then I headed back up. It seemed like a good idea when I was planning my itinerary.

I’ll probably be back in September at some point, it might even be on a weekday.

With nothing to do and nowehere to go, I have a lot of Annual Leave that needs to be shedded.

I’ve booked a week off in mid September but I haven’t booked to go anywhere. It’s still very much a case of wait and see. I won’t be flying anywhere as it’s too much of a risk of losing my money.

If I am at a loose end and don’t go anywhere, i’ll do my monthly visit to Cavehill that week. I might even sneak in a return visit to Blackmountain.

I am looking at a few possible options.

Edinburgh is tempting me, i’ll be keeping an eye on how things are going in Scotland. Thankfully it’s well away from Aberdeen. Aberdeen, what a team, eight of them in quarantine.

If I did go, it would be by boat.

A couple of local stays within Northern Ireland are tempting me as well. To Fermanagh, for Marble Arch Caves Geopark or to Derry, for Binevenagh.

Bray and Wicklow is very tempting. Although two hours on the Enterprise feels a bit dicey.

One photo adventure I definitely want to do before the end of the year is sunrise at Cavehill. I’ll be saving that for November or December when the sunrises are later.

This week, it was announced that the 2020-2021 Irish League season will start in October, with fans present.

I am pessimistic this will actually happen, but i’m so starved of travel, i’m getting excited about the prospect of a trip to Lurgan for a turgid 1-0 defeat to Glenavon.

Photo Album

Cavehill June 2020

Cavehill February 2020

Cavehill November 2019

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