Coronavirus has stopped a lot of things from happening the last six months, but that hasn’t stopped Street Art from appearing in Belfast.

Of course, during April and May, there were various tributes to the NHS, but most recently, Belfast City Centre has been given a makeover with the Belfast Entries Project.

The plan, is to use Street Art to brighten up entries in Belfast City Centre.

The first of those to get the treatment, was Crown Entry. If you are wondering where that is, it’s across the road from The Wicker Man.

So, I decided to head out and get some photos.

However, I would have to wait for a Sunday morning, when there’s not a lot of people about, for obvious reasons, not getting Covid and, most importantly, having the area to myself for photos.

A couple of Sundays came and went, the weather not really working for phototaking, eventually hitting on a Sunday that was dry and had daylight.

With the city to myself, I headed to Crown Entry for photos, snapping away. Due to the tightness of the area, I didn’t get the back lift I wanted, so apologies for the picture quality.

The delay in getting out allowed me to capture some more art, with some pieces appearing in Cole’s Alley in the past week, which I snapped.

There was further good news for lovers of Street Art in Belfast, as it was recently announced that there will be a Hit The North in 2020, on Sunday 20th September. Naturally, I shall be out for that.

Last year, the event moved from it’s traditional September slot to May.

The move back to September is planned to be for one year only, so all being well, it should be returning in May 2021.

There was a similar event scheduled for late April in Lisburn, which was cancelled and doesn’t look like being rescheduled.

Finally, I stumbled upon an event called Seek Dundalk, like Waterford Walls, but in Dundalk.

That’ll be something to bear in mind if I need some daytrip inspiration.

When the other entries in Belfast are painted, I shall be there getting snaps of it.

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