Coronavirus isn’t going to stop Street Art being painted in Belfast. It might delay it though.

Hit The North, having recently moved from it’s traditional September slot as part of Culture Night, moved to the first May Bank Holiday Weekend last year. Before they had a chance to settle into their new date, Coronavirus saw it get cancelled, before they were able to slot in a smaller scale event in September, taking place seven days ago on 20th September.

Part of the May event was a Lisburn event leading into it on the Thursday night before. Unfortunately, that did bite the dust.

If you don’t know, Hit The North is a Street Art event where new pieces get painted in the Northern End of Belfast City Centre.

This year’s location was Kent Street and Union Street. Or to put it in simpler terms, near The Sunflower.

As it was near Stephen Street, where a mural of Catwoman and Joker was painted last year, I took an opportunity to have a look. Sadly, it has since been defaced.

The event started at 12pm, and I arrived there at around 12.30pm, having a look about and snapping pictures every ten to fifteen minutes to chart the progress.

As it was a much smaller event, there were no sneaky starters. In previous years, due to the size of the artwork and time needed, some artists would start a few days in advance.

There was a decent sized crowd during the day but very little concerns regarding Social Distancing as people were keeping their distance. It did help that the streets hosting the event were pedestrianised for the day.

Another plus was the weather, dry throughout, which helped make the day a more enjoyable experience.

Amongst the Artists on display included KVLR, Holly Pereira, Danni Simpson, Glen Molloy and Friz.

Holly Pereira incidentally, turned up in advance to paint the entry that leads from the back of Guiney’s.

It was interesting, but not surprising, to note that the mural of Lyra McKee painted as part of last year’s event was untouched.

I left just after 4pm on the Sunday, but returned on the Monday night after work to have a look, and there was already a crowd of people getting photos.

With brighter weather and more daylight to work with on Wednesday, I returned to get some photos when out for my lunch. I had to be quick though due to not having a lot of time to work with.

While I was there, there was someone else getting photos ….. of their dog in front of the artwork.

To be honest, Dogs In Front Of Murals sounds very Tumblr.

With more time on my hands after work and daylight until 6.30pm, I cycled over on the Wednesday teatime to get more photos as the ones at lunchtime were rushed. Again, there were people turning up to get photos and admire them.

There were media outlets coming out to cover Hit The North and it’s aftermath, such as Belfast Telegraph and Radio Ulster.

A lot of events in Belfast are doubtful, even for 2021, because this city is too stupid to not spread a virus. I’m actually considering staging a coup at Belfast City Hall and putting myself in charge. Thankfully, this event looks safe.

Whatever the situation regarding Coronavirus in 2021 and beyond, at least Belfast has it’s Street Art, the only decent thing about the city. Might be worth someone painting a mural which simply says “WALK ON THE LEFT YOU IDIOTS”.

Sunday 20th September Photo Album

Aftermath Photo Album

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The 97/98 season is approaching the final straight, and Andy Cole is the cover star of Manchester United’s official magazine.

As you open the magazine, there is an advert for a video game called Three Lions, the official video game of the England football team.

In news, United look set to add to the Norwegian contingent at Old Trafford with the signing of 17 year old Erland Hanstveit.

Cover star Cole gets interviewed, revealing that his best goalscoring season at United is due to the team playing to his strengths.

It was recently the 40th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster, and the commemorations were covered in a three page feature.

There is a profile of Raimond Van Der Gowu, dubbed the most patient man at Old Trafford due to his role as sub keeper.

In reviews, the guide to food at football grounds gets four stars out of five.

The magazine ends with a Q and A with Peter Schmeichel, who reveals that he wouldn’t go on TFI Friday.


Having spent my week off heading North, East and South, it was only logical that I would finish in the West, as my Walking Tour Of Belfast came to an end.

I decided to head to Blackmountain on the Friday, deliberately you could say, as I knew it would be the nicest day of the week in terms of weather, which would make for good photos.

I arrived just after 9am, to make sure I was early enough to get a parking space. Even though it was a nice day and a Friday, I was surprised that when I returned the car par was full and people were parked on the road, an issue that has caused some consternation amongst locals.

On my only previous visit in July this year, I walked up Divis, then down and took the Ridge Trail to Blackmountain. This time, I headed up the Ridge Trail first.

Along the way, I encountered an aggressive cow blocking my path, meaning I had to walk around it on the muddy grass.

Whilst at the top, I took in the views of Belfast, including Windsor Park, which I hope to be visiting some day soon. I’m still pissed off about the previous evening’s result.

When I headed down, I reached the crossroad where I had the opportunity to go back up to Divis, but I declined it and headed to the Cafe for a well deserved cup of tea.

Photo Album


After a hectic and draining four weeks, I was using up Annual Leave by taking a week off in mid September. There’s usually one freakishly warm week in mid September, so I gambled that this would be it.

Due to circumstances, I hadn’t any overnight stays booked, so this would be a Staycation, a word that has lost all meaning this Summer.

Just for clarity, a Staycation is when you wake up in your own bed and go to sleep in your own bed. A week in Donegal isn’t a Staycation, that’s a week long holiday in Donegal. Or a week long break, or a week long trip, but not a Staycation.

Just because you’re not flying anywhere doesn’t mean it’s not a holiday. Glad to clear that up.

I decided the theme of my week off would be Week Of Walking.

Monday would be my monthly trek up Cavehill. I got some photos.

Unfortunately, the weather was dull, so it made for crap photos, I couldn’t be bothered doing a standalone blog for Cavehill.

If you want to view the photos, you can do so here.

Of course, as soon as I got home, the sun came out and would have made for decent photos.

Tuesday would see me visit Giant’s Ring.

I had actually visited Giant’s Ring a few weeks earlier, by accident.

I was driving in that area, saw the sign and decided to follow my curiousity. I had an enjoyable walk but didn’t have my camera with me in an area that was incredibly photogenic.

Whenever I woke up on Tuesday morning, it was dull and wet, so I headed to a nearby supermarket for a few things and as the weather improved, I decided to head over to Giant’s Ring.

As I arrived, the sun came out, making for some good photo opportunities as I did a lap of the hill, circling around the stone monument before getting a closer look at the aforementioned monument.

The previous time I was there, I went for a walk down a nearby path. That time, I went one way, this time, I decided to go the other way, walking and walking and keeping on walking, not really knowing where I was. That’s part of the fun.

Even more part of the fun is when you see some signage and having to make a decision which way to go.

Be warned, if you do follow this path, there are some road crossings (it is signposted) so be alert and all that.

I ended up arriving at a place called Gilchrist Bridge, which I know well as I usually pass it when cycling along Lagan Towpath, usually from the other side.

Once, I was curious and crossed the bridge and went to Edenderry. Edenderry was where my previous walk ended, so I knew I could get back to my car from there without having to go back from where I came.

Just to be sure, I asked a couple who were walking past if this route did lead to Edenderry Village, and they suggested that next time I visit Giant’s Ring that I should visit Terrace Hill Gardens, which I walked past. I might take them up on that suggestion out of curiosity.

Overall, it was an enjoyable walk, lots of photo opportunities when the weather is nice. I’d definitely consider coming back sometime to get some sunrise and/or sunset photos. I’ll definitely at some point check out Terrace Hill Gardens.

Next up, on the Wednesday of my Week Of Walking was, um, a cycle.

Every six months, I head to the Peace Wall at Cupar Way to get some photos.

As pieces of Street Art, they’re crap, but I just have an urge to document it every six months to see the changes.

One advantage of getting out early in the morning was that there were no parked taxis blocking you from getting some backlift on photos.

If you want to have a look at the photos, you can do so here.

Thursday morning, saw me head back to go to Cregagh Glen and Lisnabreeny Hill, although I gave the American War Cemetery a miss.

As with my adventure to Cavehill on Monday, the weather was dull and didn’t make for good photos. You can have a look at them here.

Of course, as soon as I got home, the sun came out.

With Winter coming soon, sunrises will be getting later, so I might be returning to these locations for sunrise photos over the coming months, all being well.

In terms of travel, I still have my eye on Bray (Bray Head) and Edinburgh (Arthur’s Seat) but it’s being monitored on a week by week basis, it’s hard to make any sort of travel commitment for fear of having to cancel my plans.

A busy week, and there was still one more walk planned, up Blackmountain. You can see that in my next blog.

Photo Album


UEFA Cup holders Real Madrid are the cover image of this edition of World Soccer, after turning around a 5-1 first leg defect against Borussia Moenchengladbach to go through on away goals.

All three European competitions are at the Quarter-Final stage, with the pairing of Barcelona and Juventus in the European Cup denying people what World Soccer described as the “dream final”

There is a stat filled preview of all 12 games, with a full page profile of Finnish shock European Cup Quarter Finalists Kuusysi Lathi.

There is a double page profile of the African Nations Cup, with World Soccer observing that Morocco and Algeria could be distracted by the summer’s World Cup in Mexico.

Ahead of the World Cup, there are double page previews of Spain, Denmark, Northern Ireland, France, Belgium and Soviet Union.

Brian Glanville uses his column to review Steve Perryman’s autobiography.

In Italy, there is another scandal in the boardroom, this tine at Vicenza.

In Poland, Dariusz Dziekanowski is hailed as the new star of Polish football, while in Spain, Javier Clemente has just been sacked bu Athletic Bilbao.


Mark Bosnich is the cover star of Manchester United’s official magazine, declaring “I never really left” as he returns to the club after eight years at Aston Villa, to replace Peter Schmeichel.

In news, United have withdrawn from the FA Cup in the 1999/2000 season due to fixture congestion, described by chairman Martin Edwards as a “no-win situation”.

A fixture list for the forthcoming 1999-2000 season is included.

Meanwhile, United have launched their own internet provider for fans to take advantage of.

Mark Bosnich gets a six page interview as he looks back at his first spell at United and looks forward to his second spell at the club in an interview which includes Croatian proverbs.

United are still basking in the glory of winning the European Cup, and a whopping twenty-two pages are dedicated to the fans experiences of that night in Barcelona.

Former United manager Ron Atkinson gets three pages to compare United’s teams of 1994 and 1999, just giving the nod to the 1994 team.

Continuing the theme of looking back, the magazine has a Fans Forum where four supporters meet up to look back at the 1998-1999 season.

The magazine ends with a Q and A with Jaap Stam, who reveals he relived the final minutes of the game in Barcelona while on his end of season holidays.