Having spent my week off heading North, East and South, it was only logical that I would finish in the West, as my Walking Tour Of Belfast came to an end.

I decided to head to Blackmountain on the Friday, deliberately you could say, as I knew it would be the nicest day of the week in terms of weather, which would make for good photos.

I arrived just after 9am, to make sure I was early enough to get a parking space. Even though it was a nice day and a Friday, I was surprised that when I returned the car par was full and people were parked on the road, an issue that has caused some consternation amongst locals.

On my only previous visit in July this year, I walked up Divis, then down and took the Ridge Trail to Blackmountain. This time, I headed up the Ridge Trail first.

Along the way, I encountered an aggressive cow blocking my path, meaning I had to walk around it on the muddy grass.

Whilst at the top, I took in the views of Belfast, including Windsor Park, which I hope to be visiting some day soon. I’m still pissed off about the previous evening’s result.

When I headed down, I reached the crossroad where I had the opportunity to go back up to Divis, but I declined it and headed to the Cafe for a well deserved cup of tea.

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