It was a cruel cruel summer.

For obvious reasons, there wasn’t a lot going on, so I had to make do with walking.

In May, I went for a stroll up Cavehill. I wasn’t entirely happy with the photos but I still kept an album of them.

That was it for May. June wasn’t much busier, the height of excitement was a stroll up Cavehill in better weather (ie – more daylight) to work with for getting photos.

Over the July Holidays, I made a first visit to Blackmountain and Divis Mountain, before heading up Cavehill again the next day.

The month ended with a stroll in East Belfast, in Cregagh Glen.

Cavehill (May) Photo Album

Cavehill (June)

Cavehill (June) Photo Album


Blackmountain Photo Album

Cavehill (July) Photo Album

Cregagh Glen

Cregagh Glen Photo Album

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