Unfortunately, due to the situation with Coronavirus, it was too big a risk to travel anywhere, so I decided to have a Staycation in Belfast when using up Annual Leave in the middle of the month, walking up hills North, East, South and West, as well as documenting Street Art on the Peace Wall.

Monday was spent at Cavehill. The weather was dull so the photos weren’t that good.

Tuesday was spent at Giant’s Ring, more daylight to work with and a lot better photos, as well as an enjoyable walk.

Wednesday was spent getting photos of Belfast Peace Wall, while on Thursday, I went to Lisnabreeny Hill, but like Cavehill, the weather was dull, so the photos didn’t come out as I hoped. 

Friday was the best day of that week for weather and photos, so I headed to Blackmountain, and got lots of photos, travelling along the Ridge Trail this time, as my previous visit saw me head up Divis first.

Two days later saw the return of Hit The North, originally postponed due to Coronavirus and back in it’s original traditional slot of September having moved from it’s new traditional slot of May. 

I was out on the day getting photos, and then was out the following week getting photos of the aftermath.

Cavehill Photo Album

Giant’s Ring

Giant’s Ring Photo Album

Belfast Peace Wall Art Photo Album

Lisnabreeny Hill Photo Album


Blackmountain Photo Album

Hit The North

Hit The North Photo Album

Hit The North Aftermath Photo Album

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