Got a bit of time off at Christmas, so might as well head out for some walks, starting with my now monthly trip to Blackmountain.

Although, I only started with Blackmountain because the planned trip to Cavehill the previous day got rained off. 

I had planned to arrive at Sunrise but my bed was too comfy. I did eventually drag myself out of it, arriving at around 8.50am.

The sun was still rising and was quite spectacular. I could see the glare in my left eye as I drove through West Belfast so it was good to get a proper view of it.

It was nearly a perfect storm in terms of weather. It was foggy, frosty, icy and the sun was rising. It made for some interesting photo opportunities. 

As spectacular as that was, the fog meant I couldn’t get the views of Belfast that I am used to when I visit Blackmountain.

Despite being cold as well, getting chillier the further you went up, I wasn’t on my own, passing lots of walkers, runners and cyclists, even some doggy footprints. There was even one runner wearing shorts.

Weather permitting, by the end of my time off, I hope to visit Cavehill, Lisnabreeny Hill and Belvoir Forest Park.

You will have seen in my previous blog post that I might be changing my weekend in London (I have late cancellation on my hotel) to a weekend in Brighton (I’m flying into Gatwick) next July as a back-up.

If I do, i’ll take the time to visit Devil’s Dyke. Yep, i’m already looking up things to do in Brighton just in case.

Also on my hitlist for 2021 is Binevenagh, Mourne Mountains, Bray Head and Arthur’s Seat. 

Although, circumstances other than my inability to act upon my intentions may ultimately determine if I will or won’t.

Photo Album

Blackmountain – September 2020

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