It had been a while since my last visit to Giant’s Ring, so I thought I might as well make a return visit, seeing as there’s not much else to do. 

That last visit, in early January, was really enjoyable, helped by the weather. It was freezing, but it was nice and bright and made for some good photos.

I was glad to report, that the weather was the same for this visit, for which I arrived just after 8am in order to avoid crowds.

You may have seen Giant’s Ring on the news recently, with a feature on Newsline on the Thursday before about littering at beauty spots in Northern Ireland.

Seriously folks, don’t be trampy. Put it in a bin, and if there are no bins, take it home with you and dispose of it.

Thankfully, there wasn’t the amount of rubbish lying about as there was in that news report.

As I got out of my car, I had a look across Belfast and could see sprinkles of snow at Blackmountain and Cavehill. 

There wasn’t a lot of people about. Those that were out and about were usually accompanied by a dog.

One particular dog kept coming over to me with a ball in it’s mouth, almost as if it was wanting me to take it out and throw it away for them to chase.

The triangle of Giant’s Ring, Minnowburn and Terrace Hill Garden isn’t too hard to navigate and can be easily covered.

There isn’t much I haven’t covered, but I did manage a detour on my way back from Minnowburn through a field I haven’t been through before.

That ended up taking me to Terrace Hill Garden. I didn’t plan on going there, but as I was there, it would have been rude not to get some photos. 

Whilst walking from Giant’s Ring to Minnowburn, I encountered some cows standing about in a field enjoying the sunshine. 

I even took a detour to Edenderry Nature Reserve to see what it was like. 

While walking along the bridge at Minnowburn, I noticed a carving in the stone saying “H. Burns 1955”. I doubt they would have believed it would still be there 66 years later.

As I returned towards my car, the weather started to get duller, so it looked like I timed my visit perfectly.

With the nights getting longer, I’ll be able to get out on my bike after work, freeing up Saturday mornings for hiking.

At the moment, I’ll just be doing Cavehill, Belvoir Park Forest, Giant’s Ring and Lisnabreeny Hill on a rotating basis.

Photo Album

Giant’s Ring/Minnowburn/Terrace Hill Garden – January 2021

Minnowburn – November 2020

Giant’s Ring – September 2020


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