A lot of things might have been put on hold over the past year, but Street Art in Belfast isn’t one of them.

The location to find these pieces isn’t in the Cathedral Quarter where you would expect, but on the Shankill Road, with two separate projects working independently of each other.

I spotted it on Instagram, that Friz and Emic, both featured regularly on this blog, had posted pictures of work they had done on the outside of the Spectrum Centre.

At the same time, Dan Kitchener, also featured on this blog for work previously done in Belfast in 2017, and when I stumbled upon work in his native London on a weekend break in 2018, also posted on Instagram that he was working on a piece in Shankill.

So, on Good Friday, I headed out on my bike after finishing work to get photos of the pieces.

Getting photos of the pieces outside Spectrum Centre was easy, but finding Dan Kitchener was a different matter. I cycled all over Shankill Road and couldn’t find him.

I did cycle to Lanark Way and saw a piece of Jesus recently done by Glen Molloy.

Appeals on social media were unsuccessful in trying to find out where Dan Kitchener was working, as I was hoping to get some work in progress photos as he completed his work.

It turned out it was on Enfield Street right at the very top of the Shankill, just past Woodvale Park.

Thankfully, Dan Kitchener was on hand to do his own updates, such as Day 1 and Day 3.

To compliment this, he has a video on his Youtube channel detailing his stay in Belfast.

If you are familiar with his work, there’s no deviation, you can spot a mile off that it is a Dan Kitchener piece, usually specialising in cities at night, this time depicting a Belfast Taxi in Downtown Tokyo.

For further reading, there is also an interview with him on Belfast Live.

With the work being completed over Easter, I had planned on cycling up on the Wednesday night to see it and get photos.

However, Linfield were on Sky so instead I did my walking route on a weeknight when Linfield are live on TV. Don’t laugh, it’s brought three wins in six weeks.

It turned out to be a good decision considering what was kicking off on Wednesday teatime.

So, Sunday morning, things are a lot calmer, heading up to take some extra photos of Spectrum Centre as some didn’t turn out as I hope when I went up on Good Friday, and to see the Dan Kitchener piece on Enfield Street, making the most of quiet traffic to get photos of it.

Photo Album


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