Oooh, i’ve gone a bit posh. If I hadn’t seen such riches, I could live with being poor.

In truth, I should have been in Bray, we’ll come to that later.

You may have noticed a lack of walking posts in recent weeks. I have been walking, just not blogging about it. We’ll come to that later as well.

So, with a bit of Annual Leave to use up, I headed to North Down on the Monday to attempt part of North Down Coastal Path.

I cheated a wee bit by starting at Cultra, getting the train there (making the most of living near a train station) and walking from the station to my starting point.

As I was off work, I allowed myself to have a lie-in, arriving in Cultra just before 10am.

If I wanted, I could have got off at Holywood and started from Seapark.

You may be wondering how I already have such knowledge of the walk.

Well, I had tentatively done some of it with my dad over the preceding weeks. Just a short stroll from Seapark.

With some time off to spare, I decided to do it solo. Start at Cultra and see how far I get.

Unsurprisingly, with it being a Monday morning, it was very quiet. Not that I was complaining about it in this day and age.

Of those people I did walk past, they were usually accompanied by a dog, in most cases, a very wet doggy who just couldn’t resist jumping into the water. I couldn’t blame them.

As mentioned, I started at Cultra. I thought I would walk for an hour and see where it took me. I ended up walking for an hour and a bit. I’d have to watch the time as i’d obviously be going back in the opposite direction.

Just before I stopped, I did ask someone where I was, and was told that I was in Crawfordsburn

I couldn’t have picked a better day to go. All I wanted was some daylight to take some photos with. I got it, and went to work.

North Down Coastal Path is an absolute dream for photography with so much to take photos of, it’s so beautiful. I’m really pleased with how some of the photos came out.

On my way back, I bypassed Cultra to head to Holywood, to check out the possible bargains in the Charity and Vintage Shops, my favourite being The Cove, well worth a visit.

A really enjoyable walk, and I do hope to do the fuller route more frequently in future.

This wasn’t my first walk in June.

In the middle of the month, I walked up Cavehill. It was a very dull day, I got no decent photos.

I did, however, deviate from my normal walking route, deciding to walk up towards the Cavehill Transmitter, before heading down.

It meant my walk was a bit longer, resulting in sore feet, but if you don’t have sore feet, then a walk isn’t fun.

On my first day of Annual Leave in the month, I headed to Blackmountain.

All was going to plan, until I arrive to discover that the Car Park was closed for maintenance. I couldn’t find anywhere else to park, so I just left it, headed home and went for a cycle instead.

The Car Park there was in desperate need of work, so I shouldn’t really complain even though it inconvenienced me.

By the time I came back later in the month, the Car Park was a nice smooth surface, with painted parking bays. Hooray.

My walk up Blackmountain was nice. It was my first visit since January.

Then, I turned up at 8am on a freezing Saturday morning, and the place was rammed, so I decided to leave it for a weekday when I am off work.

The photos I got were ok, nothing worth writing a blog about. Naturally, I stopped to have a look at Windsor Park. It would be rude not to.

I then went to Giant’s Ring the next day. It was dull, and my photos were awful. So was the route, full of stingy nettles and generally very scruffy looking, which was disappointing as it is a walk I usually enjoy.

On the Friday before this walk, I made use of being off by heading to Whitehead to check out Blackhead Path. I went back to Whitehead Path on the Tuesday, so i’ll write about that on a separate blog.

That trip on the Tuesday came about after I got a phone call inviting me along while I was halfway through exploring Colin Glen Forest Park for the first time. I’ll be planning to pick up where I left off in the next few weeks.

Ahh yes, Bray.

Long-term readers will know I should have been in Bray this week. This was something that had been planned for a long time, going back to 2019.

You see, there should have been a European Championship Last 16 game at Lansdowne Road (it should have been England v Germany) so I was going to go down, try to blag a ticket, but base myself in Bray and go for a few treks there.

Even though my reason for going to Bray had gone, I still wanted to go anyway.

Unfortunately, my second vaccination was scheduled for that day, and despite my numerous e-mails being ignored, having not heard if I could get it move, I reached the deadline for my free cancellation and decided to cancel. I’ll be going in late August instead.

When i’m there, I hope to take in Bray Head and Great Sugar Loaf.

And what about Brighton?

I should have been going to London next weekend. Firstly, to try and blag a ticket for the European Championship Final while taking in a weekend in London (with a day trip to Brighton) and getting out of Belfast during Silly Season.

I’d been wavering, but I decided to cancel. London is just “winging it” regarding Covid. Too big to be shut down, we’ll carry on as usual and hope for the best. It’s a free for all. The people who live there aren’t helping themselves.

I’ve rescheduled to November, changing it to a three day trip to Brighton to hopefully take in an OMD concert and trek through South Downs National Park.

Bangor, Bray and Brighton, this is a post all about Bs.

I’d give this walk an A.

Cavehill Photo Album

Blackmountain Photo Album

Giant’s Ring Photo Album

North Down Coastal Path Photo Album


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