Heatwave? Might as well walk up a hill.

Truth was, i’d set aside this particular Saturday morning to walk up Cregagh Glen and Lisnabreeny Hill, the weather was coincidental.

Having travelled up this route frequently over the past year, there’s nothing much else for me to explore.

I would say that this walk was uneventful, but it felt like I was getting attacked by bees every two minutes.

Up early, arriving around about 8.20am, there was barely anyone about, which was very convenient.

With the weather being nice, I knew I was going to get some decent shots, so I might as well go for it.

What struck me was how dark it felt it was in Cregagh Glen, the trees that hadn’t fallen (there were a lot that had that were lying about) blocking out the sunlight.

I also took a shortcut through the American War Cemetery on the way back.

There were cows on Lisnabreeny Hill as per usual, but they were too busy sunbathing to say hello to me.

So, that was my monthly trip to Cregagh Glen, hope you enjoy the photos.

This coming Friday, i’m off work (I habve to use up a certain amount of Annual Leave by the end of July) so i’ll be planning Colin Glen Forest Park (Hopefully, remembering my camera this time), North Down Coastal Path or Blackhead Path. We shall see.

I will be heading to North Down anyway in the next seven days, to go to a Vintage Market in Bangor and to get some Street Art photos of new murals that have appeared in the town.

It’s been a while since i’ve posted some Street Art photos, so i’ll just give you something to look forward to.

Photo Album

Cregagh Glen/Lisnabreeny Hill – April 2021

Cregagh Glen/Lisnabreeny Hill – August 2020

Cregagh Glen – July 2020


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