Might as well make the most of this heatwave.

I had to use up a certain amount of Annual Leave by the end of July, so, I had another day off. It was my last of this current run, so I might as well make the most of it.

Where to go? That was the question. It was going to be either Colin Glen Forest Park, North Down Coastal Walk or Blackhead Path.

In the end, I plumped for Blackhead Path in Whitehead. I’d picked a good day to be off with the heat.

I found it advantageous to walk by the sea as there was a nice cooling breeze. I was certainly grateful for it.

On this walk, I decided to take a detour, turning left instead of going straight ahead.

Turns out, it was a steep hill which took me towards the Lighthouse. I’ll give it a miss in future, just going straight ahead and past the rocks.

The rocks featured heavily in my photos, very kind weather for photos. I even managed to get some photos of the Lighthouse.

You may know I keep writing about new routes I want to try out.

Last week, I won a Mourne Activity Map in a competition run by Trailhead Central.

I guess i’ll have to get myself into gear and use it.

Photo Album

Blackhead Path – June 2021

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