It feels great to wake up in a bed that isn’t yours. Oi, that’s not what I mean. Behave yourselves.

After eighteen months without going anywhere, I snuck off to Manchester to see United take on Leeds. Ironically, Manchester in January 2020 was the last trip I had been on.

I only had a short window in the city, so I had to make the most of it, heading for a walk on Friday teatime, especially so with the weather on my side.

A veteran, if you will, of Street Art in Manchester, I know where to go. So, after getting off the train at Picadilly, I headed straight to Stevenson Square, Tibb Street, Northern Quarter and Ancoats to photograph what I could.

The Street Art in the city reflects the personalities of the Coronavirus Crisis (To be honest, it’s more of a Stupidity Crisis if anything) with a mural of Captain Tom on Tibb Street and a shop shutter showing appreciation for the NHS.

Delving into Manchester’s history, there was a mural of Ian Curtis from Joy Division.

One regular artist around Manchester is Akse, a French Artist based in the North-West of England, and once again, his work was prominent on my visit.

Amongst his work, was the mural of Marcus Rashford in Withington, which you may have seen on the news after it was defaced in the aftermath of the Euro 2021 Final.

As it was outside the City Centre, time constraints meant I couldn’t go and visit it, or check out the work along Salford Quays/Pomona Wharf. I do hope to pay a visit to Withington when I have a longer trip to Manchester at some point in the future.

Photo Album

Manchester Street Art – January 2020

Manchester Street Art – November 2019

Manchester Street Art – May 2019

Manchester Street Art – January 2019

Manchester Street Art – November 2018

Manchester Street Art – May 2018

Manchester Street Art – December 2017

Manchester Street Art – May 2017

Manchester Street Art – February 2017

Manchester Street Art – November 2016

Manchester Street Art – May 2016

Manchester Street Art – January 2016

Manchester Street Art – November 2015

Manchester Street Art – May 2015

Manchester Street Art – November 2014


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