I could have taken the DART, but that would have been no fun.

Having dumped my bag at my hotel in Bray before I could check in, I had a bit of time to kill.

So, I decided to walk from Bray to Greystones. I’d done part of it twice before. When I say part of it, only a small part. Like literally, a wee bit at the start.

As I walked from Bray Promenade to the starting point, I made sure I was stocked up with the essentials. A bottle of water for hydration and a bar of chocolate for energy. That’s my reasoning and i’m sticking to it.

Walking at the start, I noticed there were a lot of benches. My advice is to make the most of it as there aren’t many other opportunities for a sit down after the point.

DART Passengers get the opportunity to take in some spectacular views on this route, but those DARTs give those on foot the opportunity for spectacular photos as there are great positions to take aerial photos of passing trains.

Of course, when I reached those points, there were no trains passing, and I wasn’t in the mood for waiting, so on I went.

Just like Cavehill and Cregagh Glen, Bray To Greystones is a route that takes a battering when there is rain, which I presume there had been in the days preceding my visit (there was in Belfast on those days) meaning there was still some muck and puddles about even though it was roasting.

At the early stage of the walk, there is a mural identifying all the wildlife there is on the trail, if you wish to keep an eye out.

It is a very narrow path, so it is best to avoid peak times. Travelling on a Monday morning, I did just that.

As with any walking journey, I usually just go for an hour and see where it takes me. This path felt never ending, an hour and a half seeing me arrive in Greystones Harbour.

A brief walk around Greystones Harbour and a bit of lunch, I then jumped on the DART to head back to Bray.

Well, I was hardly going to walk it back, my feet were aching.

That is probably a sign of a good walk, which this definitely was.

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