September comes around quick, and that can only mean one thing, Hit The North.

And even that comes around quicker, two weeks earlier in fact, being an independent event rather than being part of Culture Night.

Usually, I would turn up at Hit The North, and get work in progress photos alongside the final pieces.

The date of the actual event – Sunday 5th September – didn’t suit me, I was unable to attend, but that didn’t stop me from going to check out the finished pieces.

Well, what pieces were finished.

My past experience of Hit The North has taught me that not everything happens on the date advertised.

Some pieces start a few days early, while others take a few days later to complete.

On the Monday night, I headed down after work on my bike to check things, and a sweet themed mural at the side of a retro style sweet shop.

That trip on Monday night was just a dry run, to see where everything is before going out on my photo adventure.

The next opportunity I would have would be on Friday night. I was on foot this time. I wanted to see the finished pieces.

I left my camera behind as I assumed the place would be rammed as it was a Friday teatime and there are a lot of pubs.

That would not be the case. In fact, that were parked cars rather than people that were foiling me, blocking the best views and meaning I would have to adjust my shooting angles.

Eventually, I headed out with my camera on Saturday morning. Up early, partly because I would be heading to Portadown later in the day, but also to avoid people and have the place to myself.

The weather was ok. Not the brightness I was hoping for, but enough I could work with.

Amongst the murals being photographed was a tribute to Lee Perry, who had recently died.

Ironically, none of the new pieces were on North Street, but in Kent Street and Little Donegal Street.

If you want it simplified, basically, around The Sunflower.

Additionally, there were a few pieces on High Street, beside Lidl.

I went back on Sunday morning again, just to check if there was anything missed, and to try a few different angles, but most of the photos are from Saturday.

I’ll be back in that end of town on Friday for Culture Night. I’m heading over to see what it’s like, but if it’s an absolute shitshow, i’ll just go home and give it a miss.

At some point over the next few months, i’ll probably be using up excess Annual Leave.

When I am, i’ll spend one of those days doing a day trip to Derry as I haven’t been there since 2019.

My plan was that I would go one Saturday a year during pre-season, but you know, Covid.

My Street Art Senses will be on, just as they were on my last visits in 2015 and 2019, especially as they have just held a Street Art Festival, featured on Belfast Live and UTV Live.

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