Anything that Bangor has, Ards has to have. That’s the rules.

Having spent three years at Bangor Tec and attended the 1993 Irish Cup Final, I know what they’re like. They just can’t get along.

So, when Bangor had some Street Art during the Summer, it was only a matter of time before Ards got some Street Art of their own.

Not that i’m complaining about that.

A few weeks ago, Arts held Ards Art Jam, where a group of Artists painted walls in Meeting House Lane in the Town Centre.

Of course, I headed over to get photos as soon as they were finished.

I headed down on the next available Sunday morning. Very simple reasons and very obvious, not many people about. Certainly helps regarding Covid, and not having disruption when taking photos.

I’d never driven to Ards before, but it was easy to find when you follow road signs. Who knew?

After parking, I went for a walkabout, seeing some other murals unrelated to the event, one a montage of Ards lanmarks and people by Mark Ervine.

There was an advertising mural to promote a Beauty Parlour called Feminine Touch.

I’m not a fan of advertising murals, but this was at the side of the shop. If you didn’t turn you head around to see the front of the shop, you wouldn’t know it was an advertising mural.

I went for a walk and found it straight away. Stumbled upon it, if you will. I just got lucky.

From there, I went snap happy and got photos, despite the lack of backlift.

There was one mural in a locked Car Park, so I had to improvise with my angles.

There was even a mural of Steven McQueen to promote a Barbers.

I’m tempted to set up a website dedicated to dead celebrities promoting local business.

There’s a mural of Audrey Hepburn in East Belfast to promote a Nail Bar.

In fact, the last time I was in Ards was in 2009 to get a photo of a mural of George Best that I had been informed about.

It turned out to be an awful advertising mural for a Taxi Firm called Best Taxis.

They were hardly going to paint one of former Bangor manager Nigel Best.

There’s plenty of other available wallspace in Ards, so hopefully there will be plenty more Street Art events in years to come.

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