A third choice, but it turned out to be a good choice.

During my trip to Brighton, I planned on taking in a hillwalk somewhere. I had plenty of options.

My original choice was to go to Devil’s Dyke or South Downs National Park, but it soon became apparent that getting there would be an issue.

They are only served directly by Public Transport during the Summer.

Beachy Head would be the best option as I could get a train to Eastbourne and then get a short taxi from Eastbourne Train Station.

Travelling there by taxi, the road to Beachy Head reminded me of Upper Springfield Road as you head to Blackmountain, very long and winding and remote.

The comparisons with Blackmountain didn’t end there. When I arrived there, it felt very similar to Blackmountain, although Blackmountain doesn’t have a pub or views of the sea.

That’s where I headed. The views of the sea that is, not the pub.

The pub, named The Beachy Head, was to be my starting point for the walk. Yes, I know how much thought there was naming the pub.

I crossed the road and walked along the path to Belle Tout Lighthouse, about an hour there and an hour back.

It was grass all the way, but thankfully it hadn’t been raining in the days leading up to this.

Thankfully, it wasn’t raining while I was there, as there was nowhere to shelter.

Overall, a very enjoyable walk. The weather was very kind for taking photos, very bright, and most importantly, it was dry.

I was ready for a rest by the time I got to The Beachy Head. It was a good time to wrap up as it was starting to get dark.

Beside The Beachy Head is The Beachy Head Experience, an exhibition centre and a handy reference point for phoning my taxi back to Eastbourne Train Station.

It’s a walk I would recommend, although if I do make a return visit to Sussex at some point in the future, I would try out other walks such as Devil’s Dyke or South Downs National Park first, to see what they are like.

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