Last day in Brighton, killing time and resting my feet, there was time for one last treat.

With the weather being nice all day, I had high hopes of getting a decent sunset to photograph, and I was not disappointed.

I haven’t got a decent sunset or sunrise photo for a while, mainly because I haven’t been out and about at that time with my camera.

Earlier that day, I was out trying to get sunrise photos.

I started out at Brighton Pier as the sun was going down, getting photos.

From there, I walked along Brighton Beach towards Regency Square, which is a decent length to cover.

I wasn’t the only one, there was quite a crowd gathered to watch the sun come down, some getting photos of it as well.

Not everybody was there to watch the sunset, there was one man out with a metal detector hoping to find some metaphorical or literal treasure.

Regency Square was my final destination, as that’s where my hotel was, to pick up my stored luggage and to get the train to Gatwick for my flight home.

Overall, it was a great trip, but ending it on such a high getting out to photograph such a spectacular sunset topped it off.

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