31 years is a curious anniversary to celebrate, but that’s what The Charlatans were doing when they rolled into Belfast to perform at The Limelight.

This concert, wasn’t actually put back, it was on the actual date it was announced to be on, calling it The 31st Anniversary Tour was very much tongue in cheek to the current situation.

Getting in, it was a ticket on my phone. Ugh. I was asked to scan a QR Code for Track and Trace but they let me in anyway when it wouldn’t work on my phone. No request to show proof of vaccination or mask enforcement.

During the support act, Aoife Nessa Francis, Tim Burgess was stood in front of me on the floor, watching her. Wearing a mask as well, setting a good example. You’d think if the singer of the band you’re going to see can wear a mask you could do so too. I forgot, Maskexemptionitis is on the rampage. Let’s hope they find a cure for it.

As Tim dedicated a song to Steve Strange, a Belfast based Promoter, not the Welsh Pop Star from the 80s, someone asked if it was My Beautiful Friend, only to be told it was not, but they should have done that song for him. They ended up not performing it. Pity, it’s a decent tune.

Sadly, Tim responding only encouraged the Banter Bores in the crowd. You know the sort, think they’re mates with the band and that they’re so funny. We’re not here to see you.

This was a Greatest Hits Tour, we were treated to, um, hits and lots of them – Forever, Weirdo, You’re So Pretty We’re So Pretty, North Country Boy, One To Another, Tellin Stories and The Only One I Know.

As Tim Burgess was introducing the rest of the band, Pete Salisbury, formerly of The Verve but now very much a Charlatan declined to do a drum solo despite being egged on by the crowd.

Pleasingly, they played two of my favourite songs, Love Is The Key and Blackened Blue Eyes.

A Greatest Hits Tour that did what it said on the tin.

Photo Album

The Charlatans live at Falls Park 2013

The Charlatans live at Custom House Square 2015

The Charlatans live at The Limelight 2017

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