Might as well make the most of a football free Saturday, so off to Cavehill I headed.

You will have noticed i’ve had quite a few football free Saturdays recently. I have been productive with them, just not blogging about it.

At the start of February, I headed to Scrabo Country Park for the first time. Really enjoyed it, but the photos were crap, so not worth blogging about. Definitely plan on returning soon.

A week later, I was off to Colin Glen Forest Park.

I’ve been a few times and know my way about but I managed to stumble into some parts of it i’d never been to before, which was nice.

Unfortunately, the photos were crap. Just dull. Dull weather, dull dull dull. Nothing worth getting excited or blogging about.

Then, on the last Saturday of February, a trip to Cregagh Glen.

Or so I thought. A bridge about five to ten minutes in is unpassable due to storm damage. Off home I go and go for a cycle instead.

So, I decided to head to Cavehill. It had been two months since my last visit, so it was a reasonable enough absence.

Although, when Linfield’s match against Carrick Rangers was postponed, logic pointed to it being this weekend as both clubs were out of the Irish Cup.

That would have meant my football free Saturday might not be football free, but I could make the most of it, make a day of it and head to Whitehead before the match, which would have been my first visit there since last Summer.

When the weather gets better over the coming months, I am planning on making a few return visits to Whitehead.

As much as I love Cavehill, this was a lovely bright morning that was making me yearn for Whitehead, but that’s not where I was heading as the Linfield match was played on the Friday.

With it being so bright, it was time to head out with the camera.

I always hope to get a Sunrise photo at Cavehill. Not today, my bed was too comfy.

However, I was still there early, just after 8am. You have to be in order to get a parking space.

Especially as Belfast City Council don’t have any white paint to clearly mark the bays.

Despite it being bright and sunny, it was actually a bit chilly. It did mean I actually got some use out of the tin of De-Icer I got in November.

Usual drill at Cavehill, up to the top and then back down. I nearly embarrassed myself a few times as it was a bit slippy slidey on the way down.

Thankfully, no falls but a few near misses.

Up next, was Belvoir Park Forest. Dull and wet, nothing exciting. Nothing worth blogging about. Great to be back though after about nine months away.

Towards the end of the month, Linfield will be away to Warrenpoint Town in a match that will take place on Saturday lunchtime as it has been selected for live broadcast by Sky Sports.

Obviously, i’ll have a free afternoon, so hit me up with suggestions for places to go in Warrenpoint.

I’ve also booked a trip to Edinburgh in May, my first visit there since 2019.

I usually go in August so this will be a change. I’ll be planning to take in Arthur’s Seat while i’m there. I still can’t believe I went to Edinburgh so many times before walking it.

Feel free to hit me up with suggestions for that as well. It’ll be a different city from when I usually visit.

Of course, we’re near (it might not feel like it but we are) the end of the football season and lots of free Saturdays.

Time to get the Walking Rota ready. On my list I have Cavehill, Blackmountain, Cregagh Glen, Blackhead Path, North Down Coastal Path, Belvoir Park Forest, Giant’s Ring/Minnowburn/Terrace Hill Gardens, Colin Glen Forest Park and Scrabo Country Park on my To Do List.

Photo Album

Cavehill – January 2022

Cavehill – October 2021

Cavehill – July 2021

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Cavehill – March 2021

Cavehill – January 2021

Cavehill – November 2020

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Cavehill – November 2019

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