I can thank Rupert Murdoch for this one.

With Sky moving Linfield’s match away to Warrenpoint to a lunchtime kick-off, I thought that I might as make use of the spare time (Bit pointless to get home from a match at 4pm) to explore a bit of South Down, especially with the weather being so nice.

Whenever I had previously visited Warrenpoint, it was for football. As you arrive on the edge of the Town Centre, you turn left for the ground so you virtually avoid the town. It always seemed nice from the brief glimpse I had.

I took along the main street towards Warrenpoint Beach. As luck would have it, there was an Artisan Market on that day, so I popped in for a look although it was wrapping up for the day, there was still a decent amount of activity.

From there, I headed to Warrenpoint Beach for a stroll along it, getting some photos.

As I was cramming a lot into a short period of time, there wasn’t much time to retrace my steps.

Disappointingly, I couldn’t see any charity or vintage shops in Warrenpoint, although there were a few decent craft stores.

After a stroll along the beach, it was back into the Town Centre for a bit of Ice Cream. Well, it was the weather for it.

Unfortunately, my dad didn’t win the 50/50 draw at half-time for the £50 voucher for Raymies, which was in someone elses pocket instead.

I’d give Warrenpoint a thumbs up. You wouldn’t spend hours there but it’s a decent place for a brief stop-off on a nice day.

Just as I was thinking of doing the same next season, I checked the league table and realised that won’t be happening.

It wouldn’t be the same in an Irish Cup 1st Round tie in the pissing rain in early January.

From there, I nipped over the border to Carlingford.

I’d never been before, but i’d heard about it, usually from other people visiting it, so I was curious to see what it was like.

Again, I was having to cram a lot in over a short space of time. so I went for a stroll through the Town Centre.

I popped in for a nosey to an Antique Shop called Crystal Antiques, having a rummage through.

No football programmes though, but I did laugh at seeing a poster to promote a wrestling match involving Dave Finlay. I didn’t buy it though.

I may look into the possibility of making a return visit at some point for an overnight stay. We shall see.

I’ve got a bit of Annual Leave to use up before the end of June so I have a couple of Fridays off so I may use Translink’s Mourne Rambler service to, um, ramble in the Mournes.

It was a long, but enjoyable (the mood definitely helped by Linfield’s late winner) day. I was absolutely shattered when I got home, but it was worth it.

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