There are worse ways to spend a Monday morning.

Regular readers will know that I was a regular visitor to Edinburgh during Pre Covid times.

However, Arthur’s Seat was not something on my itinerary. Looking back, that was a big mistake.

Eventually, in 2019, I took the plunge and walked up it. I ended up regretting the times I never walked up it.

I made a vow to go up again in 2020, and then again in 2021 and so forth.

Obviously, I never saw Covid coming.

As a result, it wouldn’t be until 2022 that I return.

Back in 2019, I walked up at 6am. It might seem mad, but trust me, it’s worth it when you reach the top.

I did intend on going up around a similar time, but my bed was too comfy, so 7.30am it was.

There are various ways to start Arthur’s Seat.

When I went up in 2019, I got a taxi from my accommodation in Sciennes. I asked the Driver to drop me off at the most convenient point, which turned out to be the Commonwealth Games Swimming Pool.

So, I used that for my reference point.

This time, I was staying in Newington, not far from Sciennes. The ride turned out to be embarrassingly short. I could have walked it.

When walking up Arthur’s Seat, it is advisable to take your time just to be safe. It is very easy to have a fall.

The weather on Monday morning was dull, meaning that my photos were crap, meaning that the trip felt a bit underwhelming.

I did note, that you feel stalked by Easter Road. No matter where you are on Arthur’s Seat, you can always see it. I got two Football Stadiums for the price of one as I could see Meadowbank Stadium, the proposed new home ground of Edinburgh City, at the same time. I think I saw Murrayfield as well.

As I said earlier, be careful going up as it is easy to have a fall, especially if it is or has recently been wet.

There was a gentle breeze when I was walking up, which was most welcome.

I would also advise heading early in order to avoid the crowds. There wasn’t many people there when I went up, very early on a weekday.

Having reached the top, I headed down, leaving via the Scottish Parliament and then a short walk to Waverley in order to pick up my copy of Metro.

Checked out on Tuesday morning with a lot of time to kill, I thought to myself looking at the weather being better for phototaking, why not walk up it again?

I was only a short walk from the start, so why not?

By now, after four successive days of hitting 40,000 steps, my legs felt like stone.

Knowing what would await me at the top, I pushed on through.

Despite there being bright sun in the sky, it was cold and windy.

It was so windy, that my hat blew off. I didn’t even realise such a thing could actually happen.

Thankfully, I was able to retrieve the hat.

The views at the top were spectacular, being able to look over Edinburgh and see people going about their daily business.

It was worth the wind, the cold, the sore feet. Sometimes, you need a little pain to get a little gain.

I’ve no idea when i’ll be back in Edinburgh, i’m looking at August 2023.

Whenever it is, i’ll be sure to include a trip up Arthur’s Seat to my itinerary.

Photo Album – Monday

Photo Album – Tuesday

Arthur’s Seat – August 2019

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