This feels like one of Edinburgh’s little secrets. I feel bad for writing about it, and letting you all know how wonderful it is.

I’d never been before, but in the nearly three years between my visits to Edinburgh, i’d heard about this place.

A village just outside Edinburgh, an area of woodland now sits where there once was a railway line.

The railway tunnel is now decorated with artwork and murals. That sort of thing always excites me.

I had been planning to go on the Saturday morning, but sleeping in and crap weather made me change my mind.

That was then changed to Monday, but crap weather changed those plans.

Eventually, better weather on the Tuesday made my mind up.

It was my last day, so I had no choice.

Getting there was easy. A Number 16 bus from Princes Street which went through a never ending run of stops but only took me half an hour to get to my destination. My stop being the last one, some random street.

I walked to the bottom of that random street and it was all signposted from there, to Colinton Dell.

As it was my last day, it was just past lunchtime (my flight was 8.40pm, but I had to factor in going back to Edinburgh, collecting my stuff, getting to the Airbus and then getting to the airport) so my time was going to be limited.

Twenty minutes in, and then obviously, twenty minutes back.

That did give me enough time to see a bit of Colinton Dell, but not as much as I wanted to.

I spent most of my time there wishing I would have more time to explore it.

That will be remedied the next time I go to Edinburgh, to spend more time and explore more of Colinton and Colinton Dell.

Assuming that my next visit will be for Edinburgh Fringe in August 2023, I might make it my last day thing, check out (assuming I have an 8pm or 9pm flight home) and then head straight to Colinton.

If I was to spend an extended amount of time in Colinton, there are eateries and drinkeries I can visit in case I need food or drink.

There’s not much else in the village to visit, a few offices not open to the public, a convenience store, the previously mentioned eateries and drinkeries, and that is about it.

It was a worthy finale to a great trip to Edinburgh, and it gives me something to look forward to in future in terms of unfinished business.

I really cannot emphasise how good a lovely stroll on a bright day is, and using it to get some photos.

Especially when it is the icing on a cake of an already enjoyable trip.

I’ll see you again some day Colinton, i’ll make an effort to get to know you better.

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