Always wanted to see Big Derek Amitri live in concert.

Ok, it’s not a man called Derek, but a band, fronted by a man called Justin.

I’ve loved Del Amitri for a long time, going back to the 1990s when they seemed to release a certified banger every two years, such as Nothing Ever Happens, Always The Last To Know and Not Where It’s At.

Radio Hits rather than Chart Hits though. Seriously, what is wrong with this country?

And of course, the much maligned Don’t Come Home Too Soon. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not a decent song.

Our paths did cross once, in 2014, when they played Hammersmith Apollo when I was in London for a weekend.

Ticket prices made me decide against it.

If you live in Belfast and want to see Del Amitri, you will have had to travel.

“What’s 30 fucking years?” said Justin Currie. He did say “fucking” quite a lot when speaking to the crowd.

Well, he is from Glasgow.

Not quite 30 years, according to their official website, which says they did a Belfast concert in 1994, but no date or venue.

Currie did remember playing, in his words, “A pub in Belfast”, prompting the audience to shout out answers as if we were at a Quiz Show.

Somebody shouted out Mandela Hall, which this 2021 Twitter post suggests they did play in 1990.

A curious aspect of this concert was the amount of people in t-shirts of other bands ranging from fellow Scots and Glaswegians Simple Minds, partially Scottish and Glaswegian AC/DC to the totally not Scottish U2 and Thin Lizzy.

Support came from Aqualung, who you may remember having a hit with Strange And Beautiful from a commercial twenty years ago.

We were glad just to have them in Belfast, and not to do with the fact we haven’t hosted them since the 1990s, but due to the fact that the Dublin concert scheduled for the previous night was cancelled (at a few weeks notice) due to “Unavoidable scheduling conflicts”.

A moment where you panicked before rereading and then rereading the story again.

The setlist, was made up mostly of Greatest Hits and songs from their new album Fatal Mistakes.

Hits played included Nothing Ever Happens, Always The Last To Know, Kiss This Thing Goodbye and Not Where It;s At.

I’ve been to plenty of concerts where there has been a Guitar solo. I’ve been to plenty of concerts where there has been a Drum solo.

This was the first concert where there was an Accordion solo, which is what we got while the crowd were singing along to Nothing Ever Happens.

We were even treated to stand-up comedy as Justin Currie asked what the difference is between an Accordion and and Onion.

He was overshouted by his bandmate before when trying to deliver the punchline.

Nobody cries when you cut open an Accordion, if you care.

Nothing Ever Happens is a song that took on a new meaning when people read the lyrics after seeing it on a Top Of The Pops repeat on BBC Four in 2020.

“Janitors padlock the gates for Security Guards to patrol …….Gentlemen time please, you know we can’t serve any more …………..By 5 o’clock everything’s dead, and every third car is a cab …….and ignorant people sleep in their beds”.

This basically summer up life in Lockdown during 2020 ……… thirty years ahead of it’s time.

There was probably an angry person in Manchester complaining about seeing Top Of The Pops repeats on BBC Four.

Although, i’m sure Del Amitri are expecting a few angry letters for not playing Roll To Me.

They didn’t play Don’t Come Home Too Soon, although they might not have been in the mood for it after Scotland had been pumped by Ukraine five days earlier.

Despite that, it was an enjoyable show.

There was a bit of a novelty leaving at 10pm that there was still (a small bit of) daylight, a bit of a culture shock considering how you are used to leaving indoor concerts in the dark..

Justin Currie wrote a blog about his experiences in Belfast. You can read about it here.

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