Edinburgh is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to Street Art.

For a city so arty, it isn’t the Street Art hotbed you would expect it to be.

I did see some pieces during my visit.

It was more a case of stumbling onto pieces. It’s much more fun that way.

Naturally, there were some pieces spotted when I went for a stroll along Leith Walk.

There was a mural of a dog. However, the reception was not overwhelmingly positive.

Somebody had written “Awful, do better” beside it.


Other ones spotted was one on North Bridge, one when walking from Grassmarket to Lothian Street and another one in Cowgate.

And that was about it.

Photo Album

Edinburgh Street Art – August 2019

Edinburgh Street Art – August 2018

Edinburgh Street Art – August 2017

Edinburgh Street Art – August 2015

Edinburgh Street Art – August 2014

Edinburgh Street Art – August 2013

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