So you’ve had a month by month rundown of my favourite photos of the 2021-2022 football season.

Now it’s time to vote on your favourite.


Before it all went awry.

Got lucky with the position and managed to snap the kneeslide and celebrations.

My only visit to Old Trafford this season and a 5-1 win.

Probably should have went more often if that was the affect my attendance would have.


Again, just got lucky and got a good position and was able to capture the celebrations and get some decent framing and composition.


I have plenty of photos of Kirk Millar and Niall Quinn taking corners.

This was one where everything just fell into place.


Football fans aren’t slow in offering advice to actual professional footballers.

It’s the synchronised pointing that does it for me.

I think that’s where the ball actually went, but it didn’t result in a goal.


Stangmore Park is a ground that is handy for getting photographs.

The contrast in the lighting and the framing of the shot does it for me.


I love photos where so much is going on, and both sets of players waiting for the ball for fall from the sky so they can attack it is one such situation.


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