Now that we are able to travel, barring airline strikes, rail strikes or staff shortages, I now incorporate a walk or a trek into my travels, no matter where I go.

When I was in Newcastle, I decided to take in Jesmond Dene, based on the online research I did in advance of the trip.

Jesmond is what Jedward would have been called if Edward was called Desmond instead.

It wasn’t the easiest place to find, but I did manage to make my way back to Jesmond Metro Station without having to ask for directions.

I get the feeling it’s the kind of place that becomes easier to find the more you visit.

Trying to compare it, it is a lot like Colinton, on the basis that it is very flat, unlike Cregagh Glen.

The day I arrived, it was roasting and bright, which added to it, a really joyous walk through a wooded valley.

If you don’t believe me, the local dogs seemed to like it, going for a swim in the water before splashing some of it on me as they got out.

My visit was timebound due to spending most of the afternoon exploring Newcastle City Centre, twenty minute in which would obviously mean twenty minutes back.

That soon escalated to thirty minutes each way.

It was well worth it, and an enjoyable way to spend a Monday teatime.

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