The Football Fixture List had been kind, giving me a trip to Carrick on the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

Added to that, the weather behaved itself, lots of sunshine. It was a lovely day when you discount the football. There’ll be a separate blog on that.

This would be my first visit to Blackhead Path this year, So I was looking forward to it.

Especially to make up for the frustration of there being no bus service between Newry and Carlingford when Linfield played there the previous Sunday.

Blackhead Path is a pathway in Whitehead, not far from Whitehead Train Station.

It eventually leads up a hill to a lighthouse, with some great photo opportunities when the weather is kind.

The weather, was most definitely kind, warm all day when I was there.

And the water was calm, meaning I wouldn’t get sprayed.

Living near a train station, I might as well make the most of it, getting a 9.48am train to Whitehead.

The train isn’t that frequent, just one an hour.

I had to plan this trip in advance.

Arrive in Whitehead at 10.30am, then get the 12.15pm train to Carrick (well, it was actually Downshire that I got off. Taylor’s Avenue is sandwiched inbetween Downshire Train Station and Carrickfergus Train Station) and have lunch in Carrick.

Or, I could have lunch in Whitehead and then get the 1.15pm train.

Might as well just see how it goes.

I headed along Blackhead Path, getting some snaps along the way, before heading upwards towards the lighthouse.

From there, I usually head straight back down the way I came.

Instead, I went for a stroll, kept strolling and then strolled some more.

A lot of strolling.

I did discover that Whitehead has a Golf Club.

While I was strolling, I did wonder where I was going.

It’s no fun if you don’t get a wee bit lost.

Although I wasn’t really lost, finding my way back to Whitehead Town Centre quick enough, with about twenty minutes to spare ahead of the 12.15 train to Carrick, for lunch and then football.

Let’s not talk about the football.

Photo Album

Blackhead Path – July 2021

Blackhead Path – June 2021


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