It had been a while, four months if you care, but I began the August Bank Holiday Weekend with a trek up Cavehill.

If you are wondering why I had taken so long, it was a few factors.

Football season restarting so I wouldn’t have the spare time on Saturday mornings, trying out new walks, cycling and rain.

Who wants to walk up Cavehill in the rain?

That is why this walk was a week later than planned.

I noted as I arrived around 8.10am (might as well get there early to avoid the crowds) was that the parking bays in the Car Park when you enter from Innisfayle Park still haven’t been painted.

Well, apart from one, which I parked in.

I really don’t want to be that guy, but it doesn’t take a lot of effort to fix.

It’s the little things.

Parked and ready to go, I headed upwards, grateful that there had been no rain in the preceding days which meant I wouldn’t have any puddles to jump over.

The weather was kind to me, meaning I would have lots of bright sunshine to work with, providing some great opportunities for photos.

Usually, I would walk up to the top, get some photos, and then turn around.

As I had time on my hands, I decided to explore a little more.

First of all, I went to the area towards the TV Transmitter, although I didn’t go all the way to the transmitter.

Then, on the way down, I headed along the path to the Hightown Road.

Might as well do something different.

I do have some further walks planned before 2022 becomes 2023.

In October, i’ll be heading to Old Trafford for Manchester United v Sheriff Tiraspol.

I’ll have a bit of spare time while there, so I plan on doing some research to see if there are any hikes in Greater Manchester or North-West England (Public Transport friendly) that I can do.

Having done North Down Coastal Path from Cultra this year, i’ll be planning at some point to take the route starting from Helen’s Bay.

In August, I did the Mourne Rambler, I passed Murlough Nature Reserve on the bus there, so i’ll be planning to visit there one day when i’m using up Annual Leave.

Just because Winter is coming doesn’t mean I can’t go walking.

Photo Album

Cavehill – April 2022

Cavehill – March 2022

Cavehill – January 2022

Cavehill – October 2021

Cavehill – July 2021

Cavehill – April 2021

Cavehill – March 2021

Cavehill – January 2021

Cavehill – November 2020

Cavehill – October 2020

Cavehill – August 2020

Cavehill – June 2020

Cavehill – February 2020

Cavehill – November 2019


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