Beatrice Badoobee, if you will.

Well, she is called Beatrice but goes by the name of Beabadoobee, and she turned up at Ulster Hall to make her first appearance in Belfast.

Just over a year later than planned.

She was scheduled to appear at Oh Yeah Centre in September 2021, but Covid restrictions meant that had to be cancelled.

One year and one album later, she had now upgraded to Ulster Hall.

I first heard about about Beabadoobee when her song Coffee was sampled by Pawfu for his song Death Bed.

Then I heard Care, and did that thing when you hear a different song by someone who did another song you love.


She is a singer who covers various genres, Grunge, Pop, Indie. You never know what you are going to get.

It was a very young crowd. I was quite relived as the place started to fill up, to see people older than me starting to arrive. Nobody wants to be the oldest person at a concert.

For some reason, I don’t know why, but I always try to place myself on the left hand side of the stage. I don’t know why. It’s just my thing.

This time, I was leaning against a large pole.

They came from Warsaw.


But genuinely, I could only get a place there, it actually turned out to be quite comfortable.

Not as comfortable, was the volume of Vape Scum in the venue. Why the fuck do we as a society consider this to be normal?

As well as a lot of young people, there were quite a few of Belfast’s East/South-East Asian Community.

She was born in Philippines and had finished, the previous week, a tour of that area, taking in Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

This would be my first visit to Ulster Hall in just under three years, since seeing OMD in October 2019.

She entered the stage, bursting straight into Care. The crowd loved it.

There wasn’t much chit-chat, not that I was complaining.

When there was, she asked where the best pub in Belfast (not my specialist subject i’m afraid) to go to after the show was, as she was planning “To get fucked”.

People weren’t slow in shouting out suggestions, but she never revealed where she was planning on going.

I’m sure her army of fans managed to find out.

Further fan favourites then followed, such as 10:36, Sunny Day and She Plays Bass.

After a quick exit, it was time for the encore, entering the stage with only a chair and an acoustic guitar.

With such a relaxed vibe, there was only going to be one song played, Coffee of course.

A perfect way to finish the evening, a chilled out singalong that had everybody in the venue singing along.

The previous night, she performed at Olympia Theatre in Dublin. You can read a review of it from Hot Press here.

Also announced in this week was Sigrid performing at The Limelight in November.

Frustratingly, Linfield are playing a match that night, so i’ll be giving her a miss.

They had better bloody win and make it worth missing Sigrid for.

It’s as if i’m destined never to see Sigrid in Belfast.

I was ummming and aahhing about going to see her support Stormzy at Belsonic in 2019, but she was ill and pulled out and had a lucky escape there.

No Sigrid as things stand, but it wouldn’t be long until my next concert, seven whole days and a return to Ulster Hall to see Paul Weller.

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