Another Saturday, another Sunrise.

Just as with Giant’s Ring the previous week, it had been a while since I was last at Belvoir Park Forest.

So long in fact, I can’t actually remember when.

As I was driving, there was a spectacular Sunrise that I could see in the corner of my eye.

Unfortunately, I missed that part of it by the time I got to Belvoir Park Forest.

I could have got up early to witness it, but I was up early enough anyway.

As I said when I was at Giant’s Ring the week before, at least the Sunrises will be later over the next few months, so i’m sure i’ll have an opportunity to get some photos of that.

When I arrived, I headed to the forest part, got some nice photos of the water, and the reflections from the early morning sun, the framing and composition working out perfectly.

I ended up getting lost, always fun, and usually the best way to explore any forest park. Maybe not at night, but a lot of fun during the day.

Somehow, I ended up back in the Car Park, but a totally different part to which I entered the forest.

As the sun burst out, it was a quick dash to the other side, towards Lagan Meadows Park.

Had to make the most of it, snap snap snap.

Lagan Meadows Park is very friendly for getting photos, the way the trees are placed makes it perfect for composition.

An enjoyable morning, had to make the most of the nice weather and no football.

The next two Saturdays will be 3pm kick-offs for Linfield, so no morning walks as I tend to lose track of time when I go for a stroll.

Where next? I’ve not quite sure yet, but I am eyeing up Murlough Nature Reserve at some point before the end of 2022, so I might do that.

Photo Album

Belvoir Park Forest – May 2021

Belvoir Park Forest – August 2021



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