Wanting to try something different on my latest visit to Manchester, I headed for a canal walk at Sunset, to see what it was like.

My starting point was somewhere I had walked past a lot, but usually to make my way to Ancoats for some Street Art photos, Ducie Basin on Ducie Street.

Curious, I started wandering along to see where it led me. I’m always curious to explore places i’ve never been to before.

I had some time to kill, so why not?

Believe it or not, I do pay attention sometimes.

I didn’t know where I was, but I did see signs to say I was on Ashton Canal, and then Rochdale Canal. I also went past New Islington Metrolink Station.

This walk was time bound. Thirty minutes out (and then thirty minutes back obviously) and see where it takes me.

Between you and me, I was slightly over my time allocated, but when you’re enjoying yourself, rules can go out the window.

Dogs loved me, or so I thought.

Two of them were getting friendly with me.

I thought it was my camera that attracted them, but one Dog Walker suggested that it might have been the way my has were postured, that it gave the impression that I had biscuits.

Sadly, I had no biscuits.

There were lots of bridges on the route, which was nice.

It meant there was something to work with when I was taking photos, I could take photos of a bridge and from a bridge.

The walk had a strange juxtaposition of images, old and new Manchester.

Newly build skyscrapers on one side, with derelict factories on the other.

Not all of the factories were out of use, one of them was being used for a band rehearsing.

There was also fallen leaves lying around as the sun went down.

So much symbolic imagery.

As I walked along, I wondered would this lead me to Old Trafford?

That would have been handy as I could have done the walk again the following night.

Nope. It actually led me to the City Of Manchester Stadium.

Even though I wasn’t in need of it, it really perked me up, taking a chance on somewhere I hadn’t been before, combined with some spectacular views.

It just goes to show how good a lovely walk can be, even if it doesn’t take you where you want to go.

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