During my visit to Newcastle to do a spot of Mourne Rambling, my bus headed past Murlough Bay Nature Reserve.

I was curious. I made a point to visit before the end of 2022.

So, here I am, a free Saturday with no football. Why not?

It was easy to get to, just hop on the bus to Newcastle and get off just before Newcastle.

The actual name of the bus stop was Dundrum Spar.

You know you’re in Culchie Territory when the name of the bus stop is the shop you are being dropped outside, as opposed to the name of the street or just a generic “Town Centre”.

From there, it was not too far to reach the entrance of Murlough Bay, of which I would discover that there a number of entrances.

I entered via a pathway which was filled with holes, stones and was very wet.

From there, I continued walking, took a bit of a detour, and ended up wandering about some fields.

I then got back on course and explored some more.

That morning, it was a lovely sunrise, but by the time I got to Murlough, the sky was grey and dull. It felt like I was doing a photoessay in grimness and greyness.

Eventually, and with perfect timing, there was a burst of sunshine just as I approached Murlough Beach, which certainly was a ncie set-up for some photos.

I was also treated to a mini sandstorm which was quite spectacular.

My visit was timebound, one hour in and one hour out, so I only had ten to fifteen minutes on the actual beach.

Despite it being bright and sunny, that was very deceptive as it was cold and windy. Luckily, I was well layered.

Having got the 1.35pm bus home, I was planning to go out on another ramble later that day.

As I had a free afternoon, I was planning to head up Lisnabreeny Hill to get some sunset photos.

My plan was to leave around 4.30pm in order to be there in plenty of time, learning my lesson from my last attempt to capture one in August.

The weather was lovely and perfect shooting conditions all afternoon, then around 4pm, just as I was not far off getting ready to make my departure for around 4.30pm, the weather turned, and torrential rain starting falling from the sky.

Think I might just stay indoors to be honest.

Overall, I would go back, but it would be at the back of my list of walks, but at least it would be on the list.

Although, next time, i’d bypass getting lost in fields for going straight to the beach.

If the bus from Dundrum to Belfast wasn’t so infrequent, I would have been tempted to spend more time on the beach, which gives you the option of stones or sand, walk where you want.

After all that, I probably will return at some point in 2023.

I’m already thinking about the July Holidays, with 12th falling on a Wednesday meaning I can do Wednesday to Thursday, and the Mourne Rambler bus will be running, I could incorporate Silent Valley, Spelga Dam and Murlough Bay into one trip.

Might as well start looking around for adventures in 2023.

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