Another Wednesday night, another concert. The third of three in a row, and a case of saving the best for last.

This would be my third time seeing him in concert.

Before I went to my first concert, I was warned that he can be a bit hit and miss, which is what my two previous experiences were.

This one was definitely a hit. Hit after hit.

My third time seeing him should have come two years previously, at Ulster Hall in October 2020, but you know what intervened.

That concert ended up being cancelled, so it was welcome news when this concert was announced.

There was a bit of pressure on him to perform. I’ll explain.

When the draw for the UEFA Cup was done, I wanted to go to one of United’s home games, but make it a Wednesday to Friday trip.

The game against Omonia Nicosia was one I wanted to go to, but it would have meant missing this.

I did end up booking a trip to the Sheriff Tiraspol game a few weeks later.

So, the pressure was one to see if it was worth not going to a United match for.

Although, I ended up being relieved not going to that United match.

I arrived around 7.30pm and mixed feelings that support band Touts were already performing.

Sad that I had missed part of the support act, but happy as it wouldn’t be long before Weller entered the stage.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s something i’ve noticed at concerts, but 30 is the magic number.

The number of minutes turnaround time between the support act leaving the stage and the headliner entering it.

As Touts left the stage at 8pm, my calculation was correct as Weller entered the stage at 8.30pm, jumping straight into lead singles off recent albums before a few Style Council classics.

To give you an idea of the mood he was in, he was even cracking jokes, telling fans who wanted to hear Town Called Malice to go home, watch a bit of TV and then maybe come back in an hour.

After that, it was onto the big solo hits such as From The Floorboards Up, Out Of The Sinking, Into Tomorrow and The Changingman.

And then, after an hour, he exited the stage.

It was only a brief exit, back on to perform some more hits.

I’m not sure if you can call it an Encore, it was too long for that, Part 2 would be more accurate.

Part 2 included some more solo biggies such as Broken Stones, Wild Wood, You Do Something To Me and Peacock Suit.

We were even treated to Start.

I’d actually forgotten how good a song it is. You know how you have that with some songs.

This version was guitar led rather than bass led, giving a funky 60s vibe, although Beatles fans might be rolling their eyes at that statement.

After leaving the stage, it was time for a proper Encore, and definitely not Part 3.

He was joined by Matt from Touts to perform a duet of That’s Entertainment.

That was then followed by Town Called Malice.

I hope nobody did actually pop home to watch TV while waiting for it, they missed a great night.

A nice bonus was that the crowd was sound.

You don’t realise how much a sound crowd adds to a concert until you’re surrounded by pricks.

I had a decent view, and I managed to avoid the Vape Scum who are far too prominent in concerts these days.

An all round good night. Proper lovely.

You know that vibe when you’re just enjoying yourself?

No need to overanalyse, it was a proper great night out. More of this please.

Up next for me in terms of concerts is John Power at Mandela Hall in November.

I’ve already got my first concert of 2023 sorted as well, Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott at The Odyssey in February.

Another act I should have seen at Ulster Hall in 2020.

Let’s hope it’s worth the wait like this one.

Photo Album

Paul Weller live at Ulster Hall 2018

Paul Weller live at Waterfront Hall 2015

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