Hello, my name is Andrew, I like Football (Linfield and Manchester United. A lot), Music and Street Art. I also like Photography. I love photographing Football, Music and Street Art. That’s what this blog is mainly about. That, and anything else which comes into my head.

Every Friday, I do a Friday Five, a music chart based on my Top Five songs over the past week. I also do themed charts depending on topical events and anniversaries.

I used to do that from 2006-2010 on my last blog. Stopped it for a while, then brought it back in September 2011. It used to be published on a Thursday, but Friday Five sounds better than Thursday Five.

I originally began blogging on (Don’t laugh) Bebo. If you wish to read archive articles, here you go

I live in Belfast, which is the main background to this blog. I do enjoy travelling, and enjoy taking photos while on my travels.

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Finally, the website I use to host photos for this site has been experiencing problems, so there may be dead links. If you need to view any photos, click here.

8 thoughts on “BIOG

  1. Hi Andrew,

    Im looking for archive material from around 1981/82/83 of MATCH magazine as i had a picture published in one edition. Would you be able to point me in the right direction so I could search?

    Many thanks


  2. Hello Andrew
    I am searching images and magazines (only old) with British band The Prodigy. Please if you have some material with The Prodigy, please send to me.
    Best wishes

  3. Hi andrew
    I seek for a pdf version of shoot magazine, 7 juky 1990. I have had memorial with this magazine but after missed it out i couldnt find another replica.
    Thank so much for your reply.

  4. I just discovered this website – amazing archive – grew up in Singapore where Shoot Magazine, Roy Of the Rovers and Tiger were weekly reading, though had to settle for second hand copies. Major regret in not keeping the huge collection of these magazines, in the early years. Thank you for keeping the memories alive.

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