Whilst the snow might have meant that there have been no football matches to photograph, but has given me some snow to photograph.

Was at the Ulster v Bath match and got some not bad photos, whilst I was out at the weekend past getting some snow photos.

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Looking at the diary, it didn’t look like the most exciting month, Ellie Goulding concert aside, but a couple of photo friendly football grounds and freak weather made it a productive month of phototaking.

The first weekend of the month saw me visit Shamrock Park to see Linfield take on Portadown, getting some photos and celebrating Linfield’s 2-1 win.

On the Sunday, I checked out leaves in Botanic for some arty-farty photos in the Autumn sun.

The following weekend, I was at Seaview to see Linfield lose 2-1 to Crusaders, with the only consolation being that I managed to get some nice photos.

The midweek after, I went to Northern Ireland v Morocco, getting tickets for the Railway Stand, which turned out to be a mistake when it rained constantly that night.

The end of the month saw snow, and unsurprisingly, I was out with my camera capturing the snow covered streets of Belfast.

And to finish the month, a bit of Ellie Goulding.

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October was a productive month for phototaking.

I’d went to the Northern Ireland v Italy match and got a prime position for some photos, as well as going again to Old Trafford to see United take on Spurs.

The leaves falling from the trees during month set up some great photos in and around Belast, and I also attended a couple of Linfield games.

As a result, I have quite a few photos to choose from this month.

This first photo, was taken during the Linfield v Portadown match at the start of the month, highlighting the temporary seats that were put in ahead of the international match against Italy the following week.

Some random knitted art made a brief appearance at traffic lights on the Stranmillis Embankment.

Meanwhile, having complained about phototaking opportunities at The Oval, I found that lesser supported teams aren’t that hard to photo, as I popped in for the conclusion of the Glentoran v Portadown match after my Tuesday night football session.

And yes, that was the game where Matty “Greatest Footballer In The World” Burrows scored “The Greatest Goal Of All-Time (C) BBCNI”

When venturing through Botanic Gardens, I noticed that the leaves falling from the trees offered a great photo opportunity, so I went snap happy.

The following day, the park was covered in frost, so I grabbed a few photos on my way to work.

Finally, some photos from my trip to Old Trafford at the end of the month.

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Not a lot happening during the month, the height of the activity was travelling over to Old Trafford to see United take on Liverpool and the following week to The Oval to see Linfield take on Glentoran.

I also had a few trips to Belfast City Centre to check out some new graffiti in the Garfield Street and Lanyon Place areas.

My favourite photo from my trip to Lanyon Place was one of a painted cat. When you see it, you’ll see why I loved it.

At The Oval, I had the usual nightmare of trying to get a half-decent photo, though I did get one, albiet by cheating, as I tried out some editing software on my new camera.

My favourite photo of the month came at Old Trafford. If a picture can say a thousand words, this one simply says “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” as Manchester United fans celebrate celebrate Dimitar Berbatov putting them 3-2 up against Liverpool.

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Busy month, went to Edinburgh for a week for the Festival, taking in concerts by Doves and Duke Special (and various other comedy events) and then upon my return, Stereophonics at Belsonic, as well as the start of the Irish League season.

I also got a new camera, as a result of the one my had being damaged at Belsonic, although I was considering getting a new one, the decision was made for me.

One of the first times using it was to get some sunset photos, and for the next couple of weeks, it was a case of trial and error at various events, including my first night football match, where I got an excellent photo of Curtis Allen celebrating a goal at Newry.

My favourite photo of the month was Stephen Douglas waiting to take a throw-in at Dungannon, as the composition and framing just worked, as did the pure luck of it happening right in front of me.

That day, Linfield lost 2-1 to Dungannon Swifts, leaving them with only 1 point after 2 games.

Linfield’s form has improved since that day. Wether my photography has, you’ll have to wait for forthcoming blog posts.

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Not a lot happening in this month, the STLFTEM came right on the very last day when I went to see (for free) Adam Hills live at Mandela Hall.

The first half of the month was obviously spent watching the later rounds of the World Cup, and within days, the early rounds of the European Cup, where I ventured to Windsor Park to see Linfield take on Rosenborg.

I also managed to take in a pre-season friendly between Linfield and Dunmurry Rec, and Dunmurry’s ground was amateur photographer friendly.

Some interesting Street Art also popped up in Belfast during the month, as various stencils of popculture icons appeared in the Woodstock Road, and a mural tribute to the recently deceased Snooker legend Alex Higgins appeared outside the Royal Bar in Sandy Row.



Not much happening in June, I spent most of it watching the World Cup.

A couple of days into the tournament, I dragged myself away from Italy v Paraguay to go and see Tegan and Sara at Mandela Hall as my STLFTEM.

Excellent concert and and excellent band, well worth checking out if you’ve never heard of them.

Managed to get into some good photographing positions. Enjoy.

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Three concerts and a cup final this month, all of which were excellent.

The three concerts were Nerina Pallot, Echo and the Bunnymen, Marina and the Diamonds, and on each occasion, I managed to get into a good position for some decent photographs.

I also managed to get into a good position for photos at the Irish Cup Final, which Linfield won 2-1 against Portadown.

Unfortunately, the seats were in the bottom tier of The Kop stand, and Linfield scored both their goals at the Railway End of the ground.

But, if not being able to get a good goal photo is the biggest complaint of a football match, especially a cup final, then it’s not worth complaining about.

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April was a busy month, and I have photographic evidence to back it up, including trips to Dublin, Sheffield, Manchester and Liverpool.

I headed to Dublin at the start of the month to see Linfield take on Bohemians in a Setanta Cup Semi-Final.

The game was on Easter Saturday, but I decided to take Good Friday off and head down to make a wee break of it.

I spent the Friday in Dublin and took in a League of Ireland clash between St Patrick’s Athletic and Sporting Fingal in the evening, before the Linfield match on the Saturday.

One big regret of the month was that I didn’t take my camera to the Easter Tuesday title decider against Glentoran, but two days later, I was in Sheffield watching James in concert at Sheffield O2 Academy.

The next day, I headed to Manchester, before spending the Saturday in Liverpool and then going to Ewood Park on the Sunday.

A few weeks later, I had an unexpected week off work and became a tourist in my own city, and managed to get some intersting graffiti shots.

The end of the month, saw Linfield visit Seaview to take on Crusaders in a game where Noel Bailie made his 1,000th appearance for Linfield, which was commemorated with a banner.

A win for Linfield that day would have secured the title, but a 0-0 draw meant that champagne was on ice.

A 1-0 win over Cliftonville on the following Tuesday night meant Linfield were champions, and I had my camera there to capture.

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Not a busy month photowise with the STLFTEM coming in the first weekend of the month, with Linfield’s Irish Cup tie against Glentoran at The Oval being followed the following day by Ocean Colour Scene at Mandela Hall.

It was the 2nd time i’d seen Ocean Colour Scene live, and like the fist time, they were excellent.

Managed to get into a good position for photos as well, and got some not bad photos.

Also in the month, managed to stumble upon some amazing art at an abandoned academic building close to the Lagan towpath, most notable pieces being of Betty Boop, and of Slimer from Ghostbusters.

Sadly, the whole building has been demolished now.

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