The year might have been winding down to an end, but I was still out and about in my camera.

On the very first day of the month, I found myself at Ballyskeagh, a venue not known for being kind to amateur photography, and so it proved, as I got pictures as dull and uninspiring as Linfield’s performance that day.

The following Saturday, was a wee adventure to somewhere i’d never been before, Ballinamallard, for Linfield’s first (competitive) visit there.

Made a whole day of it, and managed to get some good photos from a ground which is very friendly to amateur photography.

The following Saturday, I did a Football/Rugby double header, as I went to a Linfield match at 3pm, then over to Ravenhill for 6pm

The Ulster match against Northampton was my annual Winter trip for a European game. I’d got the tickets in September, which turned out to be a good decision, as the game sold out well in advance.

My previous four visits saw Ulster win. Unfortunately, that run came to an end.

On Saturday, I was at Seaview for Linfield’s visit to Crusaders, and managed to get some good shots at a ground which is usually friendly to amateur photography.

So, that’s my round-up of my photo adventures in 2012 over. Here’s to more in 2013.

Lisburn Distillery v Linfield

Ballinamallard v Linfield

Linfield v Dungannon Swifts

Ulster v Northampton

Ulster v Northampton Photo Album

Crusaders v Linfield


November began slowly, but ended with a trip to Manchester and a penalty shoot-out.

My first big photo adventure came as part of Belfast Music Week, when I got some photos of a concert in The Limelight which featured Wonder Villains.

As part of Belfast Music Week, a plaque dedicated to Terri Hooley was erected in tribute to his contribution to music in the city, so I headed out to get some photos of this.

Football wise, it was a mixed bag. My first match of the month was at Solitude. The less said about the match, the better. A mixed bag phototaking wise, it always is at Solitude.

Went to the Northern Ireland v Azerbaijan game and got one good photo and a lot of bad ones. Later in the month, I headed to Old Trafford for the match against QPR, and had mixed results, but mostly pleasing.

Got some photos of the newly erected statue of Sir Alex Ferguson, but it’s not in a great position for amateur photography.

And finally, I graced the County Antrim Shield with my presence, but it was not much help as Linfield lost to Ballymena United. Managed to get some good crowd and portrait shots of The Oval.


Belfast Music Week

Pretty Child Backfire Photo Album

Wonder Villains Photo Album

Cliftonville v Linfield


Northern Ireland v Azerbaijan

Northern Ireland v Azerbaijan Photo Album

Linfield v Glenavon

Manchester Sticker Art

Manchester United v Queens Park Rangers

Manchester United v Queens Park Rangers Photo Album

Ballymena United v Linfield

County Antrim Shield Final Photo Album




















It didn’t feel like the busiest of months, but I managed to pack in three football matches, a concert, and some Graffiti.

Two of the football matches were at Windsor Park, so there wasn’t a great quality of picture. Sandwiched inbetween, was a visit to Stangmore Park, one of my favourite grounds for phototaking, which turned out to be a productive day, even if the result (a 1-1 draw) wasn’t what I was hoping for.

Managed to get three different Street Art trips around Belfast, the best of which was a new mural at the side of Ryan’s.

Also in October, I went to see Ray Davies in concert, and I managed to get some ok photos, despite it being a seated concert.

Linfield v Ballinamallard United


Dungannon Swifts v Linfield

Ray Davies Live At Whitla Hall

Ray Davies Live At Whitla Hall Photo Album

East Belfast Street Art

Linfield v Portadown

Belfast Graffiti


Summer might have been coming to an end, but my photo activities were on going. Lots of football matches, two concerts and an event to snap.

The month began (on the very first day) with a trip to The Oval to see Linfield take on Glentoran. The match finished 1-1 and I got some ok shots but nothing special, the standard arrangement at The Oval.

The following Tuesday I was at Windsor Park for Crusaders visit. Again, standard phototaking arrangements at Windsor Park.

Later that week, I was at The Limelight for the first time ever to see The View in concert. They were fantastic and I managed to get some ok photos.

The following day, I was at Shamrock Park to see Linfield return to winning ways against Portadown.

The next week brought World Cup frustration as Northern Ireland were held to a draw by Luxembourg. The lack of good photos I was able to get was as frustrating as the result.

My next photo adventure was more productive, on Culture Night, managed to get some fantastic shots. That night, there was new Street Art being made especially for the event in Garfield Street. I returned two days later to get better photos of these (assisted by daylight)

Inbetween, I headed to Mourneview Park to see Linfield come from 2-0 down to beat Glenavon 3-2. Mourneview Park is one of the Irish Leagues more friendly grounds for amateur photography, and I managed to get some nice shots when Linfield were chasing the win.

My final photo adventure of the month was at Arthur’s Day. I was at Lavery’s. I didn’t stay for the headline act (Professor Green. I was hoping for Ellie Goulding, Amy MacDonald or Mika) but managed to get some nice shots.

So that, was a busy month. Enjoy.

Glentoran v Linfield

Linfield v Crusaders

Raglans Photo Album

The View Photo Album

The View Live At The Limelight

Portadown v Linfield

Northern Ireland v Luxembourg Photo Album

Northern Ireland v Luxembourg

Culture Night Belfast Photo Album

Culture Night Belfast

Glenavon v Linfield

Garfield Street Graffiti

The Milk Photo Album

Runaway Go Photo Album

Arthur’s Day


August was a busy month from start to finish, camera in hand, I went snap happy.

The month began with a trip to Tillysburn Park (my first visit there) to see Linfield’s last pre-season game, against Harland and Wolff Welders.

Nice wee ground, and got some nice shots, which was handy as the game wasn’t up to much (Welders won 1-0 since you ask)

The following week, I made my annual trip to Edinburgh for the festival. While there, I got some Street Art photos and got photos of the two football matches I went to.

The first match was Hibs v Hearts at Easter Road, my first visit to Easter Road since 2009. Nice wee ground and had a good shooting position. It was a beautiful sunny day which gave me lots of natural light to work with as well.

Three days later, I was back for the international between Scotland and Australia. Was in a different stand but got some ok shots, mainly due to it being darker than usual for that time of year.

Upon my return, I was straight into Belsonic, being in the front row for Madness, a band I have loved for ages and finally got to see.

Also got some good photos of Noel Gallagher a few days later.

Was at Two Door Cinema Club as well and didn’t get as good pictures as I wanted.

In amongst that, managed to get photos of Linfield matches against Coleraine and Donegal Celtic. Standard Windsor Park phototaking arrangements, but it was great to be back.

Harland and Wolff Welders v Linfield

Edinburgh Street Art

Hibs v Hearts

Hibs v Hearts Photo Album

Scotland v Australia

Scotland v Australia Photo Album

Madness Live At Belsonic

Madness Live At Belsonic Photo Album

Linfield v Coleraine

Belfast Street Art

The Enemy Live At Belsonic

The Enemy Live At Belsonic Photo Album

Noel Gallagher Live At Belsonic

Noel Gallagher Live At Belsonic Photo Album

Noah and the Whale Live At Belsonic

Noah and the Whale Live At Belsonic Photo Album

Two Door Cinema Club Live At Belsonic

Two Door Cinema Club Live At Belsonic Photo Album

Linfield v Donegal Celtic


Not a lot happening in this month. Attended three football matches, Linfield and Crusaders in Europe (and a pre-season friendly), as well as getting some graffiti towards the end of the month.

Linfield’s European match against B36 Torshavn didn’t bring any goals, but it did provide some OK photos.

Crusaders match against Rosenborg brought some far better photos, including some sunset photos of Seaview. I was happy with this as i’d always wanted to get a sunset shot of a football stadium.

Hopefully, one day, i’ll be able to get one of Windsor Park

My final match of the month was Orangefield OB v Linfield. Great shooting position, poor shooting conditions.


Linfield v B36 Torshavn

Crusaders v Rosenborg

Crusaders v Rosenborg Photo Album

A Tone Of The Times

Orangefield OB v Linfield


Not a lot happening this month, but still managed to get some good photos.

At the start of the month, I went to Amsterdam to see Northern Ireland play, and got some nice photos of the stadium (my seat was too far for match photos) and Street Art within Amsterdam.

Less said about the actual football, the better.

Fantastic city, can’t suggest you visit there enough.

Talking of Street Art, there was a Sandy Row Hall Of Fame mural launched in June, and I went out and got some snaps of the Linfield players featured, as well as Alex Higgins.

Amsterdam Street Art

Amsterdam Street Art Photo Album

Holland v Northern Ireland

Holland v Northern Ireland Photo Album

Graffiti Round-Up

Knitted Art

Sandy Row Hall Of Fame/Rory McIlroy Mural


Two football matches and a concert was the story of this month, but they were high profile ones – the Irish Cup Final, and Manchester United at Windsor Park, while also seeing Saint Etienne at Custom House Square.

I also managed to get some graffiti shots.


Irish Cup Final

Irish Cup Final Photo Album

Saint Etienne Live At Custom House Square

Saint Etienne Photo Album

Manchester United v Irish League XI

Manchester United v Irish League XI Photo Album

Lagan Towpath Sunset

Graffiti Round-Up


Sun is out and the Irish League season is in the final straight.

Some of the photos of the day when Linfield clinched the title weren’t that great, but managed to get some lovely shots the following week at the Irish Cup Semi-Final against Newry City.

With Linfield in a commanding lead early on, managed to get some portrait shots of The Oval. The most productive photo day of the month.

On the day of the title presentation against Glentoran, the inevitable pitch invasion meant I had to change my plans in order to get photos of the celebrations.

Also managed to get some Graffiti/Street Art photos in Belfast, including a protest against the newly built Titanic Centre


Summer Was Here

New Graffiti Shots

Linfield v Portadown

Linfield v Cliftonville

Linfield v Newry City

Linfield v Glentoran


After Fun February, it was Mundane March, but there are still photos worth viewing.

Mostly graffiti and football, enjoy.

Great Victoria Street Graffiti

Up The Punx

Another Graffiti Blog

Born To Run

Linfield v Carrick Rangers

More Street Art Photos

Linfield v Donegal Celtic

Lisburn Distillery v Linfield