JOEY DUNLOP 1952-2000

If you’ve been in Northern Ireland today, and not living under a rock, it’s been hard not to notice that today is the 10th anniversary of the death of Joey Dunlop.

I can still remember the day vividly when it came through on the news, and the utter shock of it.

Despite taking part in a high-risk sport, you just never thought Joey would ever die in a race.

I’m not really actively in to motorcycling (would watch it if it was on but wouldn’t be appointment to view) but Joey was someone that everyone knew, a bit in the same way that people who don’t follow football know who George Best was.

Bizarrely, Joey Dunlop was commemorated in the form of a mural in East Belfast of all places.

There was a series of murals at the away terracing outside The Oval circa late 2007 and early 2008.

The usual suspects such as C.S Lewis, Gary Moore and Van Morrison were there, which made the inclusion of Dunlop bizarre considering he’s not from East Belfast.

Even more bizarre was the fact that new housing was being built at this time, meaning that the now built houses cover up the murals, meaning people can’t see them any more.

Surely they could have painted on a location where people will be able to see them for years to come?

Of course, 2008 saw the death of Joey’s younger brother Robert, and the graffiti den round the back of The Globe commemorated this with a simple ‘RIP Robert Dunlop