The Fresh Prince is the cover star of this week’s edition of Smash Hits, but you may now know him as Will Smith.

Smash Hits visits the premiere of Much Ado About Nothing, which was attended by Nick Berry, Kenneth Brannagh, Ian Wright, Chris Evans and Dani Behr.

There is a full page feature on budding TV Presenter Justin Orange, who gets mobbed by female fans everywhere he goes, due to being mistaken for his twin brother Jason from Take That.

Talking of Boy Bands, Smash Hits goes on tour to America with East 17.

Will Smith gets a double page interview, while Eastenders star Sean Maguire gets asked some moral quandaries.

In posters, you could get a poster of the band James alongside one of Howard Donald.

In reviews, Single Of The Week went to Radiohead with Creep.


THE FRIDAY FIVE – 12.4.2019

1. Vampire Weekend – Harmony Hill
2. Marshmallow ft Chvrches – Here With Me
3. Oasis – Supersonic
4. Bear’s Den – Laurel’s Wreath
5. Foals – Exits


Eternal are the cover stars of this week’s Smash Hits, described as being “Now with added bounce”.

There is an Oasis column, keeping us up to date with Gallagher (and Arthurs, McGuigan, White) related news, Noel Gallagher told Tom Cruise at the premiere of Mission Impossible that he’d be a great James Bond.

There is a look at the headlines that have surrounded Jarvis Cocker this year, and Smash Hits assess their credibility.

Eternal are interviewed as they indulge in activities they find fun, such as rollerblading, going to the gym, and bowling.

In competitions, you could win the chance to meet Michael Jackson.

There is a three page feature on Suede, making a comeback and being described as “The Kings Of Pop”.

Bon Jovi’s website gets reviewed as is recommended to visit.

Dodgy are this week’s Singles Reviewers, unsurprisingly, give their own single Good Enough the award for Best Single.

Suggs takes questions from a biscuit tin, appropriately getting involved in the Digestives v Rich Tea debate, stating that Digestives are better.

The magazine ends with an interview with Mike Flowers.

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 29.3.2019

1. The Beat – Save It For Later
2. The Killers – Run For Cover
3. Mumford and Sons – Beloved
4. Feeder – Fear Of Flying
5. Florence and the Machine – Moderation

I hate it when bands I like are announced for Belsonic. Any outdoor event in Belfast is now a scumbagfest where you can barely breathe due to the stench of cigarettes and vapes. Think i’ll pass on The Killers and just wait on their next Odyssey concert.

Sad to hear of the death of Ranking Roger. As compilation albums go, Beat This : The Best Of The Beat is an absolute belter. For some reason, I never felt the urge to go an see them when they did what felt like an annual concert at The Limelight.

Ash are doing a concert in Edinburgh during the Festival. That is very tempting.

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 22.3.2019

1. Circa Waves – Times Won’t Change Me
2. Vampire Weekend – Harmony Hall
3. Two Door Cinema Club – Talk
4. Catfish and the Bottlemen – Longshot
5. Marshmallow ft Chvrches – Here With Me

Apologies for there being no Friday Five last week, I was dosed and ill, which meant you missed out on a St Patrick’s Day chart. You’ll have to wait next year for that now.


Tuesday nights are the new Saturday night.

Well, maybe that’s a bit too far, but it was the third of four successive Tuesday night adventures, going Music-Football-Music-Football.

After Chvrches and Newry City v Linfield, it was back to music, and a first concert at Elmwood Hall for me.

I had previously been there, to see Norman Whiteside at The Belfast Festival in 2012, while I was also at the Fine and Dandy Market a few weeks previously.

Elmwood Hall is the venue now being used to effectively replace Mandela Hall, less than a minute away, coincidentally, the venue KT Tunstall played for her last headline show in Belfast.

I should have been back there more recently than this show. I had a ticket for Simon Day in October last year, but unfortunately that was cancelled.

When I was at the Fine and Dandy Market a few weeks previously, the first thing that came to me as I walked around the hall was, where on earth are they going to put the stage?

That was answered as I arrived, with an erected stage taking up quite a lot of the floor, meaning we were all squished in and very close to the stage.

As she entered the stage to Mickey by Toni Basil, jumping straight into a new song In This Body, joking about how it is good to get the unknown songs out of the way first.

Up next, was something a bit more well known, Other Side Of The World, encouraging the crowd to get their phones out as she attempts to turn Elmwood Hall into an “Enormodome”, reassuring that she won’t verbally abuse anyone in the crowd like Chrissie Hynde, fangirling over Hynde having toured with her and Simple Minds the previous year.

I remember being very annoyed at that Simple Minds/Pretenders/KT Tunstall visited everywhere except Belfast.

The version of Other Side Of The World she performed was far superior to the one on record, heavier drums and more guitar led.

The second night of her tour, she promised the audience a good show. Well, maybe not a good show, but that it would be less shit than the previous night, while also telling the crowd to pretend that it’s Saturday night.

In her previous Belfast show, she spoke a lot between songs, telling stories behind the songs or just general chit-chat.

She asked if anyone had travelled far to be at this concert, someone in the crowd shouted “Dunmurry” which seemed to impress her until someone shouted that it was in West Belfast. She was then actually impressed when somebody shouted that they had travelled from Tipperary.

It was lucky for one audience member that she wasn’t adopting the Chriss Hynde attitude to phones, as someone’s phone went off during a solo performance of Feel It All, she mockingly put on a Norn Iron accent, saying “You’ll never guess what, she’s performing Feel It All”.

When recalling a tale of doing karaoke of her own songs, she did a brief cover of Faith by George Michael, disappointing the crowd by not playing it in full, as it is her karaoke song, before giving us a brief cover of Black Betty by Ram Jam during Black Horse And The Cherry Tree.

We did get treated to a cover in full, asking the crowd “Who likes the 1980s?” before performing I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany, even though that song itself is a cover of a song from the 1960s.

At the end of the show thanking the crowd for coming to see her, reading out a list of alternative things that were on in Belfast, one of which was a coding class at Ashfield Boys School.

She had forgotten to do that at her concert in Dublin the previous night, so we got treated to what Dublin folk missed out on by choosing to see her, which included a balloon artistry workshop, but not EA Sports Cup games at Bray Wanderers and Shelbourne.

Overall, a very enjoyable evening.

Up next for me, is Echo and the Bunnymen, as part of Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, which was announced a few days after this concert.

Coincidentally, it was the day after Rik Mayall’s birthday. He once sent an angry letter to Ian McCullough.

Photo Album

KT Tunstall live at Mandela Hall 2016

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 8.3.2019

1. Catfish and the Bottlemen – Longshot
2. Chvrches and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra – Miracle
3. KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See
4. The Prodigy – Firestarter
5. Rose Elinor Dougall – First Sign

Today, is International Women’s Day. As is now tradition on this blog, i’ll do some themed charts.

If you doing something or going to something, enjoy yourself.

If you’re not that bothered and it’s just another day to you, enjoy yourself.

Whatever you’re doing, just don’t be a dick about it. You know who I mean, the sort of person who sits in front of a computer screaming IT’S NOVEMBER 19TH!!!!!!

Here’s some charts


1. Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever
2. Celine Dion – It’s All Coming Back To Me
3. Madonna – Who’s That Girl?
4. Amy Studt – Misfit
5. Britney Spears – Boys


1. Blondie – Heart Of Glass
2. Chvrches – Lies
3. Paramore – Hard Times
4. Altered Images – Don’t Talk To Me About Love
5. Garbage – Stupid Girl


1. Sugababes – Soul Sound
2. Alisha’s Attic – I Am I Feel
3. Bananarama – Love In The First Degree
4. Girls Aloud – Biology
5. Little Mix – Black Magic


1. The Killers – Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
2. Toto – Roseanna
3. Oasis – Lyla
4. Marillion – Kayleigh
5. Franz Ferdinand – Eleanor Put Your Boots On


1. Rick Springfield – Jessie’s Girl
2. White Town – Your Woman
3. Kate Bush – Rubberband Girl
4. Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry
5. Billy Joel – Uptown Girl

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 1.3.2019

1. Chvrches and BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra – Miracle
2. Talk Talk – Life’s What You Make It
3. KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See
4. Miley Cyrus – Nothing Breaks Like A Heart
5. Stereophonics – Chaos From The Top Down

Today, is St David’s Day, so I’ve got a treat for Welsh readers, a chart for you to celebrate your national day.


1. Stereophonics – Dakota
2. Donna Lewis – I Love You Always Forever
3. Manic Street Preachers – Motorcycle Emptiness
4. Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart
5. The Automatic – Steve McQueen


Playing at, in their words, a “Special place” to them, Razorlight made a welcome return to Belfast with a gig at The Limelight.

I’d previously seen them before, but it was a while ago. It was so long ago, it was when Tennent’s Vital was at Ormeau Park, as they appeared alongside Manic Street Preachers in 2007.

Back then, they were riding high following the success of their self titled second album, with massive hits such as In The Morning, America, Before I Fall To Pieces and I Can’t Stop This Feeling I’ve Got. The second of that quartet, America, provided the band with their first, and so far only Number 1 single in the UK.

It was two years before, that I got into Razorlight. There was someone I worked with who was obsessed with them, and especially Golden Touch.

I didn’t really need to be persuaded, it’s a fantastic tune, as well as other singles from their debut album such as Rip It Up amd Somewhere Else.

Sticking to the industry standard of a new album every two years, they released their third album in 2008, Slipway Fires, with the lead single Wire To Wire, being a, um, slow burner, a grower of a song, but still well worth a listen. Despite that, it would be the only major single release from that album.

So, 2010 comes along, and we await Razorlight album number four. Then 2011, then 2012, then we just forgot about them, the band going on haitus until album number four, Olympus Sleeping, arrived in 2018.

All the hits that were mentioned were unsurprisingly played, as was the underrated Who Needs Love?, which was only an album track on their second album. If they released it as a single, it surely would have been a massive hit.

The band were on stage at around 8.15pm and off by around 9.30pm. Not going to lie, i’m a big fan of The Limelight’s early starts and finishes.

There, I said it, 00s nostalgia and sensible bedtimes.

Razorlight crammed as much as they could into their stage time, it was all killer and no filler, but no actual covers of songs by The Killers.

By this point, Johnny Borrell was very sweaty, and channelling his inner Mick Jagger when allowed to strut on stage without a guitar. The boy can’t help it, it’s not his fault, just a dangerous dangerous age.

Unsurprisingly, their biggest hit, America, was saved for the encore.

It’s a song that sounds best in the Winter months, the soundtrack to the end of 2006 for me, and a hug in musical form, that last line doesn’t sound weird in any way.

The sentiment, wasn’t that friendly, as Borrell made a dedication before the song, declaring “Fuck you” to Donald Trump and Fox News.

You could say the lyrics of the song are prophetic, but then again, all my life, panic in America.

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