It’s almost Eurovision, and a former Eurovision winner is celebrating a birthday this week, Bjorn Ulvaeus. If you don’t know, one of the Bs in ABBA (though, there is the technicality of Anni-Frid usually being referred to as Frida)

(DISCLAIMER: Clip introduced by Jimmy Savile)

Another birthday this week, is Fish from Marillion, though he’s probably forgotten it already. If you think Fish is a funny name, his real name is Derek Dick.

Hiting the big 50 this week is Andy Bell from Erasure (not from Oasis, Ride, Hurrican #1 or Gay Dad). Rejoice in some Erasure classics.

Not quite the big 50 (but close) is a birthday this week for Simon Fowler from Ocean Colour Scene.

Duane Eddy turns 76 this week. Here he is in one of the more bizarre appearances in Top Of The Pops history.

Jon Lee from S Club 7 is celebrating a birthday this week. Hope he got something nice. He’s never had a dream come true. By the way, last week was the 11th anniversary of S Club 7 splitting up.

Also celebrating this week is Belshill’s second finest export (after Brian McClair) with a song about travelling to work on Scotrail

Hitting the big 30 this week is Patrick Stump from Radioactive Man

It’s 21 years this week since Mick Ronson died. It’s a bit obvious what video is going to be posted as tribute, isn’t it?

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 30.11.2012

1. Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven
2. M83 – Midnight City
3. Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire
4. The Vaccines – I Always Knew
5. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – AKA …. What A Life (Acoustic)

Time for the usual X-Factor themed chart, except last week, it was a double theme …… ABBA v Motown, those well known rivals. It’s not often you see ABBA and Motown in the same sentence, except, just there.

This will be a bit hard for me as I think ABBA are, whisper it, a bit rubbish.


1. Knowing Me, Knowing You
2. Lay All Your Love On Me
3. SOS
4. Super Trouper
5. Chiquitita

And now, some Motown songs. If Berry Gordy was still alive ……. oh wait, he is. If you wondering what i’m referring to, Louis Walsh said after a performance last year “If Berry Gordy was still alive” …..

It was almost as funny as the time he said a contestant reminded him of “A young Lenny Henry”


1. Stevie Wonder – Sir Duke
2. Supremes – Stop, In The Name Of Love
3. Jackson 5 – I Want You Back
4. Smokey Robinson – Tears Of A Clown
5. Martha and the Vandellas – Dancing In The Street

Today, is St Andrew’s Day, so to celebrate it, here’s a Scottish themed chart for you


1. Strawberry Switchblade – Since Yesterday
2. The Proclaimers – Letter From America
3. Cosmic Rough Riders – Melanie
4. Travis – Side
5. Sandi Thom – The Devil’s Beat

THE FRIDAY FIVE – 12.10.2012

1. Green Day – Kill The DJ
2. Muse – Madness
3. Paloma Faith – 30 Minute Love Affair
4. Wonder Villains – TV
5. Rolling Stones – Doom And Gloom

Last week, saw the first of the live finals of X-Factor. As with last year, I shall do a Top Five of the previous week’s theme.

Last week’s theme was ‘Songs Inspired By The Olympics And Paralympics’

Between me and you, I think they’re making it up as they go along.


1. Queen – Bicycle Race (Inspired by Bradley Wiggins)
2. Babybird – The F Word (Inspired by Jody Cundy)
3. Knaan – Wavin Flag (Inspired by Hampden Park scoreboard operators)
4. ABBA – Money Money Money (Inspired by Vangelis impending PRS cheques)
5. Stereophonics – Mr Writer (Inspired by boring journalists using London 2012 to bash football)

In other exciting news, Girls Aloud are making a comeback to mark their 10th anniversary. It’s unknown if One True Voice are planning a comeback for their 10th anniversary.

So, to commemorate, here’s a Girls Aloud Top Five


1. Biology
2. The Promise
3. Life Got Cold
4. I’ll Stand By You
5. Whole Lotta History