November began with a trip to Shamrock Park to see Linfield eventually beat Portadown by a score of 3-0.

By this point, I was using up Annual Leave, so I went on a day trip to Dublin and got some Street Art photos.

That was then followed by two trips to Windsor Park to see Linfield take on Cliftonville and Glenavon.

Another Linfield match, this time on the road, to Ballymena.

The next day, I made the most of a football free Saturday morning to head to Lisnabreeny Hill to get some Sunrise photos.

Then that night, I made my first visit to the newly rebuilt Mandela Hall to see John Power in concert.

November ended with two Linfield matches, both at home, against Larne and Crusaders.

Portadown v Linfield

Dublin Street Art

Dublin Street Art Photo Album

Linfield v Cliftonville

Linfield v Glenavon

Ballymena United v Linfield

Lisnabreeny Hill

Lisnabreeny Hill Photo Album

John Power live at Mandela Hall

John Power live at Mandela Hall Photo Album

Linfield v Larne

Linfield v Crusaders


September began with a trip to Ballymena to see Linfield get their season back on track with a 4-0 win at Ballymena.

Football then took a break for a bit, but I was back on the road, and visiting a new ground as Linfield travelled to Moyola Park in the League Cup.

More travelling followed, not as far, three days later as Linfield faced Crusaders at Seaview.

Having a football free Saturday, I got up early for a long overdue trip to Giant’s Ring to get some photos as the sun was coming up.

Two days later, was an unexpected Public Holiday, so I headed on the North Down Coastal Path, starting at Helen’s Bay for a change, making my way to Bangor West. I think.

On the following Saturday morning, I made a long overdue return to Belvoir Park Forest before heading to Windsor Park at teatime to see Northern Ireland face Kosovo.

My final adventure of the month was a first concert since June, to The Odyssey to see George Ezra.

Ballymena United v Linfield

Moyola Park v Linfield

Crusaders v Linfield

Giant’s Ring/Terrace Hill Gardens/Minnowburn

Giant’s Ring/Terrace Hill Gardens/Minnowburn Photo Album

North Down Coastal Path

North Down Coastal Path Photo Album

Belvoir Park Forest

Belvoir Park Forest Photo Album

Northern Ireland v Kosovo

Northern Ireland v Kosovo Photo Album

George Ezra live at The Odyssey

George Ezra live at The Odyssey Photo Album


The first weekend of March 2022 saw me visit Carrick to see Linfield win a rearranged game, then the following morning, head up Cavehill.

Then the rest of the month was Linfield matches, against Ballymena United, Crusaders, Dungannon Swifts and Warrenpoint Town.

With the match against Warrenpoint Town being a lunchtime kick-off and the weather being nice, I decided to head to Warrenpoint Beach for some photos. I also headed to Carlingford, but I didn’t get any photos there though.

The month ended with my first Northern Ireland match in over two years, the friendly at home to Hungary.

Carrick Rangers v Linfield


Cavehill Photo Album

Ballymena United v Linfield

Linfield v Crusaders

Linfield v Dungannon Swifts

Warrenpoint Town v Linfield

Costa Del Warrenpoint/Costa Del Carlingford

Costa Del Warrenpoint/Costa Del Carlingford Photo Album

Northern Ireland v Hungary

Northern Ireland v Hungary Photo Album


It’s much more fun winning in the rain than losing in the sun.

After recent bumps internationally and domestically, Linfield got themselves back on track with an emphatic win on a wet day in Ballymena.

The end result might see them lie 5th in the table, but in a position to pounce if others slip up.

With August being an emotionally and physically demanding month balancing domestic and international ambitions, a midweek without a game allowed an opportunity to clear heads and gather focus.

Europe is gone for this season, but that is the aim again, and the only way you get into Europe is through your domestic results.

With a postponement and a defeat since their last League win, Linfield had a bit of catching up to do.

They’ve been there before, in 2019.

They responded to that European exit with a clean sweep of wins in September.

Linfield went about repeating that with some decent build-up play, spending a lot of time in Ballymena’s final third, but with no real end product.

It felt like they were trying to scored the perfect goal. Taking too many touches.

Ballymena were concerned by getting the ball in by any means.

It looked like they were looking for an opportunity to shoot from long range as soon as it was possible, or to win a set piece and try and get lucky that way.

Linfield weren’t even giving them that opportunity.

One thing you don’t do at Ballymena Showgrounds is give the home side a lead to defend, especially with the vast wilderness behind the goal and lack of Ballboys.

You won’t be restarting the game for a while when you need time to be on your side.

Time was on Linfield’s side as they looked to take a lead. Joel Cooper had a shot from the edge of the box tipped over.

A neat passing move didn’t get the goal it deserved as Stephen Fallon lunged for the ball on the stretch, his effort going over.

Despite their dominance, it did look like it was going to take a moment of inspiration or a mistake for Linfield to open the scoring.

It turned out to be a mistake.

As the half neared it’s end, it was Cooper who gave Linfield the lead when a header back to Sean O’Neill was too short, Cooper finding himself through on goal, no time to think, just to put it in the net.

0-0 at half-time wouldn’t have been a disaster, you would still have been confident of Linfield winning, but this was a very welcome development.

Linfield definitely needed that goal. A second before half-time would have been just as welcome.

That was probably me being greedy, but that is Linfield delivered as injury time approached. Don’t ask, don’t get.

Stephen Fallon worked his way into a crossing position on the left hand side, hesitancy in Ballymena’s defence meant the ball fell to Kirk Millar who smashed it home.

A solid half for Linfield. No drama, just working towards getting the three points.

It was unsurprising that Ballymena would have some sort of response at the start of the second-half.

When I say “response”, it was having some of the ball in Linfield’s half though there was no real danger of a goal.

I am the sort who worries about conceding when the opposition have the ball, even if the keeper has the ball in his hands on his own goal line. A third goal would be nice just to be sure.

For some reason, I had though at some point over the last ten years, Linfield would have blown a 2-0 lead at Ballymena.

It just sounds like something that is believable. We have blown 1-0 leads a few times.

Nope, I was just worrying too much. A few scares, with 3-2 wins after being 2-0 and 3-1 up in 2014 and 2020.

There was a 2-2 draw after being 2-0 up at home in 2013. Thankfully, I missed that game due to having a weekend away in London.

It never looked like being a repeat of that at any point.

Joel Cooper was unable to get on the end of a cross as Linfield searched for a third goal.

They would soon have an opportunity for that third when a penalty was awarded for a handball.

Penalty misses, still a sore point for Linfield fans.

Not on this occasion, as Chris Shields slotted the ball home to secure the three points.

I say that with confidence at this point. Ballymena didn’t even look like getting one, nevermind three.

Soon after, another Stephen Fallon run down the left set up a goal, with Robbie McDaid getting a long awaited first goal for Linfield.

The goal got the biggest cheer of the afternoon, a bigger cheer than a goal to go 4-0 up in a routine victory usually gets. Linfield fans were with him after a difficult start.

Although, it’s worth pointing out, that Linfield have played eight games against teams better than what they face domestically.

There had been no faulting his performances, workrate or effort so far.

Now the first goal has come, hopefully, more will follow.

McDaid and Linfield both kickstarting their 2022-2023 season in style.

A special mention for Stephen Fallon’s two assists as well.

There was another similar incident while it was 0-0 that didn’t result in a goal.

Unsurprisingly, the game meandered with the result beyond doubt.

Linfield took the opportunity to make some changes and brought on a lot of strikers.

Their presence didn’t result in a fifth goal that would have added some extra gloss to an already impressive afternoon.

One real attacking moment for each side, with Jimmy Callacher blocking a shot and Chris McKee being denied.

It was a weekend where there were no shock results.

The table is already taking shape with the Top 6 pulling away from the rest, so far beating the Bottom 6.

Well, with one exception. Fuck sake Linfield.

Although, I don’t think Linfield will be the only Top 6 team to slip up against Carrick this season.

An enjoyable away trip for Linfield. They’d better get used to them.

This was the second of three in a row. Then after the home match against Glenavon, was scheduled to be five in a row, but a rescheduled home match against Larne just announced breaks that up slightly.

One away trip i’m planning is Moyola Park in the League Cup. I’m looking forward to it, i’ve never been there.

Unfortunately, I won’t be going to Buckie Thistle away as i’ve already purchased a ticket for Northern Ireland v Kosovo the same day.

Even without that, it’s not the easiest place in Scotland to get to.

It is a tie we should be winning though.

No trip to Florence though in midweek to follow this.

Still not over it yet.

Photo Album


At this time of year, it’s all about results. If the result at Carrick glossed over the performance, there was no faulting this performance with ten men at a ground where they had lost on their last two visits.

The starting eleven was much changed, although I assume it was due to injury with no place for Kirk Millar, Conor Pepper or Jake Hastie in the matchday squad.

That meant a return to the starting eleven for Niall Quinn, but still 3-5-2 as Linfield have gone from no left-backs to no right-backs.

Mike Newberry was back on the bench which was welcome, even if he wasn’t fit to start.

There was also a return for Chris Johns in nets.

Not much happened in the opening minutes of the game as both teams were working their way into the game.

Ballymena offered a bicycle kick from Leroy Millar while Linfield’s response was an effort from Christy Manzinga which just wide of the post.

Hitting the ball just wide of the post wasn’t recommended at this venue with no stands or Ballboys behind the goal, meaning that Sean O’Neill would be popping off to Fairhill Shopping Centre to retrieve the ball.

Of course, not a word from the Referee.

Christy Manzinga was getting involved in personal battles with Ballymena players, who were targeting him.

It looked like Linfield might take the lead when Chris Shields got on the end of a header, but the ball went over.

Stephen Fallon went close when he got on the end of a cross but his effort went over.

Eventually, the opener came, and it was in bizarre fashion.

A free-kick from Kyle McClean evaded everybody, and ended up being put into the back of the net by a Ballymena defender. It was a most welcome gift.

If you can’t be good, be lucky.

Now that they had the lead, Linfield were looking to kill the game off.

It looked like that was going to come when Christy Manzinga was played in but his low shot was saved by Sean O’Neill.

That would prove to be Manzinga’s last involvement in the game, as he would be sent-off for tangling with and raising an arm at a Ballymena defender. No action was taken against the Ballymena player having him in a headlock.

Despite the provocation, he needs to do better and not engage in personal battles and be wound up by opposition players. Just stick the ball in the back of the net. That’ll shut them up.

As this was his second straight red card of the season, I presume that will be at least a four match ban, meaning he will miss the first Post-Split game, potentially against Cliftonville or Glentoran.

Of more immediate concern, was that Linfield were now up against it in a tricky game, having just got themselves in front.

The one consolation was, that it was close to half-time, meaning there wasn’t long for Linfield to see out and have a chance to regroup.

That wasn’t how the game went, as the final minutes of the half saw Linfield camped in Ballymena’s half, with a succession of corners that caused worry for Ballymena.

Because of the circumstances, and the importance of winning this game with the title race so tight and the two teams below playing each other, Linfield needed a big second-half. Certainly far better than the second-half at Carrick a few days earlier.

An improvement was what we got from Linfield, making the most of the ball when they had it, working themselves further and further up the pitch, and working the opportunities for themselves.

There was very few wasted passes.

If you walked into the ground at half-time, and somebody said to you “It’s 1-0 to Linfield and there’s been a red card”, you would have assumed it was for Ballymena. They couldn’t get the ball no matter how much they ran to get it.

Linfield were also making the most of their set pieces. There was a notable improvement. Though they didn’t score from one in the second-half, they were all beating their man, causing Ballymena problems and keeping the move alive.

Most importantly, Ballymena weren’t getting a sniff at the other end, reduced to speculative long range shots.

Despite that, Linfield still needed a second goal, just to be safe.

Although, they didn’t need to score, just not concede.

As well as controlling the ball when it was in play, they were controlling the ball when it was out of play, dictating the pace of the game.

By this point, the Referee decided he was going to address the matter of timewasting, having ignored it by Ballymena players in the first-half when the score was 0-0.

All we ask for is some consistency. That is all.

With just over ten minutes to go, Linfield got an opportunity to put the game beyond doubt.

Jamie Mulgrew worked space for himself out wide. His cross was blocked by a Ballymena defender. There were screams for penalty for a handball, not for me, but the ball fell for Mulgrew who charged at goal before being brought down.

Absolutely no doubt about this one, a clear penalty.

The responsibility fell to Chris Shields, who has a perfect record from penalties, which is always a worry. You fear he will miss one eventually.

This was one that could not be afforded to be missed. My pessimism was misplaced. He made no mistake to make it 2-0.

You could sense the atmosphere changing, the tension had gone, Linfield fans were now singing and rejoicing, belting out “We are top of the League” without fear of contradiction at full-time.

The job wasn’t totally done. It had only been a few weeks since Ballymena came from a similar deficit at a similar stage of the game to get a point against Cliftonville.

As Linfield continued to restrict Ballymena’s sights on goal, there was never any danger of that happening.

The performance with ten men was even more impressive due to the lack of subs. In truth, making a change would have been making a change for the sake of making a change.

Eventually, there were a few substitutions, as Linfield looked to rest a few legs due to the next game being three days away.

Special mention for Stephen Fallon, who appeared to be everywhere. Not even joking, I swear he played a fifty yard pass to himself.

Linfield were able to see the game out with no drama. This is not the time of year for drama, it’s the time of year for results, not drama.

Talking of results, elsewhere, Cliftonville beat Glentoran 1-0.

A draw would have been perfect, but as long as Linfield won, they could have taken a positive from a winner.

That positive being that they’ve extended their lead at the top from goal difference to a whopping one point, with Glentoran a further two behind.

There wasn’t much time to revel or celebrate this result, as Crusaders would be heading to Windsor Park in just three days time.

Photo Album


Bloody hell, what a year. As you can imagine, not a lot of football matches were attended.

Still, fingers crossed that i’ll get to some games in 2021, nothing in the calendar yet.

As a bonus, hopefully i’ll get to go to a ground that isn’t Windsor Park, as much as I enjoy visiting it.

Matches : 19

Goals : 68

Red Cards : 5

Missed Penalties : 0

Hat-Tricks : 1

Andrew Waterworth (Linfield v Carrick Rangers)

Teams Seen : 17

Accrington Stanley, Ballymena United, Carrick Rangers, Cliftonville, Crusaders, Dundela, Dungannon Swifts, Glenavon, Glentoran, Institute, Larne, Linfield, Manchester United, Queen’s University (1st time), Salford City (1st time), Warrenpoint Town

Stadiums Visited : 10

Ballymena Showgrounds, Inver Park, Milltown, Moor Lane (1st time), Old Trafford, Solitude, Taylor’s Avenue, The Dub (1st time), Wilgar Park, Windsor Park

Competitions : 5

County Antrim Shield, FA Premier League, Football League Trophy (1st time), Irish Cup, Irish League


My first photo adventure of February was a midweek trip to Windsor Park to see Linfield beat Dungannon Swifts to go top of the table.

The football continued, seeing Linfield get wins against Warrenpoint Town and Ballymena United.

I made the most of a football free Saturday afternoon in the middle of the month to see Ash (Well, it was just Tim Wheeler on his own) doing an acoustic concert in HMV.

More football the following weekend, heading to Windsor Park to see Linfield hammer Crusaders 4-0.

The following weekend had the bonus of an extra day, with it being a leap year. I spent Leap Year’s Day walking up Cavehill and getting some photos.

Linfield v Dungannon Swifts

Warrenpoint Town v Linfield

Ballymena United v Linfield

Ash live at HMV Belfast

Ash live at HMV Belfast Photo Album

Linfield v Crusaders


Cavehill Photo Album


February 2020 was a strange month of football watching, a month which began and ended on a Saturday, both of which were football free. The football matches sandwiched inbetween were quite good though.

My first football match of the month saw Linfield get a win over Dungannon Swifts to go top of the table, and then cement their place with a win at Warrenpoint Town the following Saturday.

The following weekend, I spent my birthday in Ballymena. Grim, I know. It wasn’t all bad, as Linfield secured a 4-1 win.

Four Goal Fridays continued the following weekend, as Linfield hammered Crusaders 4-0 live on TV.

Usually, these photo round-ups cover one month at a time, but I only got to go to one match in March 2020 because of you know what, a trip to Taylor’s Avenue to see Linfield beat Carrick Rangers.

Leaving Taylor’s Avenue that day, looking forward to the match against Larne the following weekend and the title run-in, unaware of what was to follow.

March was still a better month than April, not a single football match attended. Not even a single photo taken, football or otherwise.

Or May …. Or June.

I had anticipated being at Euro 2020, instead I was stuck indoors as my football watching for the season was officially confirmed as over, and I have no idea when i’ll be in a football ground again.

Be positive, you have to. I’ve already booked to do a Dublin/Bray break to try and blag a ticket for the Last 16 match of Euro 2021 in Dublin.

As I won’t be going to Edinburgh in August, i’m hoping to do a mini tour of Scotland towards the end of the year. I may take in a game while i’m there.

The problem is, waiting to see when crowds are allowed in, I can’t book any football specific trips. When the fixtures are released, I immediately jump in to book a trip to Old Trafford knowing i’ll get a good price. There’s no point booking if I don’t know if i’ll get in.

So, that was 2019-2020, ended prematurely in exceptional circumstances.

Usually, I sign off Photo Diary Of A Football Season by saying i’ll continue to take photos the following season.

There’s no guarantee of that, but as soon as i’m allowed back into a football ground, you know i’ll be taking photos.

Linfield v Dungannon Swifts

Warrenpoint Town v Linfield

Ballymena United v Linfield

Linfield v Crusaders


Why spend Valentine’s Day with the one you love when you can spend it with the eleven that you love? We’ve had our ups and downs lately, but things are going well. Although, we’d rather have been putting our feet up and getting ready for the League Cup Final.

That trophy may be gone, but the League was still up for grabs. With three rivals all inactive in the League this weekend, Linfield knew they could put a lot of pressure on them with a win here.

Linfield’s starting eleven showed one change from their last game, with Jordan Stewart coming in for the injured Shayne Lavery, as Linfield reverted to 4-2-3-1.

The game got off to a slow start, for both teams, a lot of the game being played in midfield as both defences were on top.

Linfield’s first chance was a header from Andrew Waterworth that couldn’t be diverted goalwards.

Ballymena’s first chance was a shot from Joe McCready that forced Rohan Ferguson into a save. A reminder to Linfield that for all their possession, the object of the game is to put the ball into the back of the net.

They certainly got a reminder of that when Joe McCready created space for himself on the edge of the box to shoot. It looked set up perfectly for a left foot curler, but he went for the right foot, and got the outcome he wanted, putting Ballymena 1-0 up.

I was sat at the other end and had a perfect view of it as he set himself up. It was in from the moment he hit it.

Worryingly, this was the sixth time in seven games that Linfield had conceded in the League, five in a row and seven in eight in all competitions. This is something that will need to be addressed in the run-in if Linfield have any ambitions of winning the League.

Remarkably, despite this run, Linfield have the second best clean sheet record in the League, only one behind Coleraine.

Although, it should be pointed out, that the last time Linfield kept a clean sheet, people were moaning that day, because it came in a 0-0 draw against Dungannon Swifts.

Having already ruined my birthday by not being in the League Cup Final and playing on this date, Linfield were now ruining it again by losing.

The response, was instant. Well, not as instant as the response to going 1-0 down against Dungannon earlier in the month. We had to wait five minutes for it.

Ballymena’s goal kickstarted Linfield into life, adding more intensity and urgency into their attacking. That was rewarded when Mark Haughey headed home from a header by Kirk Millar. Just like with McCready’s goal, it was in from the moment he sent it goalwards.

Earlier in the day, Millar had passed his Driving Test, and was now hoping that this would kickstart a three point turn, with the points now going to Linfield rather than Ballymena.

On his previous appearance at Ballymena, Haughey was sent-off, so this was a welcome change in fortune.

Credit to the Referee as well, for playing advantage in the attack that led to the corner after a foul on Jordan Stewart, before going back to book the Ballymena player who committed the foul.

Jordan Stewart then escaped the attention of a couple of Ballymena players in the penalty area, before hitting a left foot shot that was tipped over by Ross Glendenning.

Adam Lecky was then lucky to only to shown a yellow card for a high foot when going for the ball.

As it looked like the sides were going to go in at half-time level, Linfield took the lead with just fifteen seconds of injury time remaining when Joel Cooper ran into the box and saw his shot saved, then bounced off a defender perfectly for Jordan Stewart to finish from a few yards put.

The mood in both Dressing Rooms had now changed. For Linfield, it was no longer about winning the game, it was about finishing the game off.

Half-time leads at Ballymena have been precarious for Linfield in recent years. 2017 and 2018 had seen them go in 1-0 up but find themselves 2-1 down early in the second-half, so nothing would be taken for granted.

Linfield needed a third just to be sure, and looked the most likely to score.

A free-kick from Stephen McCullough which went just wide was a reminder to Linfield that they needed it.

Eventually it came, when a Ballymena player headed a corner towards his own goal. From where I was sat, it looked like it was going in, but TV replays suggested it might have been hitting the post.

Jimmy Callacher wasn’t waiting to see, nipping in to make it 3-1.

You sensed that if Linfield could make it 3-1, that would be the points in the bag.

Even though they drew 3-3 after being 3-1 up in 2010, and had a tense 3-2 win after being 2-0 and 3-1 up in 2014, Ballymena didn’t look like they had a two goal comeback in them.

Something that has been a bit of an issue for me in recent games has been the lack of substitutions. None at Warrenpoint and only one against Dungannon.

Though there was nobody who deserved to be taken off, we have a squad and we should be using it, especially to bring on fresh faces in attacking areas.

The third goal did bring a sub for Linfield, not one I would have made, as Matthew Clarke came on for Jordan Stewart where there were like for like options who could have come on for Stewart.

Within a few minutes, it was 4-1 as a run from Joel Cooper was frustrated by a save from Glendenning, then the crossbar, before Andrew Waterworth finished from close range, his fifth in three matches.

The 4-1 lead allowed a few more substitutions for Linfield, as Bastien Hery came on for Kyle McClean, who had needed treatment earlier in the half.

Rory Currie came on for Andrew Waterworth, his brief involvement saw him create an opportunity for Joel Cooper.

Points are vital, but so are goals. Linfield have the best goal difference in the League, but are only two better than Crusaders, so were thankfully for a Niall Quinn clearance from a Ballymena header on the line, even if it wasn’t important in the context of the match.

As the final whistle blew and scores were announced over the PA System, with a fancy new ringtone that sounds like you’re in a Supermercado, Linfield fans were celebrating even more good news from East Belfast, that Glentoran had drawn 0-0 with Carrick Rangers.

A shock to an extent, but not as much. Carrick have been one of the best teams Linfield have faced this season, their naivety being their undoing. After the game against Linfield in November, I felt they would get a big result against a Top 5 team this season, now they’ve got two. Hopefully, not a third when Linfield visit Taylor’s Avenue on 7th March.

That result puts Linfield six points clear of Glentoran. Glentoran still have the title race in their hands as they face Linfield twice (but have to make up twelve goals over nine games), but they have no margin for error. As long as Linfield keep winning, Glentoran have to keep winning just to stay alive in the title race.

The six point lead at the top is deceptive as Coleraine hand a game in hand, which could cut the lead to four points. Good, but not comfortable.

Friday night’s results meant that the identity of the Top 6 has been confirmed, although i’m still expecting Glenavon to somehow have a late surge to 3rd.

That means Linfield will know their final five opponents but not the order, is this will be determined by League positions after Matchday 33.

I have a suspicion dates might be confirmed in advance of that at the request of PSNI/Health and Safety due to some matches that may require ticketing.

One last note about this game, but with the League Cup Final kicking off at 7.30pm, there’s no reason why the Friday night games couldn’t have been played on Saturday afternoon as there’d be no clash, even if the games had earlier starts of 1pm or 2pm.

That said, Friday worked out well for me as I had something to go to on the Saturday afternoon (You’ll see that in the next blog) and the weather on Saturday afternoon may have resulted in a postponement.

Up next, is a home match against Crusaders. This is a big game, an opportunity to not quite kill off Crusaders, but leave them well behind this.

Far too many times this season, Linfield haven’t been ruthless when given the chance to pull away from teams. Not only will a win see Linfield pull further clear of Crusaders, it will put pressure on Cliftonville, Coleraine and Glentoran as they prepare for their Saturday games.

Although, those three play Bottom 6 teams, they should win, it might not be so simple if Linfield have added some pressure on them.

With two defeats in a row, including the League Cup Final, Crusaders are there for the taking. Attack them, don’t play to their tactics, and keep your heads.

Photo Album


April 2019 began for me with a trip to Ballymena to see Linfield beat Ballymena United 1-0 to all but secure the Irish League title.

The next day, I made the most of a football free Saturday by heading to East Belfast to get some photos of some newly painted Street Art.

The following Saturday, I was back on the football trail, seeing Linfield secure the point they needed, against Crusaders, to become Champions.

The week after, came the trophy presentation, following a forgettable 4-0 defeat against Glenavon.

My last Linfield game of the season was a lot better, a 5-1 win over Cliftonville on Easter Tuesday.

April ended with a trip to Lisburn to Island Arts Centre for an art event where murals were painted live.

Ballymena United v Linfield

East Belfast Street Art

East Belfast Street Art Photo Album

Linfield v Crusaders

Linfield Title Celebrations

Linfield v Glenavon

Linfield Title Presentations

Linfield v Cliftonville

Lisburn Street Art

Lisburn Street Art Photo Album