As much a tradition as Culture Night, is the aftermath of it, most notably, checking out the final result of the Street Art that gets painted on the night.

I headed over to Garfield Street to have a look, as well as North Street, and the upper end of North Street, as well as Donegall Street where Irish News is based, and then round to where Sunflower Bar is.

There were still some final touches being made to some pieces around Donegall Street, and there were bottle bins blocking any good photos of the piece at the back of Black Box, so i’ll have to make a second visit to get the photos I wanted.

Until then, enjoy.

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The one ray of sunshine in the post summer comedown arrived in Belfast, as Culture Night 2015 took over the city. It’s hard to imagine a time before Culture Night, but it was only as recently as 2008, the event now becoming a circled red date in Belfast’s diary.

I decided to break my habit of previous years by taking a half day so I could be there between 4pm and 5pm. It turned out to be a good move as I managed to see the Street Art being painted from the very beginning, not that I actually missed out on much by arriving at 7pm as I had done in previous year, it felt like a more wholesome experience arriving there earlier.

My evening was spent mostly in North Street, Gordon Street, Cathedral Quarter and Smithfield, just walking around. Culture Night, like life sometimes, is a lot better when you just go with your instinct.

Of course, it wouldn’t Culture Night without taking in some Street Countdown.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad night. The only downside of it being over is that it’s the last big event of the Summer months. Still, you’re never more than 365 days away from the next one.

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It took a while for anything to happen in September, almost two weeks in fact.

In the middle of the month, Linfield faced Warrenpoint Town. Such a match was not usually exciting, but it was Linfield’s first home match of the season, and a chance to see in person, the ongoing redevelopment at Windsor Park.

The following Friday, was Culture Night, some great photo opportunities and an excellent evening’s entertainment.

The next day, I was Windsor Park to see Linfield take on Glenavon.

On the Sunday, I headed down to North Street to survey the aftermath of Culture Night, and the new Street Art that had appeared.

From North, I headed West the following Saturday, to Fermanagh, to see Linfield take on Ballinamallard United.

Two days later, I was Seaview bound to see Linfield take on Crusaders in a rearranged game to end the month.

Linfield v Warrenpoint Town

Culture Night 2014

Culture Night 2014 Photo Album

Linfield v Glenavon

North Street Art

North Street Art Photo Album

Ballinamallard United v Linfield

Crusaders v Linfield


As traditional as Culture Night has now become, a spin-off from this has been a trip to North Street on the Sunday afterwards to see the end result of the Street Art that was painted on the night.

A combination of it being too dark, too crowded, and works not yet finished mean I usually wait until the Sunday to document the night’s results.

It’s easy to forget that North Street actually stretches to Smithfield, as there was also art in that part of the street, which I missed on Friday night, focusing on what is outside Aether and Echo.

All the fun wasn’t exclusive to North Street, as there were also pieces on William Street, Union Street and Talbot Street.


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2013 Aftermath

2012 Aftermath


A highlight of the year, I headed to Belfast City Centre to take in Culture Night. To give an idea of how much the event has grown in recent years, was the lack of parking spaces (I’d had no bother in recent years, arriving at the same time) getting a parking space in the City Centre.

Parking problems defeated, I headed straight to North Street. Why? It’s my favourite part of the night, as there is always Street Art done as part of the event, so I headed to check that out.

Got some photos of the work in progress, there will be a seperate blog for that over the weekend.

As I headed that way, there was a street parade going on, with free chalk being handed out, and people writing messages on the ground.

From there, I headed to University of Ulster, where there was gorilla knitting done outside it, with many looking and admiring.

Back towards North Street to watch a bit of Street Countdown, a popular feature of Culture Night, before watching another parade, then calling in to have a look at Stand Arts Centre, based on the site of a former bank.

You see all sorts of wonderful things on Culture Night. There was Street Chess, and a performance by Fire Artists outside University of Ulster, and Drummers on Stilts.

As ever, it was a great night, and i’m already looking forward to 2015.

I keep saying it every year, but instead of heading down just after 7, I might just make a day of it.

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Culture Night 2013

North Street Art 2013

Culture Night 2012

North Street Art 2012


The summer might have ended, but that wasn’t the end of my photo adventures.

My first weekend saw me having a football double bill, Northern Ireland’s World Cup Qualifier against Portugal, followed by Linfield’s trip to Ballyclare to take on Ards, my first ever trip to Dixon Park

The following weekend, was another first, my first trip to Old Trafford to see a David Moyes Manchester United game, against Crystal Palace.

The weekend after that, was Culture Night, then a trip to Ballinamallard to see Linfield, then back to Belfast in time for Manic Street Preachers.

The day after the Manics, I was headed to the Cathedral Quarter to see the new Street Art painted as part of Culture Night, now that the dust had settled.

In fact, there was so much Street Art, I missed some, and had to come back the following Saturday. Later that day, I went to see Linfield take on Coleraine.

To end the month, I headed to East Belfast to get some Street Art shots, the Newtownards Road also getting the same treatment as North Street on Culture Night

Northern Ireland v Portugal

Northern Ireland v Portugal Photo Album

Ards v Linfield

The Butcher

Manchester United v Crystal Palace

Manchester United v Crystal Palace Photo Album


Culture Night Belfast 2013

Culture Night Belfast 2013 Photo Album

Ballinamallard United v Linfield

Manic Street Preachers Live At Ulster Hall

Manic Street Preachers Live At Ulster Hall Photo Album

North Street – A Culture Night Legacy

North Street – A Culture Night Legacy Photo Album

North Street – A Culture Night Legacy Part 2

Linfield v Coleraine

East Belfast Street Art


Not the most productive of photography months, especially compared to August.

Got some nice shots of Shamrock Park when I went there to see Linfield lose 2-0 to Portadown.

I was also at the Arthur’s Day conert at Ulster Hall. An enjoyable concert, even if the photos were nothing special.

Linfield v Crusaders

Portadown v Linfield

Arthur’s Day/Culture Night


Cashier Number 9

The Enemy

Linfield v Carrick Rangers


Managed to get free tickets for the Arthur’s Day concert at Ulster Hall last Thursday, headlined by Ash, The Enemy and Kelis.

It was the first time the event came to Belfast, having been created to mark the 250th anniversary of Guinness with a toast being made at 5.59pm (or 17:59 – the year Guinness was founded)

To be honest, and I guess i’m not the only one, i’m not really that fussed about Guinness, but it was a good music line-up i’d hoped to see.

I’d hoped to see Ash. I’d previously seen them twice at a New Year’s Eve concert in 1998/1999 and an instore signing in 2004 at HMV, having neither paid to see them, I was hoping for three in a row.

Rather disappointingly, they were on first rather than last, so that they could be on to do a toast at 5.59pm, and I arrived at about 6.30pm.

With Ash being on earlier, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to get up to the front of the stage, although the Ulster Hall isn’t the most friendly of venues for amateur photography.

Kelis was on first, backed by a DJ rather than a live band and was a bit disappointing, reeling of a karaoke set with her big hits and samples of other artists such as Beyonce and Madonna.

DJ Fresh was on next, and his set was dogged by sound problems, as well as really struggling to transfer the record onto the stage. Ironically, he would have been better DJing rather than working with a live band, the opposite of Kelis.

Next up, was local act Cashier Number 9, who were excellent, as were The Enemy, who I had previously seen in 2008.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay behind for Horslips, who were headlining, which was a bit surprising as I thought it would have been Ash.

On Friday, I headed to Belfast Culture night, like Arthur’s Day, established in 2009.

I was there in 2010 and loved it, it brought a real “Edinburgh Festival Vibe to Belfast.

Last year, I attended “Stormont Teacup”, a Q and A event organised by The MAC where MLAs answer questions and provide a glimpse into what life at Stormont is like.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t on this year, but there was still plenty to occupy yourself.

After checking out the street performances and a couple of exhibitions at the University of Ulster, I eventually headed for The Oh Yeah Centre, to take in a local music showcase, headlined by Wonder Villains, who were excellent.

Didn’t manage to get any good photos of Wondeer Villains, but did get one of festivities outside UU and of Kelis, Cashier Number 9 and The Enemy at Arthur’s Day.


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