Morrissey, without a shirt, with the headline “Talking up Your Arsenal”, is the cover star of Q, as he prepares to release his latest solo album, Your Arsenal.

Garry Bushell feels Q’s wrath, as the subject of their “Who the hell does ……” column.

In news, Axl Rose surrendered himself to police on charges of provoking a riot, a full year after a concert in St Louis ended in a riot.

Kylie Minogue stated she was only friends with Prince.

Pat Roberts, new singer of The Stranglers, interviews celebrity Stranglers fan Stuart Pearce for their fan club magazine.

Pearce complained that a local radio show he was asked to guest DJ on had censored some of his picks, such as The Clash, The Damned and The Vibrators.

Pearce also said that his music videos “get howled off” in favour of dance and soft rock by his team-mates.

Not sure if the interview did Pearce any good, as Nottingham Forest got relegated that season.

Meanwhile, Sinead O’Connor has recorded some backing vocals for Peter Gabriel’s new album.

The BBC were forced to issue a denial that they were on the verge of cancelling Top Of The Pops.

Sophie B Hawkins, having had a Transatlantic hit with Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover, gets a double page feature.

Another female getting the double page treatment is Betty Boo, determined not to be seen as a flash in the pan, declaring “I don’t see myself rapping in 10 years time. I do eventually want to sing. I’m capable of writing songs”

The subject of “Where Are They Now?” was Adam and the Ants, it was revealed that Adam was working on a rockier solo album with Bernard Edwards from Chic, and Larry Blackmon from Cameo.

Reading Festival gets a four page feature as it celebrates it’s 20th anniversary.

Michael Jackson’s new tour gets a feature, looking at the excessive record company promotion of Jackson.

Q’s big Morrissey interview sees him issue his wrath on Johnny Rogan, the author of a biography of him and Johnny Marr, which he had refused to co-operate on, stating, “It was billed as the definitive story of The Smiths. The only definitive story of The Smiths is my story, if I ever tell it”

When questioned on a song that seems to sympathise with football hooligans, he simply replies “Well, they have such great taste in footwear”, before ending “As long as people don’t die, I am amused”

On Politics, he adds “I don’t want to be European, I want England to remain an island”

To accompany the article, Q gets musicians such as David Bowie, Justin Currie, Siobhan Fahey, Carl Smyth and Brett Anderson to list their favourite Morrissey song.


Not a busy month photowise with the STLFTEM coming in the first weekend of the month, with Linfield’s Irish Cup tie against Glentoran at The Oval being followed the following day by Ocean Colour Scene at Mandela Hall.

It was the 2nd time i’d seen Ocean Colour Scene live, and like the fist time, they were excellent.

Managed to get into a good position for photos as well, and got some not bad photos.

Also in the month, managed to stumble upon some amazing art at an abandoned academic building close to the Lagan towpath, most notable pieces being of Betty Boop, and of Slimer from Ghostbusters.

Sadly, the whole building has been demolished now.

Ocean Colour Scene Review

The Vals (Ocean Colour Scene support act) Photos

Ocean Colour Scene photos


Was out this morning walking along the Lagan Towpath, and stumbled upon some excellent graffiti in an abandoned house, not far from the Lock Keeper’s Inn, the cafe which is used as a shining example of Castlereagh Borough Council’s excellent ‘Grants For Young Entrepreneurs Programme’, supported by Iris Robinson.

I’d always noticed the graffiti from afar, but never really knew how to get access to it. What I saw was pretty basic, but my curiousity got the better of me, and I checked out the abandoned building nearby, and saw some fantastic pieces of art, which are sadly hidden away from the general public.

The one that put a smile on my face was a drawing of Slimer from Ghostbusters.

Apologies for the poor picture quality. What looked good on my camerascreen didn’t really translate when I uploaded it onto the computer.

Another piece that was eyecatching was one title ‘Joker‘, the second of which is in Belfast.

That’s two pieces of graffiti in Belfast, and Batman has done nothing about it.

Incidentally, the other photo is on my Flickr account.

The two best ones are an image of Betty Boo and one titled ‘The Most Nasty

Due to the location of the building, not far away from Newforge Country Club, it does make me laugh at the thought of such acts of vandalism taking place not far from where loads of peelers hang out.