August began with a trip to Windsor Park to see Linfield take on FC Zurich.

That was followed two days later by a trip to Spelga Dam for a stroll around Mourne Mountains.

Sunday was the new day for football, going to see Linfield take on Portadown and Newry City.

It was then back to Thursday nights for Linfield v RFS. The less said about that game, the better.

The end of August was a Bank Holiday Weekend, which I spent walking, with trips to Cavehill, Blackhead Path and Lisnabreeny Hill.

Sandwiched inbetween that was a trip to Taylor’s Avenue to see Linfield take on Carrick Rangers.

The less said about that, the better.

Linfield v FC Zurich

Mourne Rambling

Mourne Rambling Photo Album

Linfield v Portadown

Newry City v Linfield

Linfield v RFS


Cavehill Photo Album

Blackhead Path

Blackhead Path Photo Album

Carrick Rangers v Linfield

Lisnabreeny Hill

Lisnabreeny Hill Photo Album


The Football Fixture List had been kind, giving me a trip to Carrick on the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

Added to that, the weather behaved itself, lots of sunshine. It was a lovely day when you discount the football. There’ll be a separate blog on that.

This would be my first visit to Blackhead Path this year, So I was looking forward to it.

Especially to make up for the frustration of there being no bus service between Newry and Carlingford when Linfield played there the previous Sunday.

Blackhead Path is a pathway in Whitehead, not far from Whitehead Train Station.

It eventually leads up a hill to a lighthouse, with some great photo opportunities when the weather is kind.

The weather, was most definitely kind, warm all day when I was there.

And the water was calm, meaning I wouldn’t get sprayed.

Living near a train station, I might as well make the most of it, getting a 9.48am train to Whitehead.

The train isn’t that frequent, just one an hour.

I had to plan this trip in advance.

Arrive in Whitehead at 10.30am, then get the 12.15pm train to Carrick (well, it was actually Downshire that I got off. Taylor’s Avenue is sandwiched inbetween Downshire Train Station and Carrickfergus Train Station) and have lunch in Carrick.

Or, I could have lunch in Whitehead and then get the 1.15pm train.

Might as well just see how it goes.

I headed along Blackhead Path, getting some snaps along the way, before heading upwards towards the lighthouse.

From there, I usually head straight back down the way I came.

Instead, I went for a stroll, kept strolling and then strolled some more.

A lot of strolling.

I did discover that Whitehead has a Golf Club.

While I was strolling, I did wonder where I was going.

It’s no fun if you don’t get a wee bit lost.

Although I wasn’t really lost, finding my way back to Whitehead Town Centre quick enough, with about twenty minutes to spare ahead of the 12.15 train to Carrick, for lunch and then football.

Let’s not talk about the football.

Photo Album

Blackhead Path – July 2021

Blackhead Path – June 2021


July’s first Photo Adventure began with a trip to Cavehill over the July Holidays. I should have been in London, but with it still being a free for all regarding Covid. I decided to put that back to later in the year, so I had to make do with exploring what Northern Ireland had to offer.

I then went to a football match. By this point, going to a football match was still a novelty. It was one of two matches I took in this month, Linfield’s European matches against Zalgiris Vilnius and Borac Banja Luka.

Sandwiched inbetween those two football matches was a walk up Cregagh Glen and Lisnabreeny Hill.

Still using up Annual Leave, I then headed back to Blackhead Path at the end of the month, having visited there in late June.

The month ended with a trip to Bangor to check out some newly painted Street Art in the town.


Cavehill Photo Album

Linfield v Zalgiris Vilnius

Cregagh Glen/Lisnabreeny Hill

Cregagh Glen/Lisnabreeny Hill Photo Album

Linfield v Borac Banja Luka

Blackhead Path

Blackhead Path Photo Album

Bangor Street Art

Bangor Street Art Photo Album


June 2021 took a while to get going in terms of photo adventures, it wasn’t until the last three days of the month that I had one.

I was using up Annual Leave, so I took the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off at the end of the month. Well, those dates were booked off well in advance for a scheduled trip to Bray which eventually happened in August.

On the Monday morning, I headed to the North Down Coastal Path, cheating a bit by starting at Cultra, before taking the usual approach of walking for an hour and see where I end up.

If you care, it was Crawfordsburn according to the person I asked.

It was a beautiful sunny day on a route that is photo friendly, I was really happy with the results.

Just as I was the next day when I headed to Blackhead Path in Whitehead.

I’d read about it and put it on my To Do List, so I did it.

Again, a beautiful sunny day and picturesque settings made it a worthwhile visit and end to the month.

I should have going to Lansdowne Road that afternoon to try and blag a ticket for England v Germany, but a stroll in the sunshine in East Antrim was nice.

North Down Coastal Path

North Down Coastal Path Photo Album

Blackhead Path

Blackhead Path Photo Album


Might as well make the most of this heatwave.

I had to use up a certain amount of Annual Leave by the end of July, so, I had another day off. It was my last of this current run, so I might as well make the most of it.

Where to go? That was the question. It was going to be either Colin Glen Forest Park, North Down Coastal Walk or Blackhead Path.

In the end, I plumped for Blackhead Path in Whitehead. I’d picked a good day to be off with the heat.

I found it advantageous to walk by the sea as there was a nice cooling breeze. I was certainly grateful for it.

On this walk, I decided to take a detour, turning left instead of going straight ahead.

Turns out, it was a steep hill which took me towards the Lighthouse. I’ll give it a miss in future, just going straight ahead and past the rocks.

The rocks featured heavily in my photos, very kind weather for photos. I even managed to get some photos of the Lighthouse.

You may know I keep writing about new routes I want to try out.

Last week, I won a Mourne Activity Map in a competition run by Trailhead Central.

I guess i’ll have to get myself into gear and use it.

Photo Album

Blackhead Path – June 2021


The moral of this story is, if you do something badly, go back and do it better. I think.

With a lot of Annual Leave to use up, I decided to take an extra long weekend at the end of June.

I’d been reading up on this walk and planning to go for a while, so on the Friday, I headed to Whitehead to check out Blackhead Path.

It was very easy to get to from the train station, follow the signposts from the platform, head right and you’re on the way.

The first thing I saw was the row of multicoloured houses, a spectacular sight.

However, I would be heading in the opposite direction, up Blackhead Path.

I went the full length of it, up the steps towards the Lighthouse, continuing up the street out of curiosity. All there was, was fields, and sheep bleating at me.

Despite the weather and not getting any decent photos, it was an enjoyable day out.

I had made plans to return later, but not for a while.

If you don’t know, Whitehead is ten minutes away from Carrick by train. I’d love it if Linfield were away to Carrick Rangers early in the season when the weather is nice. I could do this in the morning, have a bit of lunch, then get a train to Carrick for the match.

My plans were to change when I got a phone call from my dad the following Tuesday morning while I was exploring Colin Glen Forest Park asking me if I wanted to head to Whitehead for the afternoon.

I might as well take advantage of the nice weather.

Oh well, Colin Glen can wait for a later date.

Arriving on late Tuesday morning, I was straight to work, snap snap snap, getting as many photos as I could, and experimenting with angles.

I didn’t go the full length of the path, but I covered most of it

I’ll definitely be back to do it again, especially when there are deviations and side paths to explore.

Now, to ask the Irish League Fixtures Fairy nicely.

Photo Album (Friday)

Photo Album (Tuesday)