I braved the rain on Saturday to head to Botanic Gardens for The Big IF, organised by a number of organisations to put pressure on the G8 to act on Hunger.

I wasn’t sure what the event was going to be like, but it was free and not far from home, so I took a chance. The line up details were sketchy, but when it was announced on Saturday that Two Door Cinema Club would be appearing, that confirmed my attendance.

I entered the venue via the entrance at Queen’s PEC, and I was a bit surprised that I couldn’t see any stalls relating to the groups that make up The Big IF.

The event was a very simple set-up, one stage and a very tight running order. It was so tight, there was no “dead air”. When one act finished, the next act was getting ready to come on to the stage.

The event started at 1pm, and I managed to get there just after 3pm. I was a bit surprised that I managed to get into the 3rd row, right up at the front of the stage.

No doubt the weather will have put a lot of people off attending, especially with the tickets being free, but it was still an enjoyable enough afternoon, though there were some technical hitches both with sound, and with some of the films on the big screen.

The line up was mostly Northern Ireland based, bar the exception of Jim Broadbent reciting poetry. On the bill was Jordan O’Keefe from Britain’s Got Talent, Beyond Skin (a multi national arts/music group based in Belfast), Belfast Communuity Gospel Choir, Prodijig, Duke Special with Genral Fiasco, and Two Door Cinema Club.

I’m not sure how late to the event Two Door Cinema Club were booked, but I was surprised their name wasn’t used to try and promote it more.

Even more surprising, was the fact that they weren’t headlining. I can only assume they had a short window in which to perform, and were needed to be elsewhere.

Two Door Cinema Club’s set began in comical fashion. Fellow Bangorian Zoe Salmon, who was compering the event, hadn’t got round to saying they were up next, when a curtain accidentally moved over slightly, enough to reveal Alex Trimble, who politely waved at a crowd, who were a mixture of cheering and laughing.

Their set was enjoyable, though short, doing acoustic versions of their biggest hits.

The honour of headlining, went to Flash Harry. Well, if they were going to get someone involved in politics (Harry Hamilton was an Alliance candidate in 2011, having been a UUP candidate in 2010) and does a bit of singing, it’s better him than William McCrea.

I didn’t hang around once Two Door Cinema Club had finished, and a lot of people did the same. It was, however, still an enjoyable day despite the weather and technical hitches.

Meanwhile, out and about in Belfast, there are people using the G8 for thier own artistic agendas. Graffiti in Botanic, the most Belfasty political graffiti ever, simply says “GREED IS SHITE“, with € replacing the Es, while outside Belfast City Hall, headstones and flowers were placed, to raise awareness of deaths in Syria.

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Interesting month. I’d hoped to have photos of being at the MTV EMAs, but alas, I was unable to get a ticket.

Without being greedy, I was at the Manchester United v Sunderland game where United fans were able to pay tribute to Sir Alex Ferguson spending 25 years in charge at the club.

I got excellent seats for watching the game, not so excellent for taking photos. Managed to get some nice shots outside the ground, including stickers left by FC Basel fans.

Later that week, I headed to Botanic Gardens to get some arty farty shots of the early morning Winter Sun, some of which turned out well.

Meanwhile, the month saw the unveiling of a new mural commemorating the history of Linfield FC, which, unsurprisingly, I was out to get photos for.

Meanwhile, the end of the month saw me make my first visit to the newly refurbished Seaview, which I was impressed with, and managed to get snap happy at.

FC Basel Stickers

Manchester United v Sunderland

Manchester United v Sunderland Photo Album

Botanic Gardens

Botanic Gardens Album

Weavers To Winners

Carrick Rangers v Linfield


Was in Botanic Gardens on Monday morning and managed to get some shots and play around.

Not quite as good as the shots I got last year, but enjoy.

Incase you’re wondering why there has been a lack of Linfield photos over the past couple of weeks, the simple answer is that I haven’t got any photos worth posting.

Feel free to click on the links to make your own mind up.

Botanic Photos

Linfield Photos


Looking at the diary, it didn’t look like the most exciting month, Ellie Goulding concert aside, but a couple of photo friendly football grounds and freak weather made it a productive month of phototaking.

The first weekend of the month saw me visit Shamrock Park to see Linfield take on Portadown, getting some photos and celebrating Linfield’s 2-1 win.

On the Sunday, I checked out leaves in Botanic for some arty-farty photos in the Autumn sun.

The following weekend, I was at Seaview to see Linfield lose 2-1 to Crusaders, with the only consolation being that I managed to get some nice photos.

The midweek after, I went to Northern Ireland v Morocco, getting tickets for the Railway Stand, which turned out to be a mistake when it rained constantly that night.

The end of the month saw snow, and unsurprisingly, I was out with my camera capturing the snow covered streets of Belfast.

And to finish the month, a bit of Ellie Goulding.

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Snow Volume 1

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Ellie Goulding Review

Ellie Goulding Photos


October was a productive month for phototaking.

I’d went to the Northern Ireland v Italy match and got a prime position for some photos, as well as going again to Old Trafford to see United take on Spurs.

The leaves falling from the trees during month set up some great photos in and around Belast, and I also attended a couple of Linfield games.

As a result, I have quite a few photos to choose from this month.

This first photo, was taken during the Linfield v Portadown match at the start of the month, highlighting the temporary seats that were put in ahead of the international match against Italy the following week.

Some random knitted art made a brief appearance at traffic lights on the Stranmillis Embankment.

Meanwhile, having complained about phototaking opportunities at The Oval, I found that lesser supported teams aren’t that hard to photo, as I popped in for the conclusion of the Glentoran v Portadown match after my Tuesday night football session.

And yes, that was the game where Matty “Greatest Footballer In The World” Burrows scored “The Greatest Goal Of All-Time (C) BBCNI”

When venturing through Botanic Gardens, I noticed that the leaves falling from the trees offered a great photo opportunity, so I went snap happy.

The following day, the park was covered in frost, so I grabbed a few photos on my way to work.

Finally, some photos from my trip to Old Trafford at the end of the month.

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Gilpin’s Graffiti

Botanic 1

Botanic 2

Picadilly Gardens, Manchester

Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur


After revelling in some Autumn sunshine yesterday in Botanic Gardens, I managed to grab some quick time to take a few photos udring my commute to work.

Fallen leaves and frost on the grass made for some brilliant settings, and I was sorely tempted to come into work later than usual to take advantage of it.

Whilst it may be beautiful on the eye, sadly, it means that Winter is edgin ever nearer.


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