Liam Gallagher is the cover star of Q as he prepares to launch the debut album of Beady Eye, a band comprising of the non Noel Gallagher members of Oasis.

If you look closely, in Liam’s shades, you can see the other members of Beady Eye in his reflection.

In “Q Mail”, Simon Hunt e-mails to respond to previous correspondence complaining about Take That appearing in Q, while cheekily asking when Justin Bieber will be appearing on Cash For Questions.

Jonathan Paul from Leicester contacts Q to complain about their ignoring of Ian Matthews and Chris Edwards in Kasabian articles, in comparison to Serge Pizzorno and Tom Meighan.

Q50 is a feature of the 50 songs you should download this month. Top of the pile was The Beat Goes On by cover stars Beady Eye.

Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol gets a guest submission, choosing Coal by The Mariner’s Children.

In news, Alex Turner records solo songs for a movie soundtrack, Green Day release a live album, The Kills are reforming and Beth Ditto is going on a solo career.

Featuring forthcoming albums, Glasvegas get a double page spread for their as yet titled new album.

Also working hard in the studio were Hard-Fi, with a propsed release date given as “Summer 2011”

Q dedicates a full page to a phone interview with Plan B, where he reveals that Forrest Gump is the one movie that makes him cry.

Tipped for greatness this month are The Joy Formidable, Miles Kane and MNDR.

Shaun Ryder is the subject of this month’s Cash For Questions, answering questions about Tony Wilson, UFOs and Reality TV.

In ads, Paul McCartney stars in an advert for PETA.

There are nine pages dedicated to cover stars Beady Eye, with Liam Gallagher claiming that “People will be calling their kids Beady Eye by the end of the year”

It’s not all about Liam, as Gem, Andy and Chris get profiled, looking at their musical CVs pre Oasis.

Junior Gallagher had gotten the first blow in to release post Oasis music, but Senior Gallagher (Noel) was at work on his debut solo album, with 17 tracks believed to have been recorded, one of which has Miles Kane on guitar, and was set for release in late summer.

Noel’s (using the name of Noel Galagher’s High Flying Birds) self titled debut album was eventually released in October 2011.

KT Tunstall gets a full page interview, where she denounces her stepdad, who was a BNP candidate.

Riding high on the success of Rolling In The Deep, Adele gets a four page profile.

Cee Lo Green is gets interviewed by Q, where he discusses his favourite albums.

Another band riding high in the charts, were Noah and the Whale, who got a three page feature.

2011 was the year that saw the 20th anniversary of the death of Freddie Mercury, and Q interviews Roger Taylor and Brian May, ahead of a feature about unseen Queen photographs being made public for the first time.

In reviews, Beady Eye’s debut album Different Gear, Still Speeding gets four stars.

Also getting four stars was Clare Maguire’s debut album Light After Dark and Hotel Shampoo by Gruff Rhys.

If Bruce Springsteen is your thing, Q has a handy guide for those wishing to explore his vast discography.

Concert Reviews sees Paul McCartney get a five star review for a concert at 100 Club in London just before Cristmas 2010.

Also getting five stars were The View for their pre Christmas gigs in Sheffield and Stoke.

THE SOUND OF 2011 : 1-20

So, here it is, the Top 20 songs of the year ……….

1. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – AKA What A Life
2. Noah and the Whale – L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N
3. The Pierces – Glorious
4. Jon Fratelli – Santo Domingo
5. The View – Blondie
6. Clare Maguire – The Last Dance
7. Silhouette – Can’t Keep Up
8. Beady Eye – The Roller
9. The Naked And The Famous – Young Blood
10. Girl Crisis – The Sign
11. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – I Wanna Live In A Dream In My Record Machine
12. Scala and Kolacny Brothers – With Or Without You
13. My Chemical Romance – Planetary
14. The Vaccines – If You Wanna
15. Sunday Girl – Stop Hey
16. Pearl and the Puppets – I Do Like You
17. Adele – Rollin In The Deep
18. Nero – You And Me
19. Tone Damli – Butterflies
20. Coldplay – Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

So, congratulations to Noel Gallagher. What A Life ……. What a tune.

There is no prize as such, but if wants to meet up before his Belfast show in February, i’ll buy him a Hungry Hound. It’s only fair.

By the way, the offer of a Hungry Hound is still open to Marina and the Diamonds (2010) and Little Boots (2009) should they ever be in Belfast.

If you haven’t heard ‘AKA …… What A Life’, here’s the video, as well as the previous winners.

Sound Of 2010

Sound Of 2009

Sound Of 2008

Sound Of 2007

Sound Of 2006

THE SOUND OF 2011 : 21-40

21. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Everybody’s On The Run
22. The Pierces – You’ll Be Mine
23. Ed Sheeran – A Team
24. Florence and the Machine – Shake It Out
25. Miles Kane – Come Closer
26. Manic Street Preachers – This Is The Day
27. A Friend In London – New Tomorrow
28. Hurts – Better Than Love
29. The View – Grace
30. Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks
31. The Killers – Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
32. Snow Patrol – Called Out In The Dark
33. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – The Adventures Of Raindance Maggie
34. Beady Eye – The Beat Goes On
35. Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – The Death Of You And Me
36. Beady Eye – For Anyone
37. Two Door Cinema Club – Come Back Home
38. Duke Special – I’ll Come When You Call
39. Clare Maguire – The Sword and the Shield
40. The Pipettes – Boo Shuffle


For those who’ve been wondering what i’ve been listening to, wonder no more.

With a £20 gift voucher I got for my birthday, I decided to take a chance on some CDs that have been getting high praise but might not have heard. It’s essentially free money, so it’s no loss if the CDs are crap.

One of those albums I took a chance on, is ‘Tourist History’ by Two Door Cinema Club, which has been played non-stop in the CD player in my car.

I am especially loving the two lead singles ‘What You Know’ and ‘Come Back Home’

Given my love of Oasis, it’s no surprise I love Beady Eye. Saw them a few weeks ago at Ulster Hall and they were excellent.

Stand out tracks on their album ‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ are ‘The Roller’, ‘For Anyone’ and ‘The Beat Goes On’

New single ‘Millionaire’ also gets a worthy mention. The accompanying video has some stunning cinematography if you’re into that sort of thing.

I love the new Katy Perry single, but it has one of my pet hates, of celebrity guest rappers ruining brilliant songs.

Jay-Z did it with ‘Crazy In Love‘ and ‘Umbrella‘, Pitbull did it with singles from Enrique Iglesias and Alexandra Burke last year (Yes, they were brilliant songs) and now Kanye does it with this song, adding nothing whatsoever to it.

Having recently blogged about a concert by Duke Special to promote an album of Ruby Murray covers for charity, i’m loving a song on that album ‘I’ll Come When You Call

Another tune worth checking out is ‘Young Blood’ by The Naked And The Famous.

You may remember Sara Bareilles from the hit ‘Lovesong‘ in 2007, but she’s got some new material, the video for her new single features guest appearances from Tegan and Sara, so what’s not to love.

I’m also partial to a spot of My Chemical Romance. When you go away for 4 years, your comeback had better be special and/or bonkers. That song ‘Na Na Na Na Na’ certainly fits that bill.

I’m especially loving their new single ‘Planetary’

Also worth listening to is ‘If You Wanna’ by The Vaccines. Sounds a wee bit like ‘C’mon Everybody‘ by Eddie Cochran in parts, which is no bad thing.

Clare Maguire featured in my last round-up, and her new single ‘The Shield And The Sword’ is definately worth a listen.

Finally, two songs i’ve been loving, by Noah And The Whale.

You may recognise the name from their hit ‘5 Years Time‘, which brings back memories of being in a hotel at Gatwick Airport lying in bed watching the 2008 Olympics, and then buying a copy of the single at the airport while waiting for a flight home after the Charity Shield.

Their new single ‘Tonight’s The Kind Of Night’ is an enjoyable listen, but I am absolutely loving the preceding single ‘L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N’, having heard it for the first time last week on Alan Simpson’s Radio Ulster show.

Why was this song kept from me for so long?

It does sound a lot like ‘Don’t Come Around Here No More‘ by Tom Petty and ‘The Joker‘ by Steve Miller, but ignore that, and just simply enjoy what is, for me, the best song of 2011 so far.


Time for a wee round-up of songs i’ve been loving over the past few weeks, at the end of a week when I had a musical reawakening of sorts.

This week, for the first time in ages, I bought a new album on CD, and it felt exciting.

Over the past two/three years, i’d been mostly downloading my music, and mostly, it was all singles.

I only bought three albums during 2010, and two of those were singles compilations. The only new album I did buy, “Without Why” by Rose Ellinor Dougall was worth it, an excellent album worth checking out.

Being an unashamed Oasis geek, there was only one thing I was going to be doing last Monday, and that was purchasing the debut album by Oasis offshoot Beady Eye.

That walk home from Forestside felt exciting, having a new CD in my hand, waiting impatiently to get home and listen to it.

Back in the day, i’d have had my Portable CD Player with me, and the CD would have immediately gone in, to soundtrack the journey home.

It was a glorious hark back to the days when at the earliest opportunity on a Monday, i’d be scouring HMV, Our Price, Virgin and Woolworths for the new releases, to see if any were worth buying.

Whilst at HMV, I spotted a CD single for “The Last Dance” by Clare Maguire, and purchased it as well. It felt great just to relive that Monday experience of new music, buying it, waiting to get home, listening to it, and loving it. You just don’t get that with downloads.

Beady Eye’s album, “Different Gear, Still Speeding” is amazing. I was sceptical at the idea, fearing the very worst, but it stands up on it’s own merits, and doesn’t need to rely on the artist’s past history to make it good.

Every track on it is top quality, but the stand-out tracks are “The Roller”, “For Anyone”, “Wigwam” and “The Beat Goes On”

Alongside Beady Eye, and Clare Maguire, what other songs have I been loving recently?

A Guilty Pleasure, but “Lipstick” by Jedward, RTE’s Eurovision entry is actually very very good, albiet ripping off “Cooler Than Me” by Mike Posner.

Don’t laugh, it actually is an excellent song (Thought the video posted proves Jedward aren’t the best vocally live act, check out the studio version of the song on Youtube)

“Rocketeer” by Far East Movement is another song i’m loving at the moment.

Silhouette is a local artist who scored the 20th best song of 2010 on my chart of the year last year with “Volume Destroyed”, returns with “Can’t Keep Up”

There’s no video for the song, but there is a link to download the song here. I can’t urge you enough to download it.

It can also be found on the current “Oh Yeah Contenders” CD.

There has been a lot of media hype over Jessie J, which to be honest, I just don’t “Get”

Credit where it’s due though, “Price Tag” is an excellent song.

And finally, a worthy mention for the new single by Lady Ga Ga, “Born This Way