Like in December/January, I attended a match at a stadium for the first time. A lot more grand than Suffolk Road and Solitude, but Nou Camp and Aviva Stadium.

In February, I also visited Estadio El Prat, home of La Liga side Espanyol.

I visited Barcelona for a weekend in February and absolutely loved it. I’d booked it primarily for a break, but did keep an eye on the football fixtures, and managed to get a ticket for Barcelona v Atletico Madrid on my arrival.

If I do visit Barcelona again, i’d like to do it the other way around, and go to an Espanyol match, and do the tour of the Nou Camp.

Nou Camp was great, a fantastic fixture of both modern and old features.

A few days later, I visited Aviva Stadium in Dublin for the Northern Ireland v Scotland match.

The match, as a 3-0 defeat suggests, was dreadful, and it didn’t help being placed in awful seats with people standing at the side of the pitch blocking your view.

Thankfully, I managed to make use of some spare seats and managed to get some decent photos.


Northern Ireland v Scotland

Linfield v Dunmurry Rec

Glenavon v Linfield


My season started in July with a match between two sides from different countries.

I’d have hoped that it would have been the World Cup Final in Soccer City, but I had to make do with a European Cup tie between Linfield and Rosenborg.

Due to ground work on Windsor Park, supporters were only allowed in the South Stand, which wasn’t the best for photo taking opportunities.

After a 0-0 draw at Windsor Park, Linfield lost the second leg 2-0 to lose 2-0 on aggregate, bringing to an end my dream of seeing Noel Bailie lift the trophy at Wembley in May 2011.

My next match, was a pre-season friendly away to Dunmurry Rec, on a weekday evening, soaking up the sun and watching Linfield coast to victory, while getting some photos.

With a win that convincing, Dunmurry are the sort of team that would be on my wishlist for opponents in the early rounds of the Irish Cup.

Linfield v Rosenborg

Dunmurry Rec v Linfield


Because THIS, is what people have been waiting three days for.

Made it part of my run route, and ventured into Windsor Park for the Irish Cup replay between Linfield and Dunmurry Rec.

Soon after arriving, Linfield went 2-0 up, and the game was dead, so I decided to experiment with angles, including getting some shots from the back row of The Kop. Enjoy.


Not a lot happening in this month, the STLFTEM came right on the very last day when I went to see (for free) Adam Hills live at Mandela Hall.

The first half of the month was obviously spent watching the later rounds of the World Cup, and within days, the early rounds of the European Cup, where I ventured to Windsor Park to see Linfield take on Rosenborg.

I also managed to take in a pre-season friendly between Linfield and Dunmurry Rec, and Dunmurry’s ground was amateur photographer friendly.

Some interesting Street Art also popped up in Belfast during the month, as various stencils of popculture icons appeared in the Woodstock Road, and a mural tribute to the recently deceased Snooker legend Alex Higgins appeared outside the Royal Bar in Sandy Row.



With eleven days to go until the start of the new Irish League season, clubs are finetuning their sides in preparation.

Linfield are currently in the process of doing this, tonight playing Dunmurry Rec at Ashley Park.

With the relatively close location, I decided to venture down to take in the action.

It was a routine win for Linfield, 8-0, with Jim Ervin of all people scoring a hat-trick, and not one of them was a penalty.

The ground is very friendly to amateur photographers in terms of getting close access to the pitch, although the poor lighting meant that getting photos late on in the game was going to be hard, due to it being an evening game.


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